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I am compiling a series called “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct ?” in which I hope to review all the prophecies about the coming election, and events which relate to it.  It seems like there are prophecies on the internet for Trump being elected, others say Obama is going to stay in the Office, and even that Hillary will win.  Through this process, I hope to gain some better clarity for myself.  This is one of many more to come.

Glenda Jackson Ministries

 Glenda Jackson saw Obama staying in office for a third term in a vision.

While many people have seen dreams of the upcoming election, Glenda saw a vision which is considered to be on a higher level of accuracy than “dreams” or “words”.  With open visions there is no mistaking what you see. Often times they occur in the middle of the day while the person is fully awake.  Visions can play out as though you have stepped into a future moment in time where God allows you to witness an event. Its often that God says “what do you see?”  The experience sometimes can be accompanied by the Lord clarifying details.  In a vision you can feel, touch and are immersed in the surroundings. Dreams can be very vivid and more common, but can include symbolism which need to be interpreted.  Details can be lost in a dream, where as a vision, the events can be more clear.

A very interesting point to weigh is that Glenda Jackson was shown previous elections which turned out to be accurate.

Glenda Jackson prophesied the 2011 Japanese tsunami. It was accompanied by a volcano. Jesus told her that hell was enlarging itself.  When Glenda Jackson prophesies, events come to pass. She was once preaching and suddenly stopped to say that President Ronald Reagan would be shot but he would not die. That week Pres. Reagan was shot. She prophesied the invasion of Iraq and told what the name of the invasion would be (Shock and Awe).

Hear Sid Roth’s complete interview with Glenda Jackson

In this interview by Tribulation NOW Radio, they cut right to the chase, and ask Glenda Jackson exactly what she saw in her VISION.   With so many prophecies talking about Trump being elected as our next president, Glenda is put on the spot to reveal exactly what the Lord showed her.

She said that the Lord showed her that this election will be one of the worst we have had, and that is exactly what we are seeing right now.  Candidates would be at one another’s throat.

“It would not shock me at all if someone got killed in this election”

“God showed me a vision of Obama in the white house and there was muslims around him and he said, he was pounding on the desk, and he said….  “I cannot leave this white house, this is my destiny”  They said, “so how can you stay on as president?”  and he said….” there is only one way,  …Martial law”   They said….  “we know how to stir the trouble up, so we will go out and stir the trouble up, and you degree martial law…” 

“Just like in Nehemiah ….  (God)  I got myself a name.  I am that I am, ..when He raised him up, and he told me through Obama, I am going to raise him up and I am going to get me a name and my name is the King of Glory to show Obama who has the real power and who does not”

“Our economy is going to go down, more things are going to crumble”

“There is going to be wars and rumors of wars”  – happening right now

“There is going to be food shortages”

“I know I am not wrong on this.  God showed me Obama was going to win the first time and the second time when other people was prophesying other people….and of course we know that my prophecy was true, because it came to pass. People even called me the next day and said “we want to apologize”, because they didn’t believe me”

“There is a lot of false prophecy out there, and uh, there is a few true prophets, but there is a lot more that are not.  Just like Elijah, he had to face 450 prophets of Baal” 

“Tell my people I am preparing a place for them and it is within my presence” 

“Those who hear, shall more be given” 

“I believe just before the election, when it is getting ready to come together, that Obama is going to decree martial law”

2016 Election Canceled and Martial Law! -Glenda Jackson 4/21/16

 She was once preaching and suddenly stopped to say that President Ronald Reagan would be shot but he would not die. That week President Reagan was shot. She prophesied the invasion of Iraq and told what the name of the invasion would be (Shock and Awe).

Glenda Jackson – Sid Roth – It’s SupernaturalSid Roth – It’s Supernatural



Jim Bakker also had Glenda Jackson on his show.

You can find the original link to the show here:

Faith and Prophecy (Day 2) – The Jim Bakker Show

In the video above, she told Jim Bakker that the three most powerful things destroying the church are ( Beauty, Music and Money) She then mentions about how she was taken to hell and witnessed compromising Christians in hell.   Her testimony lines up with so many others who have witnessed hell such as Bill Weise , Korean Pastor Park, and a prophetess we have just started featuring Cyrene Watts.  It takes a lot of boldness and the fear of God to speak about a topic like this.  It certainly isn’t the ear itching preaching we often hear.


“When I was taken to hell, I saw preachers preaching in hell”

The angel was showing her Christians in hell.  She just started weeping.  She asked the angel what she was seeing. The angel told her that these were the ministers who were filled with fear that the tithe or money, so they compromised their message.

“I saw lots of congregations, but they couldn’t see one another. (she is hiding her head as a demonstration) and they were cursing Jesus”

Then the angel said to her – “these are the congregations that loved to have it that way – Their ears tickled

The angel went to say that if you cannot preach the truth here, you are going to preach it down there in hell.

Next Jim Bakker asks her about her 2007 election prophecy.

She reveals another aspect of her vision that was rather interesting.  She was given the vision before she even knew who Obama was.  On November 4, 2008, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected president of the United States over Senator John McCain of Arizona.  In the vision Glenda asked the Lord what she was seeing.  He answered her saying what she was looking at was the next president. 

She was told he was going to win two terms.  She even mentions in the video that when she appeared on the Sid Roth show, Sid was mentioning that he couldn’t believe Obama would be elected again for a second term.  Ralph Wilkerson told her the same thing.  They said all the major prophets have all prophesied the other candidate would get in.  She also mentions she prophesied the Baltimore riots before they happened.

Sid Roth Interview with Glenda Jackson – YouTube




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    If you’re traveling and happen to fly out from the Baltimore airport, make sure you pray protection. There’s a spirit of bitterness and anger in operation there, connected with the rioting that went on.