Jer. 13:22-27


The Lord says: My son, everything pertains to “heartitude” – the state of the heart is what I see. Yes, some of my children are very rough on the outside, but I move their hearts and they respond. You say in your heart, why have these things come up on me? But I say because of the greatness of your iniquity, the true nature of your heart has been discovered.

How can you do good when you are accustomed to evil? I will therefore scatter you as stubble that is blown away by the wind. This is your portion of measure from me, saith the Lord, because you have forgotten me and trusted in falsehoods. I have seen your adulteries and your babblings, the lewdness of your whoredoms, and the abominations on the hills and in the fields. Woe to You America! When will you repent? Innocent blood screams from the earth to me; I cannot hold back my anger. America, you mock me and blaspheme my name throughout all the land. And where are my people? They are blind, only seeing through a narrow tube, not seeing all that is happening.

My son, the judgments coming upon America will catch the sleeping, lukewarm church by total surprise. My son, I weep for my people. I love them so much, yet I must bring my judgement on them to save them from an eternity away from me. My son, continue to lift up the saints in prayer, for my angels have been dispatched to assist in all preparations. Tell my people to make time for me now, for in a short time, there will be no time. Hear my voice, walk in the spirit, put on my armor, and prepare to fight a battle that only those in me will win.

Shalom, Father

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Byron Searle
Byron Searle and his wife of 42 years, Susan live in Vermont. Byron has been a Christian since 1980 but only in the past year has he really pressed into the Lord seriously; to seek Him daily no matter what. Over the past year he has made a president to spend at least 1-2 hours daily seeking the Lord. During this time God taught him to hear His voice only. He has said at first it was difficult to filter out his thoughts but now he hears only the voice of either the Father or that of Jesus. He has seen millions of people die by giant earthquakes and by massive tidal wave in prophetic visions. At times he has come out of his prayer room so shocked that all he can do is weep. He is now on his 3rd notebook of the prophecies that the Lord has given him, writing an entry everyday. He says that The Lord seems to keep him in the book of Jeremiah, because that book mirrors what is coming to America. You can follow Byron on facebook. Also find his up to date prophecies at his blog - byronsearle.blogspot.com