Episode 066 sees Tony joined by Pastor Benjamin Faircloth.

“Concerning the time frame, I can only speak to what I heard, “We are in a 60-day window of a national economic heart attack. Prepare accordingly!”

To me, that means this event could happen within or inside of 60 days, any day. The symptoms of the heart attack will become obvious, but when does the heart attack send us to the hospital? My understanding is it happens inside this 60-day window.”

America, your day has come, your time of reckoning is here. Who shall you call when the plagues of Egypt fall upon your shores?

(And concerning the church) “Come out of the Babylonian churches – flee from their stench of rebellion.”

Courtney Potter Wow this Pastor is good!

Ron Caouette Pastor Faircloth has quickly become my favorite…

Laura Adcock Just listened to this. Terrific! Thank you for sharing this!

Liza Vila Guy This was a POWERFUL message and I believe EVERY word of it was from GOD!!!

JoJoAloysius +A Minute to Midnight —Tony this was so powerful brother. WOW!! Thank you for asking for that pray at the end. I’m wiping my face now from weeping so hard.
Rhino Horns Very interesting broadcast. We’ll see shortly if he’s right! Glory to God, regardless.

Debbie Porter Johns This is one every believer needs to hear! And those who don’t know Him as well!

Forthwith Tx- The Pastor had many things to say that I am in agreement with. Truth is truth, and he had a lot to share. Much of it really hit home to me, personally. I think the writing is on the wall for the US. I’ve been studying along with Dr. Michael Heiser, on The Naked Bible Podcast, and in particular, the Book of Ezekiel (his current series). The pattern of God’s judgment in relation to His blessing of Israel and their apostasy is most applicable to the US. God warned of blessings and curses to those who either follow Him and be blessed or apostacize and be cursed. The message in Ezekiel is that institutional apostasy vs. individual apostasy is the trigger for judgment. There was a prevailing attitude in Israel that the Northern Kingdom, which suffered the pains of God’s judgment first (through Nebuchadnezzar) was not going to affect Judah, because they were the seat of God’s presence on Earth (Jerusalem and The Temple). God showed them that this was not the case. He destroyed Judah, along with the Temple. The same attitude is prevalent in the American church…………
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