meranda-devanMeranda Devan’s NOTE

I am compiling a series called “Election 2016 Prophecies- Which Are Correct ?” in which I hope to review all the prophecies about the coming election, and events which relate to it.

It seems like there are prophecies on the internet for Trump being elected, others say Obama is going to stay in the Office, and even that Hillary will win. Through this process, I hope to gain some better clarity for myself. This is one of many more prophecies I hope to review.

We have had the honor of featuring Benjamin Faircloth’s prophetic words on our site.  He is a prophet who stands tall even though he has to deliver some strong messages to the body of Christ.  His wife Jennifer and himself strive to be honest with what the Lord has given to them, even though it may cost them supporters.   The messages have gone far and wide because there are believers out there who know it to be the truth.  The remnant is rising and is waking up.

Below I have clipped out parts of the prophetic words that he has shared, and I do not like to do that, because the whole message is not present.  However, I think you will grasp the gravity of what is around the corner reading through what is below.  

The OVERALL theme the Lord has revealed to him is a message of severe judgement coming to this nation, and the refinement coming to the body of Christ. 

I don’t need to explain this, as the messages below will give you a good idea of the pride in our own hearts as believers, and how far we have let ourselves go.

We don’t have the taste for the greater things that God has to offer because we have so much of the world in our hearts.  

We are not a set apart people, and even if we were given the option of following the Lords ways and commandments as way to love our Father.  Many of Gods people respond with the choice of following His ways with ” we are fine the way we are”, and they don’t have to go the extra mile as disciplined children. 

The lack of fear, and holiness is missing from the body of Christ.  Sadly, many of us don’t shake at the judgement coming ahead.  We have entertained all sorts of darkness in our lives that it has tainted us, and we fully accept that God is going to be happy just the way we are.  We are in whole denial.  Many of us even have brought BAAL literately into our homes and called it the practices of “God”.   

We have a lot of purging before we can call ourselves the bride that Yeshua is coming back for.  Yet, we don’t realize that to get to that process, there comes a refining stage. 

No, America is not going to see great prosperity going forward.  We are greatly underestimating the severity of judgement moving forward. We are hardly ready to face the things that are ahead.   

A Word Given To Benjamin Faircloth May 24th 2016

This morning May 24, 2016 around 3:00 am I was awakened by these words; “America’s last breath, Isaiah 51”.

As I struggled to awake, I heard the Father repeat this phrase, along with more details. I got out of bed and proceeded to write the following words:

“Hillary will win the election by default. Obama will stay in due to the chaos. It will be a two-headed serpent, which you cannot kill until I come. This will be what America wants and deserves!”

As I questioned the Father about this strong word, He proceeded to give me understanding. Hillary Clinton will become President because of the chaos that will envelope this nation. I believe as other watchmen do, martial law will arrive because of the chaos (caused by terrorism, financial crisis, disasters, etc). Even if Trump wins the general election or the popular vote, it will be taken from him by default.

Somehow Obama and Hillary will operate together. How long? I do not know, but the Father said we will not be able to stop or destroy this entity (Beast System) until He returns (Revelation 13:7, Daniel 7:21-22).

The true heart of America wants this beast system. They want gay marriage; they want the insanity that we are allowing to flow from the sewage pipes of hell! Our lack of fight is proof! The Babylonian church is in bed with the world and has played the harlot to give birth to this bastard system we call church in America. If that offends you, then that is proof of what system you are in.

Listen, I’m not claiming this is the end of world, nor am I peddling fear, but we are at the end of the current world system. The old system is being destroyed before our eyes. No candidate, no movement, no church will be able to stop this slide into Babylon.

The Father went on to say, “Business will not be normal again. Life will not be normal again. This will not be business and life as usual!”

In the coming months, our world is going to change. Our money, our freedoms, our democracy, our churches, everything is going to change. We need to stop listening to church leaders who are asleep, lethargic, apostate, and political leeches!


In the word given to Benjamin on 10- 16-16 a mention of a woman being given to the people is noted. 

“…you have asked for a king, but you will receive a queen”

On 7/24/16 a word was given to him about FALSE prophecies of hope rooted in a man.  Could this be many of the Trump prophecies that are circulating talking about prosperity?

” There is a poisonous pollution being spewed across the churches of America. A false prophecy of hope, rooted in the trust of a man” 

A word given on 8/31/06 talks about the greater judgement for those prophets who have caused the people to  error. 

You prophesy words of good, peace, and prosperity. Ye hypocrites, you will receive the greater judgment! For like Balaam, you taught My People to err!”

On 6/26/16  another confirming word about Hillary is given. 

“I will reveal My Arm. For there will be no King Cyrus given to rule this nation, but a queen, a Jezebel who will destroy this nation!”

There is nothing wrong with Christians rallying behind Trump who wants to turn around the country.  We need more watchmen willing to blow their horns as LOUD as possible.

Lets face it,  – our country is falling to her knees, and even the secular world realizes this. 

However, there SHOULD be the realization in the body of Christ, that if the people who are called by His name…and belong to HIM do not repent, and teach others to repent, no man, even the most God fearing man can change the course of this nation. 

Bottom line, No matter what, judgement is on the way, and almost nobody is saying this to the body of Christ.  Worse, many of His people don’t want to believe this.

Regardless of the elections here in America, the body of Christ is going to go through a refining process regardless of the country.  Those tuning into what is coming for America in a different country may feel safe, and that is a deception.  Tribulation is coming for ALL of the body.

Furthermore, there is great judgement for those prophets who are speaking for God and saying things not of God. 

At the very bottom of this post, you can find links to Benjamin and Jennifer’s ministry.  They share their sermons every week on youtube.  I would encourage you to tune in.  As you can see below, there is no mistaking what is coming, and it certainly isn’t glory in the United States

– Meranda


SNIPPETS of Prophetic Words Given To Benjamin Faircloth

(Find the links to the full prophecies below)

10- 16-16

“The season of judgment arriving has narrowed. The hour glass is near empty. Time is no more luxury, but more valuable than the lust that binds the hearts of men. I’m coming saith the Lord. My gift is with me, not a gift of reprieve but of judgment for America. Your cup is full.Your hour of reckoning has arrived. You have chosen your poison. You will embrace your pain. The bed of judgment has been made and now you will lie in it and wallow in it”

” Your season of UNCERTAINTY and DARKNESS has arrived. You have forsaken me FOR THE LAST TIME.”

“…you have asked for a king, but you will receive a queen”

” The hour of purification has come. My Bride will be clean. She will possess the land, but only in purity. I will remove the blemishes of pride. I have chosen THIS hour. This is MY day, saith the Lord. My plan will prevail and so shall My Bride.”

” You must embrace My Truth for it will be your ONLY source of strength and protection”


“You wave your flag above My Cross. You curse My name for vanities gain. You purge the hearts of My pure saints with your lies and evil taint. I will arise and stand and count to see who still believes in Me. The Chosen Ones who are marked, from evil they will flee. For you oh America, thought I was as you. For you once were the jewel that shinned upon the seas but now you are poisoned as all will shortly see! You left Me and now I have left you! You choose Baal, you choose Moloch, you choose Satan over me! Now you will sit in your ashes, your beauty will flee! Your astonishment all will see! I have called and I have called, I have knocked and I have knocked, but you refused to answer My grace. Now I will stand up and you will see the anger of My face! To My Remnant and My Chosen Ones, I call you higher unto Me. Flee this Babylon and be clean. Wash your hearts within Me. For I will cleanse you and keep you free! For I am your Haven and your Harbor. In Me you will see My glory, My power, and My might! I am awakening the days of reckoning and in awe you will stand and see, what I have promised all nations that abandon me!”. “

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“You promised with an oath that you would serve Me with all of your heart, until your hearts were filled with goods! Pleasures abound while your heart grew colder and colder, now your satisfied with the riches of Babylon and you are filled with the dainties of Egypt! You have forsaken Me, now I will forsake you! “

” Come clean before Me, and I will renew My covenant with you, but you won’t! “

“For I will arise says your God and I will blow upon this nation a fierce fire, a consuming fire that will burn up the chaff and I will remember these sins that have stained My people and have pierced their hearts with unspeakable shame! I will arise says your God. Today is the day of salvation, now is the time to seek Me.”

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“My voice will be heard by My Remnant and they will respond to their Shepherd! For I will manifest My Glory to those whom I have called by name! Wake up House of God! Arise My People of faith! For this is the hour that justice will be served! This is the day that I will arise and survey the land, I know those who are Mine. For I have marked you, selected you and will reveal My plans to you!”

“What shall I say more to you? You refuse Me at the Gate, you neglect Me at the Altar. “

“My People are blind, dumb (mute), and lame because they refuse to hear My warnings!”

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” Thus saith the Lord, the one who warns My people of the sword of calamity and chaos to come. The one who warns that Babylon will be their home.  For I have not called for peace but a sword!  A great division is coming to the nations! A great separation of what was and what is to come! For the reality of the hour is here!”

“For I will return to My House swiftly with a sword to cleanse it!  And to Divide the sheep from the goats – the wheat from the tares.”

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“I’ve allowed you to grow and prosper. Your children have seen My Glory throughout the earth. They have been partakers of My Bountiful Blessings, but you have turned your back on what you know to be true! You have fallen from Grace and your place of authority and dignity! War is now your only solution; confusion will be rampant in your streets! You have sown into the wind, now you must reap the whirlwind!”

“I called you and I called you, but you murdered My Saints and martyred My Prophets.”

” You’ve embraced the god’s of foreign lands and have forsaken the God of your Fathers!”

“Holiness is no longer written on your hearts, but blasphemies and curses of what is True! You choose this road, this Highway of Hell! You will reach your destination; you will receive your heart’s desire!”

“America, your day has come, your time of reckoning is here. Who shall you call when the plagues of Egypt fall upon your shores? When I smite you within your borders, who will defend you? You have sown towards this day, let the harvest of hell begin!”

“To My Church, My Beloved, stay clean and remove your foot from sin. Wash your garments in My Crimson Flood, My Redeeming Blood! Be not partakers of Baal and Babylon, and prepare for the great day of slaughter; for you it will be a day of harvest! “

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America, I weighed you in My balances of righteousness and you have been found wanting! Your extortion and bribery is a stench that has been raised to Heaven! I will no longer look the other way. I can no longer wink at your sin! Now is the time for the payment required for your sin!

You have abandoned Me. You have rejected Me and now your heart has a void.

“My Prophets have sounded My trumpets of judgement but you stopped up your hearing with another gospel!

Behold I will strike at the heart of this nation, the center of your pleasures and desires. Your folly will become your shackles; your feast will become your famines, because you rejected My Counsel!

You lusted for the riches of Egypt! You longed for the beauty of Babylon! Here it is! I will give it to you and you will vomit with the spoils of your pursuit!

The hour has come, I will strike at your heart! Your riches will fade, your beauty will be consumed by grief and much sorrow!

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“I will stand and fight for My Bride and My Righteous Church.  But you must come clean.  You must walk into the Light of Judgment!  It is your hour of exposure – It is your day of reckoning!  For how can I judge the nations in righteousness if I haven’t judged My own House?! How can I smite your enemies, if My Own People are in disarray, disorder and dysfunctional, living in the darkness of sin?!”

“In this hour, I will cleanse My Temple.  In this day says your God, I will visit the iniquities of a self-serving people – stiff necked and rebellious towards me!

“Come out of the Babylonian churches – flee from their stench of rebellion.  For My Fire has been kindled.  Vengeance is Mine and I will judge My House with fervency!”

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“I have prepared a table before your enemies but you have refused to come and dine, therefore you will be their portion! You have rejected My plans to prepare you as a Holy Bride, now your garments will be tattered and your beauty will flee! Today you have provoked Me as in the day of provocation, now you will pay the price! I am a jealous God and I reap where I sow! I have given you My Word and you have rejected it. I have given you My Glory and you refuse to wear it. I have given you My Holiness and you have refused to walk in it. I have given you My Grace and you have abused it! I will return to you if you return to Me. I will heal you, if you call upon Me!”

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“Your churches have become a gall of bitterness for the poison that has been preached. Bitter because the sweetness has lost its taste! For My Word is honey and it is life. But oh preacher and pastor of My Sheep, you have poisoned and diluted My Word by your sin. You prophesy words of good, peace, and prosperity. Ye hypocrites, you will receive the greater judgment! For like Balaam, you taught My People to err! “

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” There is a poisonous pollution being spewed across the churches of America. A false prophecy of hope, rooted in the trust of a man. I will expose this false Hananiah prophecy in the coming days! I will clear the air in My Churches with fresh revelation and fresh anointing. I am not the author of confusion! I have not sent these false prophets, who are not prophets, but mouthpieces for the wicked one! Confusion, deception, and false revelation reeks from the mouth of these vipers and snakes. Their venomous poison has been designed to confuse My Church, to paralyze them between two opinions.”

“The prince of the air has confused many but I will reveal My Truth. I will reveal My Voice and those who know Me will respond and follow Me. My Sheep know My Voice, My Church knows My Ways, My Bride knows the time of Her departure. “

“Do not be dismayed by the false prophesies of a false peace and false hope. The tares will always grow among you. But you must abide in Me and My Words abide in you.”

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“For the nation that turns its back on Me, I will turn My back on them. For the hour has come that judgment on and in My House will begin. The mockery called the church has not and cannot turn the tide, but the for the sake of My Remnant I will show mercy.”

“Prepare to transition from the normal to the abnormal. For great change is at hand. Prepare for the flood of blood that is coming to your streets. For I will not look upon your nation with sorrow, I will look upon it with justice.”

“I will reveal My Arm. For there will be no King Cyrus given to rule this nation, but a queen, a Jezebel who will destroy this nation!”

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“The seething pot of rebellion has spewed into your streets. Riots in the North, turmoil in the South, rebellion in the East, fires in the West! All of these will form your nation’s unrest!”

“You have rejected Me America, and I have ejected you from My plans of prosperity and wholeness!”

“I am here, I have not changed, but you Oh America have changed! Since your birth, you sparkled with newness and adventure. You conquered every foe, but you have forgotten the strength behind your tow (struggle). It was Me! It was Grace that covered thee! Now your garments will be exposed! For they will be tattered by your foes! You wouldn’t listen to instruction, nor would you seek My wisdom and take counsel from Me!”

“America, I have wept for your sins and rejection of Me. But now I stand and have determined, you will see what a hornet’s nest of rebellion looks like within your streets! You will try to cover your eyes, but the fires will be too bright and all will see, what America the fallen will look like indeed!”

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“I called you but you would not answer! Now you will eat the portions prepared by your enemies! Your time has come America, judgment is here. Where will you flee? Who will you call when your nation falls? I am and I will always be the only firm and lasting foundation for which any nation must stand upon!”

“Church where are you? As I called Adam within his sin, I am calling you to come out from the midst of the trees! Stop hiding from what l already see. It’s your sin that causes your shame! It is your sin that will cause this nation to ignite with flames! Come clean and reason with Me! Buy of Me true gold, buy of Me robes of Righteousness and wear My Holiness for all to see!”

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“Before the re-election of both President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which would have been 2012, during my prayer time I heard these words, “Obama will be a part of signing the peace treaty and Benjamin Netanyahu will rebuild the temple.” The Lord didn’t call him President. He just called him Obama. He said Obama would “be a part”, which could mean he has a part in signing it in a leadership position other than President, perhaps world leader? Or perhaps as part of an antichrist coalition of leaders?”

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