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Notes From The Video:

What I want to share this video which is about a dream, and I’ve shared it a few places, I shared it on a previous channel that I’ve had. In 2010, I had a,… what I believe to be a prophetic dream in which it was a very short dream, which I saw a volcano in the, … off the coast in the ocean in the Pacific Northwest, (which )triggered an earthquake and subsequently following a tsunami.

I had this very, very quick dream. I guess you can call it a flash dream.

This underwater volcano, triggered a earthquake. Then that the earthquake triggered a tsunami. That happened in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia. I guess it’s Vancouver, British Columbia, and Northern California.

It’s been my feeling and it keeps coming back to me and I, I didn’t receive this one I got the had the dream. But I I feel like this occurrence,- which I now after having done research, once I first had my dream, I did research, that is indeed where the fault zone is – the Cascadia subduction zone.

My feeling is that this will this event will happen first, which in turn will trigger other earthquakes and other places such as California.

It’s always been my feeling that this set of volcanoes going off under the ocean in the Pacific Northwest, is what’s going to trigger other earthquakes. That’s always been my feeling. That keeps coming back to me. I think it does tie into this. I don’t think we’re that far off, as far as the timing, I do believe something like this Will and can occur.

For those who do know the Lord, that I believe God will speak to those who who live in that area to actually move or will receive a warning to flee to higher ground. It is something to take into consideration. So just feeling led to share it again. So with that said, God bless and thanks for watching.


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