obama-trump-prophecy“I prayed about who’s going to win the election, and the Lord showed me that Donald Trump would be elected. He has been elected. But then as I prayed more about this, as it got into October, I wasn’t seeing Trump, I was seeing Obama. And so this really did make me wonder. Is Obama going to stay in office longer? I haven’t really got an answer to that from God, but it is really interesting that is what He is showing me. He showed me that for a reason and I know that”

kim-weir-1Kim Vales Weir


Prophecy Partially Fulfilled (Russia and the Election)/ Spring Inauguration?/ Jews Going to Israel

I know many do not believe Russia cyberhacked the election in favor of Donald Trump. Never the less, an investigation has been launched and it is a really big deal. Let’s be honest, if the cyber attack had been linked to Iran or ISIS, would we not be in a complete uproar? Why do we view Russia so differently? It’s a big deal (whether you believe Russia did this or not) and could lead to some real serious decisions regarding the election.

There has been talk about Russia and the cyberhacking that occurred during our election but nothing was really set in concrete about it until a few days ago.  God gave me a prophetic word telling me that there would be something that would affect the election process or that would happen between August 2016 and late January 2017. As I got the news that the president had found sufficient evidence to open an investigation, I IMMEDIATELY got a peace from the Lord that this is ONE of the things in the prophetic word to me, that has come to pass. I did ask Him if this was the only thing and He told me ‘Wait.There’s more.’ 

I don’t know what this other event (or events) could really be. I do know that when He gave me the word, I saw several things. I saw an attack in Washington DC (most likely a cyber attack) that involved ISIS or some radical Islamic group and the Lord also showed me something that looked like a meteorite hitting out west somewhere (possibly Hoover Dam) and causing power to go out and power outages would extend to the eastern states, somehow. I have wondered if the DC attack I saw was Russia (and not ISIS or Islamic extremists actually in the city breaking in and getting information important for national security). I do know the Lord showed me that Russia does have connections with some of these extremist groups (He showed me this in my 3 day vision) though He doesn’t believe in their cause. Putin has other agendas and will likely not be found out to have these ties with these people for he has hidden his involvement well.
Honestly, I don’t feel the cyberhacking and what I saw happening in DC are the same event. I’m praying more about this though. And I am praying about this meteorite-like event. I recently learned what an EMP is and realize this could very well be an EMP attack. I have thought this because of the massive amount of power loss all over the nation. Could a meteorite cause black outs as far as Tennessee? More to pray about.
Spring Inauguration?
In the dream my 12 year old son had in October, it occurred to me that when he was watching the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, that he was at a park playing and the weather was nice. It was warm. It wasn’t winter. This detail really could be important.
When I prayed in October (after I was told Trump would be president twice- once in April and then in October) the Lord kept showing me Obama. I know there is a reason He showed me this. My thought has been that Obama would stay in office longer, perhaps. Could this investigation (and whatever other events are to transpire to interfere with the election process) postpone the inauguration? I don’t know but it is something to consider.
Jews Returning to Israel
I hadn’t planned on sharing this until I had prayed more about it but the Lord told me to go ahead and share.
I had a dream December 10, 2016 that there was a great number of Jewish people trying to get into the nation of Israel. In the dream there was some sort of conflict that was prohibiting them from entering the nation and they seemed upset about it.
Let’s pray about this dream.


kim-weir-2Thursday, December 8, 2016

Obama and The Economy

The Lord gave me two separate visions regarding Obama and the economy. They are listed below.

July, 2009: Vision of the Coin; The Economy Under President Obama

I had a vision.  I saw a coin that had paper on it.  And some sort of design penciled in on it, as though it had been rubbed (like a pencil over a piece of notebook paper over a quarter).  It was moving very fast.  I couldn’t tell if it was ascending or descending.  But it was moving very fast.  The impression I felt in this was that there was something false about this representation.  This coin seemed to represent something about the current president (Obama). If the coin was ascending it wasn’t going beyond my view.  If the coin was descending, it never hit the ground.

Meaning : September 8, 2013: 

This vision is about the American economy under Obama’s presidency. The coin doesn’t ascend beyond view signifying our economy will not get a lot better but I don’t see the coin hit the ground and that means that the economy will not utterly fail while Obama is in office.

December 5, 2016- Vision of Obama and The Economic Fall

I had another vision regarding Obama and a coin. In this vision, Obama was casually tossing the coin. Then I see him let the coin drop to the ground and when it dropped it broke in half.  Then I saw a foot step on it and it looked as though it was crushed to dirt or powder but I don’t think the foot belonged to Obama.