Meranda’s Notes From Kim’s Part 2 Of Her 3 Day Vision:

This is part 2 to Kim’s 3 day vision.

She continues off where she left in the previous video about an airplane that crashes through the blue covering that is spread across the United States. She sees the plane crash in mid to north Texas.

She sees the southern states in red earlier in the vision, and she notices that this red spreads and it reminds her of blood being spilled. She notices this red is spread to the northern states above such as Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia.

She sees the blood cover areas of Texas and Oklahoma panhandle and above Oklahoma.

Next in the vision she sees a foreign flag right above Texas. The flag represents territory claimed by another. She sees a yellow and a white star in the flag. She also vaguely recalls the color green in the flag. She mentions that she looks up the images to find what she saw but could not locate the flag.  She speculates that it may be a new flag that she saw.  She hears fighting in the south east.

She shares a vision she had in 2004 about a robotic creature that is violent, which was later identified to her as ISIS.  It was revealed to her that the robotic visual she saw represents that ISIS operates on the internet through technology. She saw an arm of this robot in every nation.

In the vision, she sees it laughing, and swipe some of the blue shield that covers the nation of the United States. She sees the covering reside over the western portion of the United States.

She sees this arm and hand from ISIS grab a huge chunk of earth and when she sees this she also hears the Lord say “uprooted”. The area she sees is Oklahoma and Texas. The robotic creature lifts the dirt up, and then pats the ground flat again as though it has planted seeds there.

She then sees the south quiet down. The fighting stops or dies down and Kim makes a speculation that it has to do with “the queen” . This “queen” operates with governmental right and authority. She comes through the Whitehouse.

This quote was taken from her Aug 10th 2016 post:

“As I see ISIS attacking I also see the Queen. The Queen signifies Christians coming against Christians (like Queen Mary of Scots and the blood baths between Catholics and Protestants that ensued in England long ago). Her role seems smaller than the Islamic terrorists. When I see her I hear the word: FACTION indicating separate Christian sects.”

She is not a president Kim says, but she speculates if she is a cabinet member or affiliated with the president.

In the next part of the vision she sees a very dark leader who she believes to be the antichrist. This man looks Mediterranean, or Israeli. Kim has seen some other very detailed visions about this man in the past.

Watch this video where this man (do not know his history) also sees Trump entering into the whitehouse by a woman.  Not his wife, and not Hillary Clinton.

In the next part of the vision Kim sees the blue transparent shield across the United States and she sees a great earthquake. This earthquake she describes as a split, “from coast to coast, from the Canadian border down to Mexico”. She describes the split as straight in nature. This earthquake is a giant Land divide.

I believe what she saw was the New Madrid earthquake that splits the land in two.

She describes this land divide closing up, but not completely up. It is then that she sees a lot of people caught in the divide. She hears the word “divided”

Next she sees the leader of the world she believes is the Anti Christ. He appears to be smiling, and she is able to see his neck, shoulders and face.

She sees a mouth and inside the mouth are very small tiny sharp teeth. Its not the AC she sees, but an entity that desires to devour something. She does not know what this creature represents. She is reminded of a dinosaur or reptile. It bites down and attacks the mid northern states. Its an attack.

The Robotic creature (ISIS ) rises out of Mexico, and at times crosses over from the Canadian border.

She moves on to the part of the vision that talks about Russia. She sees a chair which looks like a throne, and then appears a larger chair that represents a larger throne, that signals a greater entity. She sees Vladimir Putin sitting in the smaller chair. (So she sees two chairs, and the smaller chair is occupied by Russia)  She sees these chairs in the mid northern states.

  • Look at this map drawn out by Chuck Youngbrant.  What Kim saw directly matches up to the rectangular fighting zone in the middle of the United States.  He claims this is one of the main fighting areas that Russia engages in when they invade the United States.

She sees a border drawn around him and his seat. His territory looked to be around the Canadian border and portions of states. North and South Dakota she sees Russia having a throne in those locations. She speculates that these are areas taken by Russia.

She sees Israel having a portion of territory that extends over Colorado. She sees a very small strip of land, which includes Denver Colorado. She sees the territory taken by Israel, and it happens to be the very area where a statue of the one world leader will be placed. This coming world leader is going to captivate people in such a way that he is highly deceptive. He is going to fool Christians and Jews with ways that are perceived to be good, not evil. When Kim was praying about this territory the Lord revealed to her that it had to do with money.

Interesting Comments On Youtube:

Alex ChiuGreen = Irish in Confederate States. The new flag probably is the southern state’s breakaway from the union.. Muslims bow to the west = Minorities worship extreme left. Robotic arm =NWO. Uprooted = Confederate states will fail. Robot pat down land = brought peace.
Amy Disciple of Christyou might find this interesting, in the Quaran, they believe that the muslim’s messiah will come from the west, when the sun rises in the west, this is a sign for them that their Madhi has arrived and it is also interesting that Baraq Obamas campaign symbol was the Sun rising in the West, coming from the East. I Quote From: ‘One of the signs of the Last Day given by our Prophet (saas) in the Hadiths is the rising of the sun in the west. The Hadiths tell us that the last day will not come before this sign occurs.” The emergence of the Antichrist and of Gog and Magog is a reality; the rising of the Sun in the west is a reality; the descent of Jesus, upon whom be peace, from the heavens is a reality; and all of the other signs of the Last Day, as contained in the authentic traditions, are established realities.”

Kim’s Order Of Events

kim-weir-2Kim Vales Weir

16. I see ISIS like an airplane (though I think the airplane is symbolic) crash through the thin blue shield into Texas (mid TX).

17. The red color from the SE states moves over to TX then up into the mid U.S. states. It looks like blood spreading out and soaking the states.

18. I see a small flag with a white star in the middle of it. It has yellow in the flag also.

19. The flag gently lands down on the area just above TX. The flag represents, ‘TERRITORY THAT HAS BEEN CLAIMED BY ANOTHER.’

20. I hear fighting continuing in the S.E. states.

21. I see a vision I had once before. Many Muslims bowing in TX. They are outdoors, in public. There are a great number. Perhaps 100 or more and they are bowing. But they are not bowing to the east. They are bowing to the west.

22. I see a demon laughing. The creature with many arms emerges. (This Robotic Creature represents ISIS). One of its many arms swipes off the blue covering off the U.S. It then reaches down and grabs a huge chunk of land out of the U.S. ground and pulls it up (OK, North TX). I hear, ‘UPROOTED’.

23. The hand on the arm of the robotic creature then pats the ground down flat as though it has planted seeds there.

24. It is quieter now in the S.E. states as though the fighting has died down (I suspect this is due to the queen who comes down from DC and conquers these states with her white sword and new theocratic law she has put into place that is evil).

25. I sense the dark leader, the Antichrist who wants to rule the world. I sense him to the west of the U.S. I feel him and sense him but do not see him yet. He is emerging.

26. It looks as though the blue, transparent shield is still covering over the western U.S. states.

27. A great earthquake happens. The U.S. is split in two almost perfectly down the middle of the nation. The earth opens up but does not close completely. The opened earth is from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border.

28. After I see ISIS, the Muslims bowing and this earthquake or natural disaster of the earth opening up and then partially closing, I hear the word, ‘DIVIDED.’

29. I see the face, neck and shoulders of the dark leader who wants to rule the world. He is smiling (as he almost always is). I only see this portion of him. He is emerging.

30. I see a mouth and in it are very tiny but very sharp teeth. It is not of the dark leader. It looks like a wolf yet it doesn’t. Its mouth seeks to bite with great strength. It is coming from the East, though. At times these tiny teeth look like some kind of reptile; sometimes like a dinosaur). It reaches down and takes a bite out of the mid-northern states of the U.S. (though I am not certain, I believe this represents Russia. In the past I have seen Vladimir Putin represented by a wolf with an angry, growling snapping mouth as he looked to the U.S.A.)



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“It is very difficult to protect events like large gatherings such as parades from these types of attacks using vehicles, and we saw that last summer in Nice,” said Matt Olsen, a former director of the National Counterterrorism Center and a current ABC News consultant.

In July a man driving a large truck barreled into a packed crowd near the waterfront in Nice, France, killing more than 80 people before he was gunned down by police. ISIS later claimed in a statement that he was “a soldier of the Islamic State,” though the group suggested that it did not have foreknowledge of the plot.


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