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At ONE FOR ISRAEL, they strive to share the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) with Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Hebrew language. Their staff is comprised of both Jewish and Arab Israelis, with the shared belief that true peace in the Middle East can only come into existence under Yeshua (Jesus). One For Israel also has a college - Israel College of the Bible, was originally founded in 1990. They have the largest Messianic library in Israel. Find out more at their BIBLE College Be inspired by viewing the various videos with testimonies of Jewish Evangelism in Israel. In addition they are well known for their Testimonies (I MET MESSIAH) and Israeli Testimonies. Be sure to follow One For Israel on Facebook.

The Reason You Won’t Find Lamb at a Jewish Passover Meal

Re-published From One For Israel.org If you are familiar with the Passover story, you will know that the killing and eating of lambs is pretty central....

Why Don’t More Jewish People Recognize Yeshua As The Messiah?

Re-Published With Permission From One For Israel.org It can be bewildering considering that Yeshua the Messiah was an Israeli-born Jew, grew up in a Jewish...