Heart Attack Prophetic Word

Benjamin Faircloth“A National Heart Attack is Coming”!

A prophetic word by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



During my early morning prayer time, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“America, I weighed you in My balances of righteousness and you have been found wanting! Your extortion and bribery is a stench that has been raised to Heaven! I will no longer look the other way. I can no longer wink at your sin! Now is the time for the payment required for your sin!

You have abandoned Me. You have rejected Me and now your heart has a void. A void no amount of sin can fill! Your Watchmen have warned but you’ve turned your head! My Prophets have sounded My trumpets of judgement but you stopped up your hearing with another gospel! A strange sound and fire!

Behold I will strike at the heart of this nation, the center of your pleasures and desires. Your folly will become your shackles; your feast will become your famines, because you rejected My Counsel!

I told you to buy of Me pure gold tried in the fires of Righteousness, but you choose fool’s gold! Riches bathed in vanity! You lusted for the riches of Egypt! You longed for the beauty of Babylon! Here it is! I will give it to you and you will vomit with the spoils of your pursuit! Your beauty, Oh America, will change! As a bride who has played the whore, your dress will be stained with vileness and all manner of uncleanness! You chose this! You desire this! You’ve abandoned My Pardon!

The hour has come, I will strike at your heart! Your riches will fade, your beauty will be consumed by grief and much sorrow!

(The Father then spoke this to me concerning America, and the timeframe of this heart attack, “We are in a 60-day window of a National economic heart attack- prepare accordingly”)!

The Father then spoke to me to read Jeremiah 17. I was concerned when I heard this because I ministered on chapter 17 on August 8th, 2016. This is the second time in my 25-year history of preaching that I’ve been required to preach or teach on a same scripture prophetically, within the same month. Why was I directed to do this? The first reason is the Father is gracious and is giving someone another opportunity to get things right! Secondly this is a HUGE warning He is trying to convey! I hope you are listening! I encourage you to go and read that article “A Clarion Call is Being Released to the Remnant Right Now”, that I wrote on August 9th, 2016. I going to conclude this word with one verse and several thoughts as an addition to that article.

Jeremiah 17

Verse 1. The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron, and with the point of a diamond: it is graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars;

The sin of Judah had become so great that the Father viewed their condition as indelible, impossible, and irreversible. They had fallen so deep into idol worship, and had forgotten the Creator and giver of their life. Their sin was engraved, and craved into their hearts and their worship. Just like in America today, the sins of our nation have become engraved within our churches! We have cross pollinated with Babylon, now you can’t tell the difference between a pimp and a pastor! Our women dress more like a lady of the night rather than a Proverbs 31 women! You say that’s too rough.  I say it isn’t rough enough! We’ve become so worldly, so infused with the sickness of lust in this country, that a man would rather burn in hell for eternity, then pull the plug on pornography! Listen, the depth of our sin will be the depth of our judgement!  Our sin has left a mark so deep that only Jesus and His all sufficient Blood can heal, renew, and restore our open wound!  God is allowing our enemies to set us up for destruction as a nation, yet no one seems to care. Our enemies are here, the weapons are in place, yet the Church denies the verifiable facts that we have committed high treason against the Most High God! As a Pastor, a Watchmen, and a brother in Christ, I beg you to prepare your life according to the only standard in this life, the Word of God! Get your heart examined right now by the Great Physician, set your physical affairs in order, and prepare for the changing of America accordingly!

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