You may recall several years ago a 12 year old girl named BridgeAnne d’Avignon first discovered that that all Presidents trace back to ONE British King named John Lackland Plantagenet who reigned in 1166.

Her discovery was ground breaking as genealogists were only able to link 22 Families of Presidents. Searching through 500,000 names, BridgeAnne explains that ALL Presidents are cousins, as well as grandsons of King John Lackland Plantagenet.

BridgeAnne d’Avignon

Most people may realize that “Illuminati” or the ruling elite families pick the leaders they want to govern. George Bush’s Jr, Clinton, Carter, Obama are all distant cousins to Elizabeth, The Queen of England. BridgeAnne also found herself to be an 18th cousin to President Barack Obama.

Yet, did you know Donald Trump is also related?


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The showed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share 18th great-grandparents.   According to my Donald Trump’s lineage traces back to John of Gaunt,  and his third wife Catherine Swynford.  John Gaunt was one of the sons of King Edward III. King Edward III is a descendant of John Lackland Plantagene.

John Lackland Plantagenet

Trump and Clinton Illuminati Royal Bloodlines Exposed- Youtube


  • Scoopie

    This would explain what Joanie S was told by the secret service guy, that Trump was picked well before he ran. Creepy.