A 14-year old girl received a dream revealing what President Obama is doing behind closed doors in the White House. The following testimony was shared by her mother, Brandy Kidd.

“My entire family is asleep to the time we are in. For the last two years, I have been praying for their eyes to be opened to what is about to take place in our nation. During that time, one by one they have come to the Lord or rededicated themselves.

My 14-year old daughter was saved last year. Although she is in agreement with my parents that we are not in the last days, she still comes to me with her dreams. She is very innocent, especially for a teenage girl in this world. She doesn’t watch the news and is very removed from the current state of things. She has been sheltered to the point that you cannot even mention any real world event involving violence without her stopping you from speaking. She doesn’t want to know what is going on. I have talked with her about the last days but, only in the context of being spiritually prepared.

I just assumed the Lord would reveal these things to my parents before He would my daughter, but here is a dream she had a few weeks ago.

The dream started off at Dollywood amusement park, where she was standing by a rollercoaster called the Firechaser. A group of men showed up, marching like an army. They had weapons and started to make everyone kneel on the ground. They told everyone they were Muslims and Islam was taking over.

She knelt down, but then she heard someone tell her to stand and a hand reached out and pulled her up. She said there were people among the group that were with the Islamic “army”, they started to reveal their true motives (selves) while this was taking place.

The next scene, she was at the White House where she was being held captive along with a group of other people. She said there were Muslims there and announced they were followers of Islam. Another army was also there, which she knew were Russian. I asked her how did she know they were Russians. She said she just knew.

President Obama was showing the Muslims and the Russians around, but none of them were being held captive. It was as if he was giving them information on how things operated. To use a southern expression, he was in cahoots with them. She knew people were going to be killed. Then she woke up.

If it had not been for the Russian thing I would have dismissed it. We live in a small conservative town where most people here dislike Obama and believe him to be a Muslim, so it would not be farfetched for her to pick this up from our community. However, for her to see Russia, when she could not even point it out on a map or tell you anything about what is taking place in the world, that is why I didn’t dismiss it.

This was the first dream she has had, or at least the first she felt she needed to tell me. GOD bless.”


new-yorker-obama-terrorist-coverNew Yorker Obama Terrorist Cover

Brandy’s daughter’s testimony confirms many others, including the following excerpts from a recent post sharing a warning from Glenda Jackson:

“But God showed me, I had a vision of Obama in the White House, and there were Muslims around him. And he said as he was pounding on the desk, “I cannot leave this White House. This is my destiny.”

They said to him, “Then how can you stay on as President?”

And he said, “There is only one way, martial law.”

And they said, “Well, we know how to stir the trouble up, so we will go out and stir the trouble up and then you decree martial law.”

I know people are prophesying that Donald Trump is going to get it and that even they had dreams that he is going to get it, and I am not saying that they are wrong, but I know what God showed me. God showed me…

Obama is going to (anointing falls on Glenda), he is going to be on there people. He is going to carry through. And what he wants, the desire of his heart, his wickedness is going to come through. You have not seen his wicked side yet! It is about to manifest, saith the Lord.

I say unto you My People be prepared. I say unto you hear what the Spirit of Almighty God is speaking to you this day. I say unto you be prepared. Get ready sayeth the Lord. Fear not for I am with thee. Fear not, I shall take care of you My children, but I say unto you, don’t believe every spirit. Try the spirits and see if they be of Me, saith God.

I tell you, and I tell you very quickly, things are going to turn upside down. The White House is going to have a Muslim flag flying over it, sayeth the Almighty God. I say unto you I am that I am. I am the now God. I am not the I was that I was. I am the now God, so believe Me now. Search out My scriptures. Be ready and pray and seek My face that you may know to escape what is coming upon this land. Very much wicked things are coming, sayeth the Lord. Many people are going to die. Many people are going to be killed because they were not ready, because destruction is coming such as never before, saith the Lord.” (see the complete post)

This warning is also confirmed by a prophetic dream received by Sherry Gorslin. Here is an excerpt from a word she received from God after she woke up from the dream.

“Disaster is coming upon the land. Fear has overtaken many of those I have called to stand in these times of terror. This terror is coming from your own nation. This is a terror that is coming from the inside not the outside. The evil one has come and overtaken this nation in the highest places of authority. He has come to bring this nation to ruin, and I have lifted My hand from this nation. I have brought down My hedge of protection, because this time will be used to draw thousands to Me. When they see disaster hit they will come.” (see the complete post)

I received similar warnings regarding President Obama. In a dream I received in November 2014, President Obama had put a woman in charge of the final phases of their plan to murder the American people. Here is an excerpt from that dream.

“I was able to see the reason why these government leaders were so confident about their plans. They knew they had the American people completely deceived. They knew they had total control over the news media so the people were only hearing what the government wanted them to hear. It was virtually impossible to warn the people at this late hour. Even if it were possible they would not believe it because they had already rejected the truth. They preferred to believe the lies because it sounded much more pleasant to their ears. So these traitors knew they had a complete death grip on the situation. With the final phase about to begin they had nothing to worry about. That is why they were willing to talk so openly and warn a few people. From their perspective they had already crossed the finish line.” (see the complete post)

In my dream, (James Bailey) which took place in the future, a voice speaking from behind me said, “He has completed his assignment. He is now going to his next assignment. He is truly the antichrist.”

This was a revelation. I never heard anyone teach it before, but I found it in the scriptures. The actions President Obama is now taking against our nation are the fulfillment of ancient prophecies recorded by the prophet Daniel, “He will take action against the strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god.” (Daniel 11:39)

With the 2016 Presidential election just a few weeks away, I am hoping more time is granted to us with the election of a new President, but eventually Daniel’s prophecies must be fulfilled because they are recorded in the scriptures.

When a 14-year old girl who knows nothing about world events receives the same warning confirmed by many others, it is time to believe God is warning His people.

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