trumps-acceptance-speechmeranda-devanLast night as my husband Michael and I were watching the election unfold we both stared at each other with the realization that TRUMP could actually win.  As it was nearing about 2am last night, I honestly was shocked that he won, because I didn’t think it was possible with everything going against him like the NWO and election fraud. 

There should be some acknowledgement towards those alternative media outlets who had tirelessly promoted Trump for more than a year.  Jim Bakker ministries and Alex Jones who both have a huge following were mega cheerleaders for Trump.  They got millions to get out and vote, who might very well stayed home.   

Untold millions of people are happy that Trump is now president, and you can see the mainstream news in a state a somber that Trump has been proclaimed to be our next president.  Personally, I don’t know why such large populations hate him, but if anything this election brought out was the absolute corruption in the media, and the NWO certainly showed it’s face boldly. 
Trump was against all odds that he would win, including the media bashing on the news day after day.
I admit, I was wrong.  I truly did think the prophecies regarding Trump winning were inaccurate.  I sided with the prophetic voices who said Hillary would win, or Obama would stay in office. It seemed as though their messages lined up with many prophets who have seen tremendous judgment coming to this land.  
There is no way I believe that prosperity is coming to America after we have killed untold millions of babies.  My husband has written over 2000 articles on the coming collapse, so you cannot convince us that judgement and hard times are going to be suddenly reversed because Trump is now our president. 
There are prophets who did say Trump would win, and they are correct at this point, but one thing you should know is we are not out of the woods yet. 

In a recent article written by Michael, he shows that the actual decision of the president does not get decided until the Electoral College meets on December 19th. 

“It is the Electoral College that will elect the next president, and they don’t meet until December 19th. And the truth is that all of the members of the Electoral College never meet in one place. Rather, electors gather together in all 50 state capitals on the second Wednesday in December, and it is at that time that the next president and vice president are officially elected. Of course members of the Electoral College have voted according to the will of the people about 99 percent of the time throughout our history, but with how crazy this election has turned out to be you never know what might happen”

So what that means is- …. if ANYTHING should happen to the president during this next couple of weeks, they very well could decide Hillary to be president.  As it stands, more people voted for her in this country. 
There are a lot of prophecies circulating about an assassination attempt, and GOD FORBID that happening, however if something happens which could take out Donald Trump BEFORE this date, we could see Hillary elected in by the Electoral College.  She did win the popular vote after all and it would be justified in their eyes.
We are also waiting to see if Obama makes the move to divide the land of Israel.  This is a massive big deal, and create catastrophic disasters in our country.
From either an assassination, or a series of disasters coming to this country, we could still see Obama staying in office. 
Few prophets saw Trump winning, others saw Obama staying in office, and a lot of prophetic voices saw Hillary winning – ALL could be right. 
These next couple weeks and months will tell a lot.   Lets wait until Trump is inaugurated before we start labeling people false prophets.  

A couple extra thoughts about the election….. 


I really have not been able to look into Mike Pence.  I don’t know his background to form an opinion on him, but I thought it was rather strange that he wore a blue tie on night of the election results. 

If you are attending the world series, the color you wear to a game is important to distinguish which side you are on.  You would think this would be common sense.  Yet you see him wearing blue.  He could have chosen purple, green, white, but he goes for the color that represents the other party. 

trumps-acceptance-speechNotice Priebus who leads the Republican National Committee also wore blue. 

It is something I have taken a note of, because you would think if you were ALL IN, you would wear red, and certainly NOT the other parties colors. Granted his own son and wife wore a light blue color as well.

People who are supposed to be on Trumps side, may actually be working for the establishment, and by their color choices on the biggest night of the election season, it may have been a signal to who actually stand with. 

On google images you can see him wearing a blue and red tie the majority of the time.   Could we see someone who projects a message to the crowds he entertains? 

Trump brought him up on the stage, all he had to say was a 5 second congratulations, WITH NO MENTION about the hard campaign that was fought.  I couldn’t help to notice Trumps face after the quick compliments as though he was thinking…  no comment on the massive fight we just won?



Another event that sticks in my mind is the moment Pence stood on stage after he was announced as the running mate.  The first thing he did after walking on the stage was flash the devils sign.  Again, could it be a signal to those who who run with the elites who he stands with? 

I believe Trump has good intentions on bringing our country back, but I wonder about those who are in his own party.

There was a point in the election around the 2am mark where CNN and Fox just wouldn’t call the last remaining states for TRUMP where the majority of votes were counted, and it could be called. 

They stalled for what seemed like a half an hour, or 45 minutes.  It was only when Hillary conceded that the remaining states were called immediately for Trump on CNN.  It was in those moments, where I thought for sure, something was going on behind the scenes, as I am sure they were. 

I believe because the massive election fraud was exposed on the alternative media, that the elite may have decided that the election couldn’t be won by the voting machines as it has been done in the past. 

Yet, we still could see another play take place in the coming weeks to steal the election. Alex Jones was saying that we could see a speeding up in a coming collapse, simply to blame in on Trump. 

Please keep your eyes and ears open, because anything could still happen. 

This country will face judgement in the days ahead.  I truly don’t think we can save a sinking ship as large as the United States, but what Trump could do is buy us some more time to get our houses in order and get prepared.  Religious freedom is coming to an end, and what we should be focusing on is using the internet while we still can, because the door is closing fast.  

If TRUMP manages to reverse Roe-vs Wade, and sets the path for small businesses to flourish, and allow the freedoms of speech to stay in place, and backs religious freedoms, those are all admirable initiatives that both my husband are behind 100%. 

Leave comments below of what you saw last night, and your ideas regarding the election and prophecies



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  • Scoopie

    Trump did win the election, true. But there are other prophecies out there that speak of uprising etc. If a natural disaster, war happens between now and January 2017, then those who prophesied Obama staying in office could also be right. We shall see.

    • Meranda Devan

      We shall see what happens. I think once January comes we can truly be able to look at all the prophecies to judge them. Thank you for your comment.

      • Elgonda Brunkhorst

        I believe the USA received a loving period of grace and mercy from the Lord because millions of God’s people humbled themselves and prayed, sought God’s face….. and He says He will heal their land (2 Chronic 7:14)
        Remember the people gathered in their thousands in all the cities to pray publicly when pastor Graham travelled across the country.
        An example of this is the story of Nineveh
        Jonah preached judgement, the king, leaders and people repented and God gave grace and delayed the judgement.
        These people need to be grateful at God’s mercy and not over react like Jonah did!
        His prophecy was fulfilled about 150 years later when Nineveh returned to their sinful ways.
        Right now our duty is (1) continue to pray because the devil is walking around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.
        (2) the gang of demons who usually work in conjunction with spirit of Jezebel are instigating the lawless behavior across the land in retaliation and revenge, it may lead to Obama taking matters into his hands and we need to stand firm in victory and continually petition the Lord to strengthen the angels who are protecting us all and fighting against these evil spirits. (3) pray for the new President Trump and his team. He has humbly requested prayer, hear him church and pray as commanded in Timothy chapter 2
        (4) Rejoice and praise the Lord for His amazing grace and mercy for this victory
        (5) Haggai 2:4-5 be strong, alert and courageous and WORK because re- building this land is going to need us all to be involved. There are multitudes in the Valley of Decision and now is the time to reach them all for Jesus. Share His live, His Word, tell them how much Jesus loves them…… remember when the last one whose name is written in the Book of Life gets saved, Jesus returns, (that comment I heard first from Dr Derek Prince)
        So let the Joy of the Lord be your strength

  • Kim Vales Weir

    I think we need to be very prayerful these next few months. I have had dreams and visions that something catastrophic will happen and while Obama is still in office. God told me Trump would be elected in April and in July, 2016. Oddly, when I began to pray who would be president in October, I only saw glimpses of something catastrophic happening, secret service working to move Obama to safety per protocol and of Obama’s face. I believe this catastrophy may cause such crisis that Obama will stay in office longer (like Guliani after the 9/11 attacks-he remained mayor until some stability was in place and no one questioned it). Just my thoughts and what I have seen.

    • Meranda Devan

      You know Kim…. maybe that is why some prophets saw Trump winning, but also saw Obama in other earlier prophecies that talked about disasters during his term.

      With the electoral college voting, we could very well see something dramatic change again before December 19th. Lets watch and see. I hope to feature so many more of your prophecies Kim here.

    • Kim,
      There are definitely many different pieces of the puzzle, all starting to come together. I was just telling some friends last night, that although I am happy that Hillary is not our President Elect and Trump won, something still does not feel right. Can’t put my finger on it…. I agree with you totally, something major is going to happen before inauguration day in the US. This could cause Martial Law to be instated. Obama would remain President….

    • Mindy Robinson

      Something is going to happen, President Elect Trump will be inaugurated though, something is going to happen shortly following the inauguration. I don’t think it’s going to be an assassination attempt though.

  • Paul Benson

    I think the blue tie and dresses were probably part of a pre-planed red-white-blue color scheme which is prominent in all the political events. These things are given more attention than one might imagine. Take a look at the victory celebration photos through that light.

    I think one of Trump’s greatest assets is his experience and savvy in the cut-throat world of high-end business. I doubt he will be sloppy with his choices of who he allows into his inner circle. Some concessions will obviously have to be made, but he will be many moves ahead of the game at all times. The greatest danger is assassination. He is bucking many powerful interests.

    And yes, very true. We are not out of the woods yet. I am hopeful God has given us a little more space to repent as a nation. Let’s all do our part on a personal level and make sure OUR house is in order; so the blessing of the LORD can rest upon us while he deals with the wicked.

    Paul Benson

  • Judithann Ortiz

    Meranda. I totally agree with you.

    The Lord showed me Obama stays in office and Hillary would win (maybe she’ll be head of something else..) no details. The Lord did say: Darkness will be spread across the world, for His glory to be seen brighter. God’s purpose is gather and awaken his people for harvest.

    Im concerned a lot of Trump supporters are not turning their hearts to God they r putting their faith in him… when Trump won, I got concerned… like something is up…. The Holy Spirit showed me Ezekiel 14 and Rev. 16:9-10

    The Lord is also leading me to intercede for Trump safety, anti-Trump protests, which I expected, are far worse than I thought…

    also watch North American Union, and Psalm 83
    I dont know about you guys, but The Lord has been dealing with me about making SURE to have a pure heart, clean hands, fast, trevail in prayer, and a lot of worship warfare!


  • MotivatedinOhio

    1 Timothy 4:7English Standard Version (ESV)

    7 Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness

    Blue Ties? Secret hand signals?

  • Judith-Ann Ortiz

    Anyone know what “faithless electoral” vote is??? :/
    Watch January 19th…. ugh…

  • Judith-Ann
  • Chris Shuck

    I do not understand. Trump represents everything immoral and un-Christlike. Why do you support him? Trump, despite what he has said recently IS pro-abortion. He has clearly stated so in the past. No he has not changed; his words have. If there is ONE thing I do not understand about this election it is professed Christians supporting a man, who is so un-Christlike, and grotesque. I don’t think I need to provide examples, they are readily publicly available. I wouldn’t let him near my wife, given his history. Why do Christians apologize for him. Please, please, please enlighten me with some kind of rational response.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Chris, you do not personally know President Elect Trump, you do not know his heart, only Yahweh does and Yahweh has chose him to be the next President. I cannot say if that is to shed his blessings on this nation or to continue with the judgments that have already been falling on this nation. I am praying for President Elect Trump, that He hears Yeshua and does the will of the Father. President Elect Trump is no more “un-Christlike” and “grotesque” then the avg human being. Did Yahweh not use and yes , love, Nebuchadnezzar? And what about Cyrus? The best response for all of us is to get down on our knees, beg forgiveness for our own “un-Christlike” and grotesque actions, pour out prayer on President Elect Trump , prayer and true love. It seems that all have forgotten something, only Yahweh can save this nation, no man,no woman can do it. Do you doubt Yahweh’s might and power? As far as President Elect Trump’s history, again, it’s no more mired in sin then the avg human. There are those who embrace evil, revel in it Chris, there is one thing I am certain about with Mr. Trump, he is not one of those who have sold their soul to hell, he is just your avg sinner. So, join me, on your knees in prayer, that Yahweh will have mercy on us and this nation and bless it again. Keep something in mind though Chris, sometimes being blessed means being broken, including nations. Peoples hearts grow more wicked in prosperous times and they turn away from Yahweh and turn to evil, I could be wrong but I believe Yahweh has told me to prepare for what’s ahead, hard times in this nation may be ahead. This will be His blessing Chris, it will turn the hearts, minds of eyes of this nation back to Yahweh.

    • MotivatedinOhio

      A long time after your comment, but I myself am puzzled by the Church’s response to President Trump. Jesus taught us that out of the mouth comes what is in the heart. So President Trump’s heart is there for everyone to see. From grabbing women, trying to commit adultery, to basing judgements of people on whether they look up to “his standards”. President Trump is undoing the feeble regulations on banks, letting coal ash be dumped into streams. You can’t prey on the poor, widows and orphans without God paying attention. Amos 8. Many people have turned President Trump into an idol. Prophecies are out there, saying things that are easily disproven. It starts raining during the inauguration, and it is a sign from heaven. No, it is January in DC with a temp of over 32.

      What Godly person has false gods painted on their ceiling and statues of them around their house? How many Godly people are married 3 times, but feel they do not need to ask God for forgiveness? Yes, God wants to forgive, but repentance comes first. I expect for it to get really bad. I hope I am wrong.

  • Elisheba

    Mike Pence will be President, but not for a few years. I don’t know why, I don’t want to know why, but that was the word given to me the first time I saw Mr Pence. I ‘feel’ it is possible that Donald Trump will step aside. I don’t see his death.
    Regarding the Tsunami; around 30 yrs ago I had a vision or dream (I don’t recall) that a giant Tsunami struck the east coast of Australia. I was living north of Sydney at the time. Briefly, this is what I experienced. I was in my parent’s home with my parents and younger brother. The house is 2 blocks from the beach and on a hill. There was a dog in the house but no one knew where it had come from. I felt it might be vicious and was trying to find a way to get it out of the house before something bad happened. I had a feeling of dread about this dog and that it couldn’t be trusted. Before we could get rid of the dog an enormous black Tsunami hit and we watched it come over the houses below us. After the ‘water’ receded I saw that the houses below us were intact but many people were washed away, yet some survived.
    30 years later and with recent and current events I have some clarity. The dog was black and in a house where it didn’t belong. It couldn’t be trusted, was possibly vicious. It brought the Tsunami which wasn’t actually water and was also black. The Tsunami caused no damage to structures; only people. I do not say that there will be no real Tsunami, but to me Obama fulfills the vision I had. He has caused a wave of darkness to sweep across, not just the USA, but the world. His actions have caused the death of many people, and he can not be trusted. He will cause more destruction and chaos before his very ugly end.