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Read more of Paul Benson‘s writings at pbenson.me/ Paul’s Free Books Read The True Sayings of God PDF book for free. – This is a tremendous resource showing nearly 500 of the corrupting changes to the new Bible versions; and how they affect the beliefs of the modern Church. See more at pbenson.me/ Should They Be Changing The Holy Bible? Free PDF Book – Are the modern Bible versions, with all of their corrupting alterations and missing verses, to be trusted as the true Word of God? See more at pbenson.me/ About Paul
Paul Benson is a Spirit-filled servant of Jesus Christ from NW Montana. His teaching and exhorting focus on a standard of placing our beliefs in only what is plainly and clearly taught in the Bible; being wary of any doctrines not explicitly taught by Christ or the Apostles. Saved from a life of immorality, drug abuse, and alcoholism he has a deep burden to see others get set free through the power of God’s grace. He believes American Christianity is idolatrous, and the American Gospel to be a man-pleasing perversion of the true Gospel of Christ. Therefor he strongly encourages all to return to the Biblical pattern of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and living by his teachings as brought to us through his Apostles and the Holy Scriptures.

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The parable of the Fig tree is not about the re-birth of Israel.  Jesus gave a concise list of events to watch for and...

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Discerning Deceivers: 12 Biblical Keys To Recognizing False Prophets and Teachers Do you ever wish you had a greater ability to know which ministries to trust,...