Benjamin Faircloth“Highway of Hell”!

A prophetic word by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



I received the following word from the Father during my prayer time on 9-4-16.

“America, your journey has taken you far and wide across My Creation. I’ve allowed you to grow and prosper. Your children have seen My Glory throughout the earth. They have been partakers of My Bountiful Blessings, but you have turned your back on what you know to be true! You have fallen from Grace and your place of authority and dignity! War is now your only solution; confusion will be rampant in your streets! You have sown into the wind, now you must reap the whirlwind!

I called you and I called you, but you murdered My Saints and martyred My Prophets. Not with swords of steel (you say), but by your words of deceit, decoy (meaning using words, laws, and agendas to shift focus away from the Truth), accusations, and slander. You’ve embraced the god’s of foreign lands and have forsaken the God of your Fathers!

Holiness is no longer written on your hearts, but blasphemies and curses of what is True! You choose this road, this Highway of Hell! You will reach your destination; you will receive your heart’s desire!

America, your day has come, your time of reckoning is here. Who shall you call when the plagues of Egypt fall upon your shores? When I smite you within your borders, who will defend you? You have sown towards this day, let the harvest of hell begin!

To My Church, My Beloved, stay clean and remove your foot from sin. Wash your garments in My Crimson Flood, My Redeeming Blood! Be not partakers of Baal and Babylon, and prepare for the great day of slaughter; for you it will be a day of harvest! A season of reaping what is Mine! (Ezekiel 18:4) For I have called you, prospered you, and prepared you for this hour!”

The Father gave me Jeremiah 19 as confirmation. Please read all of the chapter and see the prophetic parallel that the Father is showing us here in America. We are the Potters jar that contains the sins of our nation, and the reality that we have turned our back on God! We were once formable clay in His hands, innocent and totally dependent upon Him. But like the jar that once was used as a vessel of honor in the King’s hands, we have now been hardened, even fragile from the abuse, and carelessness of a surfeiting lifestyle. We have become a vessel of wickedness, and only the breaking of the Father, will save us from the total destruction that looms before us! The question for America is, will we be broken in repentance and humility or broken by our haughtiness and rebellion? Matthew 21:42-44

I preached this message on 9-4-16 at Ignited Church in Lavonia, Georgia. It was an illustrated sermon that I believe will better serve you if you listen to it, rather then me writing it out in this format. There is something powerful about “seeing” and hearing the Word of God!

In conclusion I invite you to click on the ministry links so that you may hear and see this prophetic word in sermon form. I challenge you today to determine right now and right here, that you will serve the Father no matter what tomorrow may bring; that you repent of your sins, setting your spiritual house in order. Let the Father break you now, rather then you being broken later. Either way, the breaking is coming!

Hebrews 10:31

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

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