About Meranda Devan

About Meranda Devan



Many years ago I started a free blog simply to compile the evidence I found about God.  This site was eventually put together, and the prophetic has always been an interest of mine and my husbands.  God is showing His people what is ahead.

When I search for prophecies on the internet, I look for prophecies that “sing” together and mirror each other. 

While there is judgement ahead for the world, we will also be seeing tremendous miracles, and the gifts of God in abundance. 

Today we are also seeing a group of remnant believers who are walking a 1st century walk.  They are keeping the commandments, not for salvation, but out of obedience.  The feasts of the Lord and the sabbath that Yeshua said was never done away with in Matthew 5:17-20.  These believers are also seeing signs and wonders in their lives. 

Do you have a prophecy to share?

Feel free to email me on facebook, or simply email me at ( michaelandmeranda @ gmail.com) if you want to say hello or tell me about a prophecy you have personally received.
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The Biggest Discovery Of My Walk

It was a year after we got married and Michael pulled me into our little computer room in our rented apartment in Virginia to tell me something shocking he found online. He showed me the origins of Christmas and together we were in awe of what we found.  We decided together to no longer celebrate it.  It was drastic in our friends and families eyes, but what we found was actually better, and more exciting. 

We abandoned the holiday of Christmas and Easter, and instead ….switched to celebrating the biblical feasts found in the bible (Feast of Tabernacles, Passover and so forth) 

It was quite a shock to our families, as you can imagine……..and for us, it was very new.

We had to get used to the idea of new celebrations on different dates.The feasts of God were backed up with more significant prophecy and meanings than we knew of at the time.

After many years celebrating them we are still adding our own spin on them.  What is nice is for most of them, there isn’t any defined way to keep them,…  so you can make them your own.

The best thing about these celebrations is they are for ALL those who believe in the God of the Bible. It just so happens to be that Judah, (the Jews) (one of the 12 tribes) are the ones who are credited to keeping them.  Yet they are not Jewish.  They belong to all the children of God, including you.

Why You Should Keep Them

The appointed festivals in Leviticus are like dress rehearsals for the most important events in all of history.
The bible is the only inspired scripture that contains prophecy. There are 2000 pieces of prophecy in the bible, 300 of them talk about the Messiah, ( Yeshua Jesus). The Festivals have been kept for thousands of years by the followers of Yahweh are those such as (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits), AND ( Pentecost, Trumpets and Atonement) You also have “New Moon, Shmita, and Jubilee as additional special festivals.
  • The festival of “Feast of Tabernacles“, was a celebration held for thousands of years. The believers of Yahweh would gather in Jerusalem, and would set up tents and dwell in them as one of the main requirements of the festival. So think of a week of camping, more or less. Why were they brought to that location….., and why the tents? In fact, Yeshua Jesus was born 5 miles out of the city at the START of this festival in a humble tent. Yahweh was telling them that they would be celebrating Yeshua our redeemer who was to come. Now that He has come, we celebrate His birthday on that day. This happens in the fall season, not winter.
  • The festival of Passover – for thousands of years, the believers would have to sacrifice a lamb for their sins on this festival. A male first born lamb was required without spot or blemish. The very day that the lamb was to be examined by the festival, Yeshua rode in on a donkey, in essence to be examined by the people as THEIR lamb. He died for our sins right on Passover, and in the word, the Romans were responsible to get him down, off the tree before the Feast of Unleavened Bread started. He then fulfilled the festival of “First Fruits” resurrecting on that exact day.

Every feast was timed perfectly to full-fill prophecy. Yeshua was born on Yahweh’s high holy day, died on Yahweh’s High Holy Day, and Resurrected on Yahweh’s High Holy Day, and WILL return On Yahweh’s High Holy Day. All these festivals have a purpose. Yahweh was telling us to PAY ATTENTION on these days.

  • Feast of Trumpets is when Yeshua will gather us up to the Great supper, and just a little while later, we will return with him on Atonement, where he will take down Satan and reign for 1000 years. In the word of God, he tells us WHERE Yeshua will return in advance….. We celebrate this day as millions of other believers have before us, but these two prophecies are yet to be full-filled.
  • Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit was poured out. The location of this festival was pre-determined and celebrated for thousands of years, because ONE year, the Holy Spirit would be given, just like Yeshua was born on one of the years of “Tabernacles”

So there you go! There is purpose behind these festivals.  Why not keep them?……

For years, I often wondered how bunnies tied into Easter, or why Santa Claus was celebrated, and we came to the conclusion for “me and my house” we will keep the authentic things of God rather than the counterfeit. 

Stumbling across these truths changed our lives.  You will find richness in them as well.

God bless you!  Meranda