Gen. 3 & 4

The Lord says: My son, as it was in times past, man rebelled from me and only sought violence. This violence was conceived in darkness, and in darkness were the most heinous of sins committed. This darkness is like a cloak that covers the entire body and is what covered Cain when he slew Abel. My son, this darkness is now covering the entire earth. There is not a piece of earth that is not covered by this thick darkness. So as it was, so it will be again, only this time the darkness is thicker and more deadly. These are the times spoken of by my prophets that would come in the last days. Men will kill for pleasure; women will be ravaged and killed for pleasure. Everywhere upon the earth, man will go berserk in this darkness.

What is this darkness that is so thick? It is the fallen angels and and demonic entities that have now been loosed to torment man. My son, have you wondered why it seems that people outside of my will are tormented? People are not happy, full of joy. I am talking about my church. That is where the darkness is going, to torment those who call themselves mine. My son, you see marriages failing, pastors committing sins with men, women, and children. You see sicknesses and depressions all in my house. Satan and his hordes will not let up. In fact, the darkness will manifest even worse.

But I have a remnant who have sought me and put me first in their lives. The remnant will be beacons of light that will draw the lost to them as a moth is drawn to light. I love my people, but so many are lost and don’t even know it. Ask me for forgiveness and repent, and I will hear you. My son, as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Violence will be continually in the heart of man, and only by my grace and mercy will I save my own. My son, darkness is here, prepare for great darkness. Stay in my word, stay in prayer, seek only me, and keep me first in all things.



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Byron Searle
Byron Searle and his wife of 42 years, Susan live in Vermont. Byron has been a Christian since 1980 but only in the past year has he really pressed into the Lord seriously; to seek Him daily no matter what. Over the past year he has made a president to spend at least 1-2 hours daily seeking the Lord. During this time God taught him to hear His voice only. He has said at first it was difficult to filter out his thoughts but now he hears only the voice of either the Father or that of Jesus. He has seen millions of people die by giant earthquakes and by massive tidal wave in prophetic visions. At times he has come out of his prayer room so shocked that all he can do is weep. He is now on his 3rd notebook of the prophecies that the Lord has given him, writing an entry everyday. He says that The Lord seems to keep him in the book of Jeremiah, because that book mirrors what is coming to America. You can follow Byron on facebook. Also find his up to date prophecies at his blog -