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The Lord showed me two things back in November. One was something that looks like a meteorite hitting out west that causes black outs and power outages that extend to the eastern states of the U.S.  The second thing was an attack by Islamic extremists in Washington D.C.

Well, the Lord said part of the prophetic word He gave me about this disruption has come to pass and it is in regard to the allegation that Russia cyberhacked the RNC and DNC and released embarrassing emails from Clinton and Podesto in order to ‘sway’ the election for Donald Trump to win. This is a serious allegation. What is true? I don’t know and I don’t even know if we will ever know. I just know this is something that has an investigation going on and it is certainly an interruption.

So, what still remains are these two events the Lord showed me.

On December 7th, I asked the Lord if He would give me more detail. And He did.

I believe the Hoover Dam will be broken (whether through human attack or by natural disaster). This dam gives power to CA, NV and I believe some of AZ. This would be devastating to people who live in these states! So, I FEEL THE URGENCY TO GET THIS WARNING OUT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THESE STATES.

I would tell people living in these states to PRAY ABOUT WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO. I encourage people to find non electrical sources of heat and light. There are kerosene heaters and many types of oil lamps you can look into purchasing. IF YOU HAVE FAMILY, FRIENDS LIVING IN THIS REGION, PLEASE SPREAD THE WARNING. My desire is that all people be well warned.

I got more details about the D.C. attack also. I saw more men dressed in army green, with boots, hats, with green bandannas covering their nose and mouth and sunglasses or other eye wear with guns. Originally I had seen two or three of these men. I saw them breaking into an important building in D.C. and getting hold of INFORMATION THAT WOULD THREATEN OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. I also saw  secret service men rushing to take President Obama to safety.

So, the greater details is the NUMBER OF THESE TERRORISTS. I see them stepping out all about the same time and it is outdoors. I hear what sounds like a journalist saying, ‘an all out shoot out in D.C.’ I do see people shot. I also saw FIGHTER JETS FLYING OVER D.C. AFTER THESE MEN WITH GUNS STEPPED OUT ONTO THE STREETS OF D.C.

Now, before I saw this additional portion about this attack, I read that ISIS has threatened to attack on Inauguration Day, 2017 and they have a name for it. They are calling it BLOODY FRIDAY. It would be a good day to try to attack due to the sheer volume of people that will be attending the Inauguration and people protesting it also. However, I did not see anything that looked like an inauguration. I just saw these men suddenly come out of hiding, so to speak and begin shooting.


If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ and you live in these regions, please don’t delay! Ask Jesus into your heart and repent of your sins. THE TIME IS NOW!


  1. I live in Las Vegas, so this is a troubling word. We get our water and electric supply from the Hoover dam. My husband has control of the finances and won’t believe this type of word, so. ..

    • It would be a horrific disaster…..! If you live in California… please consider moving. Look up the key word California….(or go to the top of this blog) I have the prophecies listed out by category. There are a lot there listed under California. God bless you honey! May Elohim guide you and your husband and protect you.

      • After praying about it, not calling it a false word, but we’re told to ‘let everything be established by 2 or 3 witnesses’. Yes, there are many words about CA, but this is the only one about LV with specific times. Am asking for the Lord to make it clear.

  2. A comment from facebook-

    Rhonda Frost Ganiyu (Her dream about Hoover Dam breaking)

    OK, thx…well it started with me driving down a freeway and to the right of me where very tall mountains and I saw what I thought where strange cloud formations on the top of these mountains and I said to myself, “those look like the strange clouds me and mom saw in pics on the internet” and I turned my attention back to the freeway and right then the Holy Spirit sternly said “LOOK AGAIN” and when I turned my head to take another look I realized it was not clouds at all but instead massive amounts of water coming over the tops of these mountains and the knowledge was immediately given to me that Hoover Dam had broke, fear hit me and I jerked awake immediately… this was dream # 3 in a series of 7 dreams the Lord gave me in a 8 month period of time after asking for him to show me some of the disasters that we (me and my family) may be facing before he returns. God bless you as well

  3. Another comment from facebook (Carla Smith)

    Carla Smith The Lord gave me a list in early spring (2016) of places that would be attacked or bombed …. Hoover Dam was one of the places,… I shared with my brother and we made a list to file away …. so many have seen these same places in visions/dreams/Words given by the Lord …. I sometimes wonder if people forget or push it away thinking it won’t come to pass ….. Very important to keep reminding everyone we can … Thank you Kim for sharing and warning all that will listen.

    • Thanks for following up on this. Carla is saying spring 2017, but Kim said between August and inauguration day. We’ve been in a long term drought, and water levels are way down, so something would have to trigger what Rhonda is saying. But will keep praying about it. Again, thanks for providing the other prophecies.

        • Meranda, Kim Weir put out a Youtube video where she rescinds the prophecy about the hoover dam being blown up/ destroyed before inauguration day. Just letting you know.

          • Thank you Scoopie.

            Thank you for letting me know* Gosh that is so nice of you!

            I am good friends with her..and she was telling me about this today.

            The thing that changed was the DATE. The Lord did not give her a time frame or a date. Everything else was right…except that detail. I am going to change this article to reflect that,

            Thank you! You are a good friend! Meranda

  4. iMPORTANT. . was just on z3 and someone posted that Kim withdrew this prophecy saying the above would happen before February. She put the correction on YouTube, but I only read the comments, didn’t listen to it. This prophecy didn’t sit right in my spirit.

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