I was researching Mt. Rainier dreams and ran across your site and noticed that you were requesting dreams to be sent to you.
I had a dream in 2012 concerning the destruction of an island paradise, which was posted on my blog—The End Times Forecaster.
In the dream I was told to check the distance from OKC. My understanding was that the distance would correlate with the date.
On 9/20/2017 Hurricane Maria hit St. Croix as a Cat 5 and did extensive damage. I drew a line from OKC Murrah building to St, Croix and the line was 2039 NM long. The date of my dream was 2/20/2012 and it is 2039 days to 9/20/2017. I also just did a post about Mt. Rainier in which I linked one of your articles and found that the distance from Mt. Rainier to my house is exactly 2039 NM. Here are the posts;
BTW; In 2015 I issued a watch for the possibility of a natural disaster to occur on 9/10-11/2017. The watch was based on an 1188 day pattern of events that had been occurring. The watch proved true with Hurricane Irma that hit on 9/10-11/2017.
Sincerely in Him
William Frederick; M.Div.

A Prophetic Vision Of A Volcano Blowing In The North West And Coming Tsunami Flooding California- Robert Highley