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David Eells Unleavened Bread Ministries http://www.ubm1.org When I came to the Lord, having never been a studious person, those who knew me were shocked because all I wanted to do was study the Word. A little later I studied the writings of the reformers, early church fathers and a few modern teachers. Soon that fad passed and I stuck with the Word and the Holy Spirit, finding them immeasurably superior.The Lord through Paul taught that the qualification for ministry was not only education but the experience of what is taught. From the beginning of my walk I became consumed with the desire to experience the life of discipleship to Christ, what it was to be a believer and act on the Words of God. The Lord told me, "I am sending you through a wilderness so that you can tell my people that I still supply their needs there." My experience became a wilderness of my own ability to save, heal, deliver, and provide for myself outside of faith in God. Early in my walk I embarked on the mission of learning to do things according to the Spirit and example of Scripture, learning to trust in the arm of the Lord rather than the arm of flesh. As one might imagine, this life-style put my family in many situations to prove the promises. The Lord wanted me to be able to speak from experience about His faithfulness to "supply every need of yours," whether that need be wisdom, righteousness, healing, deliverance, or provision. I would not have traded these trying experiences that led to God’s miraculous answers for anything. God still confirms His Word with signs and wonders through those who believe and act on the true Gospel. If we change the Word we will not see signs because God confirms His Word not ours. (Mk.16:20) And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word by the signs that followed. Amen. Read more about David's message here More of him and his wife's miraculous story is told in their book Sovereign God For Us and Through Us. Your servant in Christ, David Eells Links UBM Radio Unleavened Bread Bible Studies One Hour Radio & TV Programs Misc Audio Bible Studies Audio Studies Late '90s Audio Studies '80s and Early '90s Hidden Manna for the End Times Audio Series Hidden Manna for the End Times Video Series Transcriptions Radio Interviews Audio & Video Search Free Books found on David Eells Website The Numeric English New Testament, by Dr. Ivan Panin FEAR NOT THE WILDERNESS (David Eells) ARE YOU FOLLOWING A WOLF? (David Eells) WEAKNESS, THE WAY TO GOD'S POWER (David Eells) THE CURSE OF UNFORGIVENESS (David Eells) HIDDEN MANNA FOR THE END TIMES (David Eells)

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