meranda-devanMeranda Devan’s NOTE

I am compiling a series called “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct ?” in which I hope to review all the prophecies about the coming election, and events which relate to it.

It seems like there are prophecies on the internet for Trump being elected, others say Obama is going to stay in the Office, and even that Hillary will win. Through this process, I hope to gain some better clarity for myself. This is one of many more prophecies I hope to review.

This prophetic message comes from a dream in 1992 given to Deanna Slater.  I personally cannot find much about Deanna Slater, so I cannot give you any history on this sister of the Lord.

She draws the conclusion that she strongly got the impression that Hillary is president when a future Russian invasion, and an EMP happens in this nation.  

We have been collecting Russian invasion dreams, and this dream lines up with what so many others have seen.  With that fact alone, I believe what she saw has some merit.  

Here are two dreams which combine a Russian invasion and an EMP attack

Our friend Joe Ouellette had a prophetic word in October 2016 that at some time in the future, an emp is going to happen

I personally think a lot of events have to come to pass before we see the Russian invasion of this country.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is coming to our nation.  I believe, and I hope that many Christians would want to leave this country for Israel some day before these events happen.  According to other prophecies, we should see the tsunami on both coastlines before the invasion.  Again, this is just speculation on my part.

My husband and I don’t see this personally happening right away, but you can see the stage IS BEING SET.  You cannot deny that.

In the presidential debates, there was one topic that got Hillary angry, and that was the issue of Russia.  Chances are if Hillary became president, war with Russia would be a certainty.

How I see this prophecy could play out is……Hillary wins, and during her term, (for how ever long she is in office), that this event happens.  Not one person is given the whole view of what is going to happen, but snippets of an event. 

Decide for what yourself what you make of this prophecy, and be sure to leave a comment below. 


Here is a PARTIAL list of the Russian invasion dreams:


Hillary and the Fall of the U.S.
Deanna Slater – Dream in 1992

Re-published from UBM | Unleavened Bread Ministries

I had met David at conference in Detroit. I was so blessed to meet him and have followed him ever since, being blessed daily by his teachings. I had a dream in 1992 of the invasion of America, and just recently in November after beseeching the Lord to show me when this was all about to really happen I received the following dream.

I own a cleaning service, so I was at one of my accounts cleaning when I looked out the window and was allowed to see the radio waves falling to the ground. Already knowing this could happen from reading about others’ dreams, I said, “Oh MY Gosh, it’s happening.” All I could think about was my kids. I tried to call them on my cell but it was dead. I ran out to my car it wouldn’t start, so I started running and running, and I was running up this hill. I got to the top of the hill, and all I could see were military trucks, men on foot in uniform coming towards me, so I started running back down the hill, and in and instant was swooped away to the White House.

I was flying through the White House to these large double doors and found that I was in a bedroom with a large king size bed. From behind came army men. They went right to the bed and took a hold of the man that was on the woman, and I could only see that he had black hair. I never saw the front of his face.

They took him and mutilated him. Then I was drawn up close to the bed to see the woman that was lying there completely frozen stiff and terrified; it was HiIIary Clinton. The soldiers took her and tortured her. It was horrific what they did to that woman.

Then I was instantly back running down the hill. I ran into the first house I could find and sat down in a chair. There was a window right above the chair I was sitting in, and I looked out the window to see many soldiers everywhere. Two were talking near me at the window in a different language. They looked American but I knew they were Russian.

Then a very large man in uniform came out of a room and looked at me for a long moment, then called another person into the room. I remember being at such peace. I knew I was with the Lord and no matter what happened I was safe with the Father. Then I woke up.

When I awoke I felt very strong that the Lord was telling me when HiIIary Clinton becomes president is when it was going to happen. What year of her term as president I do not know but it will happen then. Today HiIIary Clinton announced her candidacy for president. The time is shorter than I ever imagined.


Famine, Martial Law, Tsunamis And Russia And China Invading America : Pastor Masih’s Prophetic Visions

World War 3? The United States And Russia Are Perilously Close To Nuclear War


Our friend Mindy also saw the invasion, but was shown a place of safety prepared as well