The Lord showed me in 2001 (18 years ago) that we would see the right and left political wings become more & more divided resulting in a devastation for the USA.

About a year later the Lord gave me one of the strongest dreams I’ve had. The dream was about the Republican Party killing the Republican Party. I was shaking & crying.

Several years after this I saw a man who is truly evil to his core being supported by the Republican Party. I was shocked! I asked the Lord ‘Why?!’ I was told ‘Because they will be desperate.’

Was this man Barack Obama? No. Was this man Donald Trump? No. He has yet to come. So please, please hear this & pray about this.

People tend to think I’m a leftist and am deceived. I’ve been kicked out of groups for sharing these things, called more names that I can think of, laughed at, ridiculed, bad mouthed & rejected for sharing these ‘controversial’ dreams. People have thought I share these because I am in support of the Democratic Party. That alone shows how bad the civil division is. I have no leftist ulterior motive. These are dreams & things the Lord has shown me & I was told to share them. I was also told I would be rejected by the majority of Christians. And that has all been true. Jesus was rejected by his own house; people who studied the Word, knew the teachings & anticipated the Messiah’s coming.

Now, I’m no way am I saying I equal with Christ. But I was commanded to be like Christ, to follow his teachings of compassion, love & humility. Though I judge no other Christian, I do judge the choices to support not republicans but leaders who support actions that are not Christ-like.

But I was shown that the majority of Christians will choose to support those with ideas of harm. It is a powerful & highly calculated plan of deception by those who are in charge that are above both parties. They are the wealthiest men & women in the world and many aren’t American.

The majority are following extreme false news sources, though all are corrupt. God showed me this would happen also.

The ultimate evidence that has turned up that demonstrates the deception of American Christians is that they have their mind and effort fixed on abortion as evil, murder & the worst evil for we are to treasure life. They support this and have been lead to focus on this almost singularly. When the babies & children were torn from their families, abused & some died they are not outraged & often begin blaming the parents (as if these innocent children had a CHOICE in crossing the border). These lives are just as sacred yet the hypocrisy among believers who support the unborn yet nearly justify the abuse & murder of illegal babies & children is abhorrent. All life is sacred. Outrage should be the same for ALL who cannot choose to live or die.

See this as a red flag. Can we look at this and see the hypocrisy? Rather than supporting Christ’s teaching, most are supporting the agenda of a political party. This is it plain & simple. Deceptive people who are greedy, taking God’s name in vain by saying they are pro-life & saying they are Christians (but producing no fruit of it) & innocent blood on their hands are supported by Evangelical Christians almost 100%.

I say NOTHING positive of the leftist, Democrats. I speak of Christ & his teachings ALONE! His word is the highest word!

I will continue to be rejected, kicked out of Christian circles & accused of things I am not guilty of. I’m accustomed to it. I expect it. But as one who has been giving warnings & told to warn, I must do so for I have to answer to God, whom I appropriately fear in humility.

Those in power over all politicians have the Republican Party deceiving you. They are using you. They have managed to divert your perceptions & energies by sophisticated means. The Democratic Party is in on this & they are all seeking to play Christians into the hand of the Antichrist who comes soon & will be supported by the Republican Party in the name of God & in support of Israel (whom they do not support). As believers, we must ask God to cleanse us of political influence. We must return solely to the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I know not all politicians (of both parties) are fully involved. Not all are a part of this. The main players are. The ones who hold the highest positions are. Because those who are truly in charge must agree for them to hold such high positions.

I’ve had many dreams of this & many visions of this for 30 years. I love you all, dearly. And I pray for true unity to come to the body of Christ Jesus. -Kim Weir