HILLARY's Crown Prophetic Dream

Asteroid Tsunami Dream

Gelzel L

Gelzel L’s Prophetic Dream Of An Asteroid And A Tsunami Hitting The East Coast

Gelzel L shares a very emotional dream that she had on Aug 26, 2016 just after 5am in the morning.  In her dream she describes how the Lord showed her an asteroid that she identified in the sky. She located it the sky, and wants to leave because she senses danger.

Then she describes how she sees that same asteroid hit the ocean, and cries about how frightening an event that was to see.  15 minutes later after it hits the ocean, she describes a gigantic tsunami that follows.  At about 11 minutes into the video she emotionally reveals how Florida is going to be gone.

She sees in her dream being under the water in a glass house, almost identical to what Brett Creamer saw in his dream in Florida.

In her dream/vision asteroid hits around the same time Hillary receives her “crown”. 

The interesting part of this for me is right after I watched this video yesterday I checked facebook, and I saw a headline that talked about “crowning Clinton”  I thought that was very interesting, because I just watched this video where she mentions the exact same catch phrase.

Today as I was investigating that same catch phrase, there are a lot of pictures having to do with crowing Hillary.  I noticed that a book was written called “Crowning Clinton, Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be In The White House”  and it turns out that author was found dead days after this video was made. 

Gelzel L’s had another prophetic dream about the elections and Hillary Clinton.  Keep reading below:

Crowning Clinton

Crowning Clinton 2 Crowning Clinton 3Freedom Daily Clintons“In the past 60 days there have been 4 suspicious deaths that can be tied to Hillary Clinton and/or the Democrat National Committee… yet the media remains SILENT! 54-yr-old investigative researcher and well-known author of Clinton family expose’s, ‘Victor Thorne’, was found dead”

“Thorne was found on a mountain a few miles from his home, with a bullet wound to his head.
His death has been ruled a suicide, according to police reports”

“He was best known his Clinton trilogy, Hillary (And Bill): The Sex Volume, Hillary (And Bill): The Drugs Volume, and Hillary (And Bill): The Murder Volume, as well as his latest book, Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House”

“This isn’t the first time Clintons have been accused of murder. There have been 90 suspicious deaths of individuals close to Bill Clinton with 81 of those deaths while he was President”

Read more at freedomdaily.com/

Elections Hijacked


In GELZEL L‘s dream she talks about looking at Nibiru.  She was wanting to take a picture of it in her dream, but couldn’t seem to capture the picture.  I am not sure if that plays into the time frame of the elections or not.  Why she saw this, I don’t know.

The other dream she mentions, she was playing a game of baseball.  She hits the ball, and runs the bases, almost as though she is going to win the game…. (possibly meaning Trump?) She almost gets to 4th base, when she hears  “She is about to hijack the 4th base” She woke up and she clued in that her dream was about the election.

She asks the Lord what the dream means. About 5am she finally went back to sleep and she had a second dream where she was in the garage and she smelled this very strong odor with flies around.  She then saw Hillary and Obama and a very large bird that squawked 3 times.  She asked the Lord before who was going to hijack the election and she took the second dream as a confirmation.  I do not know what the large bird means, or why it squawked 3 times.  What are your thoughts?

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