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Prophetic minister Stephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries received a word from the Lord telling him President Obama is not leaving office at the end of his second term. On August 9 2015 he posted the following statement on his website. Stephen also has a Facebook page.

I realize that this prophetic word/vision will cause many to be upset and to question it.  However, I have been obedient to the Lord in sending it out.  I have prayed over it and asked others to discern its truth as well.  Remember that our prayers CAN have a great effect on future events, but God has a plan that oftentimes, goes against our human understanding.

The Lord showed me a vision.  I looked and saw the face of Obama off to one side,  and then the Lord said,

“This man will not be taken out of office. For with the upcoming elections, much trouble will be occurring. The land will be in tumult. The election will be paved with many problems and issues.  And then because of the disruption, another one will be set in his place. For the land will be set ablaze with many things.  There will be trouble on every side.  The very steps of the White House will shake with the tumult. For it is my direction to bring this land to its knees.”

Stephen’s prophetic word confirms what the Lord told Evangelist Glenda Jackson, which I shared in my previous post, Glenda Jackson: Obama Will Suspend 2016 Presidential Election. It also confirms the prophetic dream given to Melisa Peggs, which I shared in my previous post, Only Two Choices in the 2016 Presidential Election: Obama or Obama. It also confirms what the Lord showed Mena Lee Grebin. She saw the Obama would be the last American President and he would lead our country into the tribulation. I shared the details of her word in my previous post, Mena Lee Grebin: Obama is the Final President and Will Lead America Into the Tribulation.

Stephen also saw beyond the cancelled 2016 election to a time when President Obama would eventually leave his office and another person would be set in his place. I believe it is significant that he did not say another person would be elected in his place because I don’t believe there will be another Presidential election in our country. I also don’t believe the person set in his place will have the title of President because by the time Obama is done the position will be changed into something else. After all, he promised to bring change.

If a remnant arises from the ashes of the coming destruction I believe a new nation will be formed with a new Constitution because the old nation will no longer exist.

Stephen Hanson did not say why Obama would eventually leave office, but he stated, “This man will not be taken out of office.” Perhaps that only applies to the time at the end of his second term when he normally should be taken out of office, but it could also have a longer term application meaning he will never be taken out of office.

I also saw Obama leaving office, but like Stephen, I did not see why he eventually leaves, whether it was part of a plan or perhaps he was forced out. Either way, Stephen’s word confirms what I saw, which is Obama staying in office beyond the end of his second term then leaving office at some point after that. I was not shown how long he would stay beyond his second term and it appears Stephen wasn’t either.

I saw the future of America in a prophetic dream, which I understood to be years into the future, not just a few weeks or months. I understood I was seeing President Obama still in power beyond the end of his second term. That is why I have a sense of knowing that the current 2016 election campaigns are a complete waste of time. None of the candidates are ever going to become President because the election will be cancelled. Obama will lie and tell us it will be postponed, but the truth is it will be cancelled.

In my dream I saw the condition of our country after we had endured a series of very severe problems. I saw our government waging a misinformation campaign lying to the American people telling them they had a plan in place to fix all the problems. I saw the American people believing their lies and believing the worst was over, but in reality the worst was just about to unfold. The psychopathic killers running our federal government were planning the mass murder of our people. Just prior to implementing their plan, it was explained to me that President Obama was leaving the country and another person was left in power to carry out the final stages of their plans.

Then I looked up into the sky and saw President Obama flying on an airplane leaving the east coast of the United States and crossing out over the Atlantic Ocean. Then I heard a voice from behind me saying, “He has completed his assignment. He is now going to his next assignment. He is truly the antichrist.” I shared the details of that dream in my previous post, U.S. Government Planning Mass Murder of Americans.

I believe the Lord is warning his people of the evil plans currently underway by our federal government. They make their plans in secret, but the Lord reveals them to his people, to those who are able and willing to hear it. I believe the prayers and repentance of his people have a lot to do with whether or not they are able to succeed in carrying out all of their plans.

Stephen also saw the coming tumult in our nation will cause the steps of the White House to shake, which confirms what Pastor TD Hale saw in a dream. He saw the White House shaking so bad it literally shook his bed during his dream. Then he saw a great earthquake hitting Washington DC. I don’t know if it was a literal earthquake or meant to be symbolic of a great shaking. I shared the details of the dream in my previous post, TD Hale’s 4th Prophetic Dream: Rain of Fire Coming to America.

Prophetic minister Terry Bennett also saw a great shaking in Washington DC. He saw the following news headlines from the future:

Washington D.C. Shaken, Rioting and Looting Continue

Emergency Meetings being Held by U.S. Senate and Congress

Martial Law Declared in Nation’s Capital (Washington D.C.)

Resignation Fever Hits Washington D.C.

So Stephen Hanson is in good company with his words of warning. Despite all of these reports, we can still have hope because if we repent the Lord can turn back the evil that is now coming our way. In the words of John Paul Jackson, “Our problems will continue to get worse until our nation repents and turns to the Lord.”

Thanks to Daniel for sending me the link to Stephen Hanson’s post!