meranda-devanMeranda Devan’s NOTE

I am compiling a series called “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct ?” in which I hope to review all the prophecies about the coming election, and events which relate to it.

It seems like there are prophecies on the internet for Trump being elected, others say Obama is going to stay in the Office, and even that Hillary will win. Through this process, I hope to gain some better clarity for myself. This is one of many more prophecies I hope to review.

Nigerian Prophet Perez Oluyemi came forth in 2011 about a prophecy concerning  the future of United States of America.  Its unclear when this prophecy was given to him.

  • He predicted that President Barack Obama would win his second term in 2012.
  • He predicted that the global economic meltdown would last for seven years and that by 2015 the economy of America would rise.
  • He also told to watch Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin
  • He was told that Hillary would win the 2016 election after the second term of Obama

“God spoke to me that the global economic meltdown will last for seven years and it has only being for three years now. So, by 2015, global economic meltdown naturally will go and the economy of America will shoot-up from 2015. And to tell you, God has revealed to me that a woman will lead the way for America’s prosperity to be achieved. He gave a word from the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Genesis: “That a woman shall be a covering of a man in the last day”. And he said through the seed of a woman shall the head of a serpent be crushed. And what does that mean? It said this particular economic meltdown that we are taking about would be crushed through the policy of a woman. And I began to pray; he said watch out for these two women: Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. And I asked God that Hillary Clinton must have aged by then and he said to me: Don’t think about age! If she sustains her passion and prays very hard, she would win in 2016 after the second term of Obama. The grace of God is working to favor a woman as U.S President in 2016.”


This prophecy was recorded from

I am not sure if I would agree that if Hillary “prays really hard“, she will win the presidency.  She may win the presidency, but it may be for God’s will to execute judgement on this nation.  There could be some cultural barriers of language we may not understand, because as it stands, Hillary stands direct opposite of many of the most important things represented in the scriptures.

According to we are told that Perez Oluyemi is a Christian prophet who is in charge of the Achievers Rock Commission International, a church that is winning souls for the Christ. He is also the President and Founder of Global Apostolic Fellowship (GAF) – a global network of pastors and ministers of the gospel around the globe.   He also happens to be rated as Nigeria’s most popular man of God on the internet, and many of his previous prophecies have come to pass.

 “He is no doubt the only Nigerian preacher in recent years to have predicted correctly about individuals and nations.  His previous predictions about individuals such as former President Umaru Yar’Adua, President Goodluck Jonathan, Donald Duke and many others in the country have all come to pass with proof of them in local and international media for all to see. “

“Apostle Oluyemi is a Holy Spirit-driven Man of God. He is a preacher whose prediction is a direct adherence to the dictates of the Holy Scripture. In his words: “Prophets who make prophecies according to the presumptions of their hearts on issues are errors themselves! Prophecies are not to be judged by mere presumptions, feelings, personal resentments or emotions but by the grand plans of God written clearly in His Word, The Holy Scriptures. “