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Shawntrell Davis I am a Minister of God! Graced and appointed! I will Bring the Word of God , with Love and According to Knowledge! With a mouth and Wisdom that the adversary can neither gainsay or resist! TRUTHALITY! Facts are Temporal Truth is Eternal! What is real? The TRUTH that, Nothing is too hard for God! ~Minister Shawntrell~ Find Shawntrell on Facebook Shawntrell's Channel On Youtube preachbvne.webs.com preachbvne.blogspot.com Shawntrell Davis's Dreams And Visions Vision from the LORD 10-17-15 EMPIRE Bldg. Vision From the Lord: FLORIDA GOES DOWN DREAM: 8- 3 -15 RISE OF THE PHARAOH(OBAMA) 4 Visions -California & East Coast TSUNAMI, Dream: END-TIME SEPARATION THE SHEEP Vision 8-13-15 CAUGHT UP! WhirlWind- ALERT! Are you Seeing 11:11, 11:01, 1:11, 1111? 3 Visions- OBAMA, Synagogue & Scepter, Africa, WAR! 7 Visions WARNING! Attack ON U.S 2 VISIONS -ARCHANGEL MICHAEL I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" "Keep Your Eyes On Me" 3 VISIONS -U.S.A VOLCANIC ERUPTION JEMS PLACED ON MY FEET in an EXQUISITE MANSION WAKING EXPERIENCE (MY TESTIMONY) Preacher Preaching from a WORDLESS BIBLE! MY ANOINTING AND MY APPOINTING 93623 CA DISTRACTION, SMOKE and Death TROJAN HORSE WAVE OF DEATH EARTHQUAKE CALIFORNIA- San Francisco DEATH, DESTRUCTION EAST TO WEST Awe, Evil Worship, Sudden Destruction Vision 1-18 -16 THE DOOR, THE PROPHET; Witchcraft, Sorcery, Perversion "GO TO THE 90!" (Bride of the Messiah) FULLY RIPE; ASCENSION TO HEAVEN CNN REPORTS "40 THOUSAND DEAD" AN ANGEL TOOK ME THOUGH HELL COME LORD JESUS!" SNATCHED AWAY! WAR IN THE 2 HEAVEN and SPIRITUAL TESTING Hover Ships, Pits HIS CRY "THERE's NO TIME!" I WAS SHOWN AN ASTEROID 444 Alerts? - NUCLEAR MISSILES MOURNING

Shawntrell Davis’s Prophetic East And West Coast Tsunami Dreams

  PREACH, be a Voice not an Echo   The Lord has shown this to me as well repeatedly and even now there is such Urgency in...