HowTo Get Prepared – Essential Prepping Tips For Preppers – Michael & Meranda Snyder

In this episode, Michael and Meranda discuss how how to get prepared for the days ahead. Prepping doesn’t have to be complicated. We often miss the basics which we should be majoring in. Learn some of the most essential tips for getting prepared. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Tips From Viewers:

brucewilson-Honestly baby wipes are the best replacement for toilet paper .

Robert AmyUse a dutch oven it works on the fire,bbq grill, and a oven.

Jodee MAnother thing to think about is plywood. What if there is a natural disaster, or civil unrest and you need to cover up broken windows? Or keep people out?

Carmen OrtizSmall ELECTRIC appliances? If you don’t have running water, chances are you don’t have electricity, usually the electricity goes first. I would suggest learning to make sour dough bread or buy a book on no-knead bread. The best way to have enough water is using rain barrels if you have a house. Yes, you would need to sterilize it but that’s the easy part. Plenty of videos on YouTube. I could walk to the Mississippi River (about a mile) in an area before it gets very polluted but why when I have gutters. Even a short rain can fill an entire barrel, at 50 gallons each, you can have plenty of water. There are videos on how to make your own “toilet paper” using rags, if you can wash a baby’s diaper you can wash your own, or leave the toilet paper for the nasty stuff and use rags (if you are a woman) for drying. You can store food but if you have a yard, use at least some of it to grow food AND plant some wild edibles that no one would guess are edible. One good example are Jerusalem artichokes -grow under ground, are not damaged by a hard frost and if you cover the area with lots of leaves and straw, you can dig them up even in Minnesota where it gets way below freezing and when the snow melts they are still nice and crunchy. You can cook them like potatoes or eat them raw. On top they look like sunflowers without the seeds.

Jodee MAbsolutely right! Rain barrels, And no knead bread is fantastic!

Sam SamuelsAs long as you have running water.. you can survive without toilet paper, even if it is messy..its called going native… Hook up a hose to the sink if it comes to that.

Essential Prepping

A Message From Our Friend Robert

Hey Michael.  I watched your prep video.

Might I add some suggestions, as far as medicine?

We have been using natural supplements for years.  These are what have worked for us that are linked:

Activated Charcoal – For acute poisonings and internal chelation. I wouldn’t use it long term, as it chelates good minerals and vitamins too.  Good for emergency problems.

– Fossil Shell Flour(food grade only) – great for internal colon cleaning, heavy metal detoxing,  and trace minerals. Also good for poisonings. ($20-30 for 50 lb bag at a feed store)

Vitamin C powder(ultra fine-225g) and another(fine-300g) (L-Ascorbic Acid) – Vit C is extremely Important (see Dr Thomas Levy lecture)

Vitamin C Liposomal (for acute viruses) – Dr Thomas Levy said 1 gram of Liposomal Vit C, is equivalent to 10 grams of I.V. Vitamin C.  He ought to know, he used IV Vitamin C in his practice for many years. Including IV Vit C, He actually cured people with specific diseases with Liposomal vitamin c, and powder form.  Dr. Klenner, back in the 40’s, was curing people of polio, with High Dose IV Vitamin C.  Could possibly be an antidote to snake bites, spider bites, etc.(see Dr levy lectures)

– Hydrogen Peroxide (walmart .88/container) – Multiple Uses, beyond even what you can think of.

Whole Food Vitamin C – Good for the bioflavanoids for longterm health. mykind brand gives a nice boost.

– Berky Water Filter (no explain needed)

– Pain Reliever (Curamin – turmeric based anti inflammatory that works) – We have used this stuff for years.  Muscle aches and pains, headaches, sleep helper, pulled muscles, etc.

– Oil of Oreganol (P73) – Good all around anti viral, anti bacterial, and parasitical.

– Iodine – Nascent or Iosol for internal use – thyroid help (betadine for external use only) – (fukushima threat)

Sovereign ionic Silver – Excellent topically, and for non internal areas(eyes, nose, under tongue, ears, cuts, scrapes, burns)

Silver Gel – Good hand sanitizer and wound healing solution.

Colloidal Silver – Last resort against any bacterial, viral infection, internally.

– Magnesium Powder(citrate, malate) – Excellent for calming the muscles and many other bodily functions.  Also good for women in PMS.

– A Wholefood Multivitamin (mykind organic) – No explain necessary here.

– Elderberry Syrup (Gaia of Herbs) – Combats the flu.

———————————  Other things of interest: ———————————–

– Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – Has been good combating early food poisonings.  Good for all around health.

– Natural Toothpaste – (non glycerin nor fluorided) – This is about the only toothpaste we have found that doesn’t have glycerine in it.

– Organic Cinnamon powder – good to bring blood sugar down in diabetics.  Mix with organic raw unfiltered honey (and) for a health boost. Raw Honey is good on wounds too. Manuka is the most medicinal honey their is.

– Dehydrated Potato Flakes – No explain needed.

– Organic Blackstrap Molasses (Plantation) – Has a great deal of potassium, some iron, and some calcium.  Good for women in PMS.

– Organic Coconut Sugar – Good for diabetics and in general for everyone.  High in minerals and vitamins.

– Organic Chia Seeds – Has a good deal of vitamins, some minerals, and omegas.  Good for a light boost of energy in the morning.

———————————-    Misc Inexpensive Ideas————————————–

Fire starting devices – (lighters, flint spark torch starter, fresnel lens (much better than a magnifying glass & some small enough to fit in wallet)),
battery charger w/car plug,
Shea Butter (excellent for chapped dry hands),
Aloe Vera Plant (easy to take care of and excellent for burns),
Aloe Vera Gel (for first aid kit),
inexpensive but accurate .22 rifle(Marlin 795)(small game hunting and invader deterrent),
Reliable 12 gauge pump shotgun(maverick 88(low end), remington 870(mid), mossberg 590A1(high end),
Pen stun gun (obvious reasons-if legal in your state),
Canned Cheese

I hope this info will be helpful to you all.

To God be the Glory,


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