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Mena Lee GrebinAt 1:45am this morning, I received a visitation from the Lord. I first found myself at a press conference. The conference contained about fifty people. We were all sitting at long tables in horizontal rows. I was located at the second seat in the last row, on the right. I saw Donald Trump sitting among the people; he was the only person in the crowd I recognized from behind.

I only saw everyone’s back from my view. In the front, I saw Obama pacing the floor. He seemed very agitated. He started saying, “They’re pushing me…they’re pushing me to cause drama!” He then walked over to a man seated three rows ahead of me. Obama looked at the man and said, “Kevin, they’re pushing me to give them what they deserve! I will give them the chaos that they deserve!”

The man, that seemed to go by the name “Kevin”, frantically grab his notepad and begun to write on it. It was then that I looked on Obama’s forehead, and notice that there was writing on it. It looked as though someone had taken a black sharpie and wrote across his forehead; it said, “Chaos is Coming”.

The scenes changed, and I next found myself in a room. Ahead of me, about thirty feet, stood Jesus. He was clothed in a simple white robe that illuminated a soft white glow. His face was so clear; clearer than I had ever seen it in all the years he’s visited me. It was like I zoomed in on His face. I studied His thick, dark-brown hair that rested on His shoulders, and the fullness of His beard. The expression on His face was that of sadness, yet stern. I noticed that there were tears streaming from His left eye. Within each tear, there was a fetus. The Lord spoke to me, but without moving His lips. He said, “They are constantly stealing the life that I have given.” He paused for a moment, then continued, “There are those who are even unaware of their murder. Doctors have convinced some that this is there only choice; that the child is deformed, or will be born with abnormalities, so they steal the life that I have given.”

I noticed that angels began to stand in formation behind Jesus. They were tall; between nine and ten feet in height. They were all golden; clothes, body and hair. It was fourteen of them. I inquired about the position they were taking. Jesus responded, “They are taking their positions for the twenty-one judgments; for they are about to begin. Time is short. I will not delay…I will not delay…I will not delay! My Bride is preparing Herself and I will soon call her to me”. I thought to myself, “But there are only fourteen angels”. Then Jesus quickly reminded me that the first seven seals are opened by Him.

Jesus then looked at me and with a stern voice said, “Within three to six months, total chaos will envelop America, and a pandemic will spread across the world.” He then gave me understanding that the two events are separate, and I wasn’t given a time frame for the pandemic.

I began to pray for the Bride, I prayed for wisdom and boldness. The Lord then spoke and said, “Psalm 12 for the chosen, for the obedient, and for the faithful”.

This is a warning for the church, the Bride, and the nation. We need to prepare spiritually and physically for what’s about to be unleashed…

Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


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Prophecies from Mena Lee Grebin, Written notes From Stan Johnson


Stan’s notes gathered from about hour hours of her speaking:

Vision: Newspaper “America’s freedom is over” saw a silhouette was of a future president that was from Chicago [Obama]

Prophecy 2004: “The next president after Bush would be the president we would have to worry about because he would be the president that would lead us into the tribulation”

April 2008: Had a dream “Obama is the person to fulfill ‘power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.” (Rev 6:4)

When Israel had to return to their 1967 borders America had to return to her 1967 borders.

“A recession within a recession is coming.” The cities will burn. I saw riots in the streets neighbors were fighting each other. The LORD said, “The violence will increase due to fear.” Have at least one year’s food and supplies including water! Everything that needs to get done must be done by the end of the 2015 summer. Buy food and supplies.

Many Christians will be greatly blessed in this time of need.

Spring 2014: I saw the Rider on a Black Horse riding across the months Sept Oct Nov Dec 2015. A day’s wages for a loaf of bread. Many small businesses will fail in 2015. Those depending upon the government will fall, the housing market will crash again. Warn the people, those who know me will be sustained, but not everyone who says they belong to me belongs to me.

As the nation is prepping for catastrophe, heaven is prepping for revival. The revival will start on the east coast and spread to the west coast.

The drought in California is going to grow worse and spread. Starting in Sept 2015 and carrying into next year it is a time of Jubilee.

2015 Vision: I saw newspaper “575,000 jobs lost.”

Angel visit: I ask the angel, “Will Hillary will win in 2016?”

The elections will be delayed there will not be a 2016 election! Obama will remain in the White House.

“JADE” ( Joint Assisted Deployment & Execution ) “HELM” ( Homeland Extermination of Local Militias ) is preparation for Martial Law and the disarmament of America and Texas is the primary target.


Published Oct 16, 2015

Food Prep, FallMena Lee Grebin was given a deadline from the Lord about a number of things which were set to happen before the end of 2015.  In particular she saw “death to finances” riding across the months from September through December.

I think there was so much speculation regarding the dates of the 22nd, 23rd, that many people thought something horrific event would take place on those dates alone.

An interesting aspect to this word, was IF….  again, IF THE LORD gave her until the end of “fall” (rather than the end of “summer” ) which would land on December 21st, maybe that might have been too late.  Could something be coming to this nation between now and then?

Who is to say. We are all just trying to put these things together….

Throwing aside dates, rough times are coming to this nation, and would you know, emergency sales and supplies have now slowed down again. The people of this nation just don’t see the larger picture, – which is we are heading into horrific times. We can see it in the natural.  Like waves, one event will follow another, and those who aren’t listening to these warnings will be very sorry they didn’t prepare.

If you are going to stock up for anyone, stock up for your children.  For the babies who cannot decide for themselves.

Many people are in tight financial positions.  You can still be preparing without money.  What you can be doing right now, is start getting your house ready when family do need to come stay with you.  In the coming years many people are going to find surviving alone to be impossible.  There will no longer be a single couple occupying a large single family home. Families are going to start living together, and using one or two incomes to survive.   Start setting up your bedrooms that have been your sewing rooms and craft rooms for those extra family members who will be staying with you. Start cleaning out your garage, and getting rid of the clutter.

You can do it now, or you can do it later. At some point you may be preparing rooms at the very time that gas isn’t as easily available.  Do it now, while there is still time to get things arranged.

Articles Worth Mentioning:

Here is an excerpt from the Trunews interview in May, Re-published From

Further evidence comes from Mena Lee Grebin, a Prophetess of the Lord Jesus Christ at Faithful Walk Healing Ministries. She shared a vision the Lord gave her when she appeared as a guest on on May 7 2015.

Mena has received many dreams and visions from the Lord and has a proven track record. She saw pestilences coming before the ebola virus started. She saw the Boston marathon bombing ten days before it happened. She saw large commercial airplanes falling out of the sky about one year before the first one fell. Her latest revelation is even more disturbing.

In the spring of 2014 the Lord woke her up at about 2:45 am and woke her up saying to her, “Death to the finances!”

He said it so strongly it startled her. She asked, “Death to the finances?”

Then the Lord said, “A recession within a recession is coming.”

Then he showed her a vision of the rider on a black horse. He was riding across a calendar and the months were September, October, November, and December. He started in September and rode across those four months.

She asked the Lord, “Is it for this year (2014)?”

He answered, “No.” Then he continued, “Small businesses will fail. Those who depend on the government to sustain them will fail. The housing market is going to crash again. I want you to warn the people. Tell them what is coming because those who are in me will be sustained, but not everyone who says they belong to me belongs to me.”

Mena started crying and said, “Lord, that means we are going to be here. When are you going to come get us and rapture us?”

Then the Lord said, “It is just a little while longer and then I am coming.”

Starting in January 2015 the Lord told Mena multiple times these things would happen this year, 2015. He told her she had to prepare her ministry and tell the people everything they need to get done, they need to do it by the end of this summer.

In February he told her to stock up on food and supplies. He gave her a large amount to purchase because it was not just for her family of five, but also for her ministry.

In the second week of April an angel visited her. He was about seven feet tall. He had no wings and was wearing a long white robe. He stood about fifteen feet in front of her. He looked at her and said, “The countdown has begun.”

He had a wooden board in his hand. He flipped the board over and on the other side was a digital clock. The numbers on the clock were counting down and moving so fast she could not make them out, but she knew it was counting down to zero.

She said, “You are talking about the judgment coming. You are talking about the catastrophe.”

The angel said, “Yes, but you have not completed the task that you were told to do. What did the Lord tell you to do?”

Mena answered, “He told me to stock up on food and supplies.”

He said, “You have to complete the task because time is running out.”

Then she saw something like a grocery store and there was an old fashioned alarm clock with two bells on top. It was gold with a gold chain attached to it. The time on the clock was a half a minute until midnight. Then she saw herself running through this store trying to grab all the things she needed because she knew this alarm clock was about to go off at any second. Then she was kicked out of the store and had to leave her shopping cart behind along with everything she had wanted to buy. Time had run out for them because they had procrastinated too long.

When Mena shared these things with her husband, he confirmed he had been getting similar instructions from the Lord. They went out that day and purchased the food and supplies. They purchased enough food and supplies to last for one year.

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