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About Steve Grable Saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the 1980’s, Steve Grable has been receiving dreams and prophetic words for thirty years. One of his continual prayers almost from the day he began his relationship with the Lord has been, “please Lord, show me the hidden things”. Steve Grable was born in Indianapolis. A former Marine and Viet Nam veteran, he has made Florida home since 1976. He has founded two printing companies in his business career and is an avid sailor and golfer. Jeremiah111.org Steve has written three books combined into one volume, titled, “We Need More of Him”. He also writes prophetic articles for his website Jeremiah111.org which is visited by approximately 175 nations. DREAMS “A Brief Vision” “Attack of a Higher Principality” “The Plateau of the Lord & Come Up Higher” “Who Can Overcome This Book? “Earthquake in Central Florida” “The Anguish of the Lord” “The Desks Were Aligned as I Walked Between Them” “And the lion will roar the words” “Make Ready Your Weapons” “Christian Discomfort” Turn Many Against Israel and the Jewish People! “Abiding Under the Shadow of the Almighty” “Mass Exodus…Mass Hysteria” “The Cloud” The Vision and Dream for Communities in Israel “The Edge of His Glory” “The Whiteboard, the Arab & the Passing of the Vision” “A Deadly Silence” “Ambush In The Upper-Room” “I Was Shot 3 times And Felt No Pain” ”The Muslim City and Asia” “Social Security and Government Benefits” “A Night of the Supernatural” “America will accept Islamic Counting” “I have formed you for My purposes” “A Night in Israel” “Occupied by the Enemy” “The Beautiful Young Woman will say” “A Meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu” “Two Elephants in The House” “Transformed and Transported” “Three Dreams of the Jewish People” “Dyslexic Baby To Glorious Bride” “Scaling the Slippery Slope of the Church” “Multitudes Arising Out of the Destruction” “Disney World” “Healing for The Nations” “Your are Up on Top and Out in Front” “A Meeting With the Holy Spirit” “Sam Donaldson” “Unforgiveness and Bitterness” “A Healer of Situations” “Homecoming of the Saints” WORDS “Reasons Why” Economic Collapse When Israel Attacks Iran’s Nuclear Facilities, PART 3 When Israel Attacks Iran’s Nuclear Facilities, PART 2 “When Israel Attacks Iran’s Nuclear Facilities” PART 1 “The Three Glories” “When His Glory Falls” “Four Things” “The Manifestation of His Glory” “The Visitation of His Anointing” “A Word concerning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” “Three Reasons Why Persecution is A Blessing” “Men of Esteem” “The Saints Will Rise to the Top Like Cream” “He Is, The Very Heart Of God” “The Chamber of Change” “Civil War is Coming to America” ”21-Supernatural Events that will come upon the Church!” A Word for America Basic needs will become the focus for America’s future! Who are we to Divide “Your Land? Israel, A Word “The God Who Answers By Fire“ The Price of Admission is Desperation! “The Place of Holiness Where Wholeness Resides” “The Resources of the Lord“ Jezebel and the End time Church “Beware America, our time is at hand“ To Awaken, To Warn and to Prepare Jesus is the Message Pennies on the Dollar I Will Move You Like A Chess Piece

21 Supernatural Events To Come Upon The Church- Steve Grable

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