40+ Thought Provoking Questions For The Student Of The Word – Quiz By Lynn

40+ Thought Provoking Questions For The Student Of The Word – Quiz By Lynn

Working Bible QuizBIBLE QUIZ

By Lynn

1: What Bible/Scriptures did Jesus read from in the Temple when he was 12 years old?

2: What Books of the Bible/Scriptures did He read and teach from during His life and ministry?

3: What Books of the Bible/Scriptures did Paul and the other Apostles read and teach from?

4: What Books of the Bible/Scriptures did the Berean’s use to check to see if Paul was teaching the truth?

5: What Books of the Bible/Scriptures will be used to judge the world?

6: In Jesus’ day, did everyone have a personal copy of the Bible/Scriptures or did they have to go to where a copy was kept? Even then, did the average person get to read from it (if indeed he could read), or was it read to them? Where was the place it was kept?

7: How many Old Testament verses are either directly quoted in full or in part, or alluded to in the New Testament? Why?

8: In Acts 15, what four things were the Gentiles (pagans) required to do immediately after coming to faith in Jesus? Where is this found in the OT? What were these pagan Gentiles (who knew nothing of God and His ways) told to do immediately after that—where were they told to go each week and what were they told to hear (Hint: verse 21)? Why?

9: What was the symbolism and purpose of YHWH writing the “10 Commandments” with His own finger in stone, twice? Where do we find these 10 Commandments noted in the New Testament?

10: Can believers worship the Father or Jesus any way that seems right to them or do They reveal Their will in Their Word? Where? What are some of the acceptable ways and some of the unacceptable ways from both Old and New Testaments?

11: Exactly how can we fulfill the 1st Commandment to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls? Be specific from OT and NT.

12: Exactly how can we fulfill the 2nd Commandment to love our neighbors according to the Bible? Be specific from OT and NT. (i.e. if you see your neighbor’s animal is loose, do you rescue it and protect it until you can get it to your neighbor or just ignore it)?

13: Give one OT verse that we get our building codes from? Give one OT verse that we get our public safety and health code from?

14: What did Jesus say was hung from these Two Commandments? What does that mean?

15: What is sin? Hint—I John3:4.

16: What did Jesus say about hearing and doing?

17: What did James say about hearing and doing? What about Hebrews 5:9?

18: What does the Parable of the Sower tell us (Luke 8:5-15)? Which one kept the Word and what did that result in?

19: In the Parable of the Sower, what happened to the ones that heard but did not do?

20: Why did the demons (who believe and tremble) get kicked out of heaven and will never be allowed back into the Kingdom?

21: Read Matthew 5:17-20. Has heaven and earth passed away yet?

22: Did Jesus take away the law or did He take away the curse of the law? What’s the difference?

23: How can we receive curses? —Hint: Deut. 11:26-28 & 27:15-26 & 30:15-19

24: How can we receive blessings?—Hint: Deut 28

25: What are the conditions for answered prayers? Use OT and NT verses.

26: Jesus continually challenged and castigated the Pharisees for adding to and taking away from the Commandments of God and incorporating their own traditions which made void the Word of God. What parallels do we see within Christendom today?

27: Which of the early church fathers were anti-Semitic and what did each of them say? Who was Marcion and what did he believe; how did this affect early church teachings, even to today?

28: What religious institution/denomination boasts that they have the authority to change the 4th Commandment Saturday Sabbath to Sunday? Does this line up with Scripture? What other changes have they made as documented in their own writings? Did these changes get passed on to her “daughters”? –

29: Did the Reformers return to Bible basics, to doing things that are shown us in the book of Acts without adding to or subtracting from the Word of God or did they object to only a few things in RCC?

30: Most Americans are Gentiles that have followed the traditions of the church, whether or not they ever attended “church” (of most any denomination). Therefore the average American has been influenced by these traditions within our society, not realizing that they are not Biblical. What is the only way to break free from the strong delusion of accepting the errors of church tradition over God’s Word?

31: In Acts, what Holy Days of God did Paul continue to observe? What other commands did he follow/obey? How many times is the Sabbath mentioned? What did he mean in Acts 24:14?

32: Will the Sabbath and God’s Holy Days be observed in the future to come? Find verses from OT and NT.

33: How many of God’s Holy Days has Jesus fulfilled and how many are left to fulfill? How is Jesus pictured in each of these Feasts/Holy Days? Are these not FAR more meaningful than the substituted pagan festivals that include the disobedience of spiritual adultery and even debauchery at times?

34: Besides being the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, what did Jesus come to do? Start a new religion, or expose the problems within the one that He was born into AND obey every command from the Father as our example? To whom was He “sent”?

35: In Matthew 5 Jesus says “It hath been said” and “Ye have heard that it has been said…”. How is this different from when He says, “It is written”?

36: How is the law of the prophets the golden rule (Matthew 7:12)?

37: How can we follow and know the heart and will of Jesus?

38: Did Jesus seek to do the will of the Father? In what ways did He do this?

39: Why was He able to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins? Give two complete reasons.

40: How long was Jesus’ ministry, 70 weeks or 3 ½ years?

41: “In the beginning was the Word (Law/Instructions), and the Word (Law/Instructions) was with God, and the Word (Law/Instructions) was God…And the Word (Law/Instructions) was made flesh, and dwelt among us” (John 1:1 & 14).   So, Jesus is the Word of God, and is God, made or represented in the flesh. Galatians 3:8 says that ‘Scripture preached the gospel to Abraham, saying, In you all the nations shall be blessed’. Before Jesus was born, His Word (Scripture/Law/Instructions) preached the gospel in the OT. Explain how Jesus voids/annuls/destroys or does away with His own Flesh=Word/Scripture (law) when He is the Law (Word/Scripture=Flesh)? Where is His flesh and bones now? How will the nations be blessed without the Law (Instructions/Word/Scripture=Flesh)?

42: What is used to judge the world and Believers during the Judgments?

43: Are Gentiles (pagans) “grafted into” the olive tree (Israel) in order to become Abraham’s spiritual seed? Do earthly parents have rules/instructions for their natural born children that are different for their adopted children?

44: In the OT, what were Gentiles (pagans) required to do if they wanted to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Were the “instructions” for the home born (Israelite) different from the Gentile (stranger)? Find verses for this in the OT.

45: When the Israelites fled Egypt under Moses, did some of the Egyptians that had attached themselves to God go with them? Again, is there any difference in the instructions for the natural born and adopted children?