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When I am not busy writing for, I am changing diapers, feeding the baby, making supper, and juggling our websites while doing the laundry.

I am living the dream life.We live in the middle of the mountains and never get tired of the view. I married my dream man. Walk along side me as I discover the world being a mom, a wife, and daughter of the most high God. God exists, He Loves YOU, and you can live out that love story you always wanted with HIM. I hope I can draw you closer to HIM. Huge Blessings!

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Meranda Devan
  • Sarah Lightbourne

    Good morning,
    I have watched Michael on Jim Bakker, now the Watch with both of you. I learned about you web site Why God Really Exist and saw a booklet by Joel Blake Sawyer and would like to get hard copies of True Salvation and the one on health do you know how I can do this? I have tried unsuccessfully to search for his website. Thank you so much. I pray God’s blessing for you and your family. Sarah

    • Sarah, I passed on your info to Blake. Thank you** Meranda

  • Mike Stephani

    I have never published anything before but I have had 3 visions; the first one is An east coast tsunamis, the second one all power is lost either an Emp or sun activity wasn’t shown the cause, in the third one Chinese troops covering our land like ants. most recently I’ve seen an earthquake in New York City, large buildings topple & water rushing in from the bay.
    I am certain that these are from The Lord. Pray, prepare, and be a credible witness. Time is short. I am not a date-setter but My personal belief is that much of this will happen before 2018.

    • Mike…. thank you for leaving a comment on our site. You have seen some of the major visions out there. I am convinced this will happen as well.


  • Judithann Ortiz

    Well….Meranda, Would have rather ask in private….. Given recent developments, Dont you think this fellowship finder should be private, instead of exposing people and locations?

    • I see your point….but that is the point of the finder. To find people who are studying the bible. It does no good hidden. We want others to find this page.

      If you want to put your name and location… and still be private, I would suggest using another email…and a location that is near where you are at….but not showing the exact location.


  • Eddie Paul Flowers

    Hello Meranda, I’m a 34 year veteran minister. Semi retired. Live just outside Raleigh, North Carolina. My wife Gale and I went to Lavonia, Georgia, July 31, 2016, to be in service with Pastor Benjamin Faircloth of Ignited Church. We arrived a day early and stayed at the Hampton,Inn. I noticed a Gideon Bible under the lamp. In it was a book marker but I didn’t remove it or see what was marked To make a long story short, I went to bed and was fast asleep when the Lord woke me up at 2 am. He instructed me to get the Gideon Bible and read where it was left marked. To keep from awakening my wife and 20 year old son, I took it to the bathroom and read Judges chapter 20. It talks about a Levite whose concubine was raped by gay men because they could not have the Levite. He cuts her up in 12 pieces and sends her body parts to the 12 tribes of Isarel. 400,000 came together to rid Israel of this sin. The Benjamites of Gibeah refused to surrender the men and thus a war broke out. The Benjamites were only an army of 26,000 but they were counting on the 700 left handed men who could hit their target within an hairs breath.Israel approached God as to which tribe should go out first. God responded, Judah. The first day of battle the Benjamites killed 22,000 of Israel’s men. Israel then inquired of the Lord, should we fight at all? God responded, fight. The second day of battle the Benjamites killed 18,000 of Israel’s men. Thus on the third day they wept, fasted and prayed before the Lord and inquired again. Then the Lord told them that he would fight for them So on the third day of battle Israel set an ambush just outside Gibeah. When Israel approached Gibeah the Benjamites thought they would once again defeat the men of Israel. After they had slain 30 men they felt good about the battle and pursued their combatants. Israel drew the men of Gibeah away from their city in battle. The plan was in place that the 10,ooo Israeli men were to enter the city when the army had left and kill every man, woman, and child. As a signal to the men of Israel they would set the city on fire to signal the city had fallen. When the Benjamites saw their city had fallen they knew they were defeated and ran for their lives. Israel pursued them and killed all but 600 men who hid for 4 months. Israel sparred the 600 men and provided them wives to keep from completely cutting off the tribe of Benjamin. Miranda, the Lord spoke to me that this is the future of America. That because they refuse to stop the open sinning and that they believed they were strong enough to defeat the enemies of their plans, that God is sending an ambush to America and America is going to BURN. The Lord didn’t tell me when or by whom. Then the Spirit of the Lord fell on me and I spoke in what my wife and son stated in Hebrew for some time (I believe I was praying). This took place between 2-4 am in the morning. I didn’t mean to awaken my family but I now believe the Lord wanted them to witness this event. We all wept before the Lord knowing God is going to judge America. In July of 2015, the Lord spoke to me, “The tsunami of My judgement on America has been sent forth. The people cannot see it yet. When they do see it, it will be too late to escape it”. I believe what the Lord has said and we can see America is sinking into the hands of an angry God. The church has failed in it’s mission. Thus, God’s judgment will begin there. Thank you for the labor of love you and Michael show toward others. We first saw Michael on the Jim Bakker Show. God richly bless you and supply your every need. Rev. Eddie Paul Flowers

    • Thank you for this word Eddie.

      God has been warning us and warning us in a multitude of ways. I am afraid we don’t even know how severe it is going to be. I think the scriptures give us a glimpse into what judgement we will be facing*

      Thank you for leaving this comment…and sharing what the Lord gave you*

      Huge blessings! Meranda

  • Glo

    Hi Meranda,
    Just a quick note that I noticed while taking note of the verses in your August 29th prophetic post by Maurice Sklar: the verse reading was quoted as 1 Corinthians, but is actually found in 2 Corinthians 6:17-18, 7:1.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us! Much love, Gloria

  • Judith-Ann Ortiz

    Wow! Confirmation: submarine visions and dreams…

    • Meranda Devan

      Darn, it says that video is no longer available

      • Judith-Ann Ortiz

        oh man! 🙁

  • Scoopie

    Hi meranda. . Appreciate the older prophecies you post that have present day significance. I knew C. Alan Martin back in the 90’s. He had a prophecy for me that was accurate.

    What may be important is that he had another prophecy back in the 90’s starting with the words. .I saw the man-child. Don’t remember the rest of it, but reminds me of trump, with the criticism he’s received about certain comments he’s made. Don’t know if c.a. is in communication these days but would be good to see what that full word was.

    • Meranda Devan

      I would love to look into that! Thank you!

  • bigfoot15

    I voted for Trump. Do you and your husband realize that Trump and Hillary are cousins? Both are Jesuits and friends of the Pope. I think us Christians have once again had the wool pulled over our eyes! It seems to happen e every four years. I doubt God has changed His mind over the coming judgement on America because of all the innocent blood that has been shed- and the Witchcraft in high offices of this land. When they say peace and safety…. What do you think? Looks to me like the NWO is not even slowed down in its agenda