_they-were-looking-at-what-seemed-like-a-theater-of-war-where-explosions-and-fires-were-happening-2Garrett Crawford had a really interesting dream about Hillary Clinton. 

When I read the dream on David Eell’s site, I couldn’t help but to think back to a NWO commercial that was released 3 years ago showing a man flipping through some of the major events of our time.

In the dream below, established world elite men sat at a computer and were responsible for the disasters and major events happening in the world.  In the dream, it was mentioned Hillary was in the room, but not at the control desk.  Could it be that Hillary is present in the circles of the establishment, and the face they have chosen for a leadership front?  

 I do not know the date of this dream, or any more besides what is written below.  What are your thoughts? 


hillary-clinton-dreamHillary in the Back Seat

Garrett Crawford
Re-Published From David Eell’s ubm1.org

I dreamt I was standing in front of a door, then a man came walking out of the door. As the door was opened I popped my head in for a quick peak. At the front of the room, there was a control panel with four or five men in collared shirts and ties, pushing knobs and buttons while looking through a big window.

They were looking at what seemed like a theater of war, where explosions and fires were happening. They were in control of this war and were monitoring what went on in it. These men were happy and in a joyful mood as they were gazing at the scene, which I thought was strange. (I had an overwhelming thought that these men were in control of many if not all the major wars of the 20th and 21st century from this room.)

Then I looked in the back of the room and I saw Hillary Clinton sitting at a sofa. She wasn’t involved in what the men were doing but her being in the room made me think she knew about what was happening. It was a shock to me; it was like I was seeing something that is highly top secret and few know about. I know this is not what is really happening and that it’s symbolic of something.

Could The Elite Be Warning Of A WATER DISASTER To Hit New York City

Our friend Charles forwarded us this really interesting video by theJonathanKleck which breaks down a 2013 NWO commercial which may point to the next planned disaster.

Here is a link a video where you can watch the entire commercial #231134421 BE READY.

In this commercial, an actor seems to be flipping through planned disasters in the United States.

You get the impression that the idea behind this commercial is that some big power organization is taking credit for every major disaster planned through history, and these people are in control of the next major planned event that is going to cause thousands or millions to die.  The video presents an hyped up ego spreading fear.

Could The Elite Be Warning Of A WATER DISASTER To Hit New York City

In one clip they show words spelled backwards, spelling “run away”, and “sector NY (New York City) Water”

At .16 seconds in, they show pictures to the right of the screen showing massive planned disasters, and a new photo with water hitting huge buildings, which possibly could be NY City. 

Listen to the video with Jonathan Kleck, as he makes some startling connections.

My friend Charles also forwarded me another video called Obama RED ALERT ..OBAMA AND THE QUEEN telegraph nuclearwhich was supposed to be quite good.

There are many people out there decoding this video.  Here are some links:

What are your thoughts?

Could The Elite Be Warning Of A WATER DISASTER To Hit New York City


  • Scoopie

    With trump winning the election, people will become comfortable and forget the many prophecies warning of the times we’re in. I believe many had the economy as their main concern in voting for him. The direction we take spiritually will determine things. Blessing can quickly become cursing.