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To swing from a rope hanging in a tree,
To play in a puddle pretending it’s the sea,
To be the sheriff of an old western town,
Or painting my face like I was a clown.

I’ll never do these simple things.
They are confined to dwell in my dreams.
I wasn’t allowed laughter, play, or even breath
Before I was born I met with death.

To hear a fine story while in mother’s lap,
To have milk and cookies just before nap,
To open a present and play party games,
To have a pat on my head and be called by name,

I’ll never know these simple joys
I’ll never play with the neighborhood boys.
No pet dog I could name King or name Spot,
No tears and no laughter because I am not.

I’ll never be seen running a race,
I’ll never get to run to first base,
I’ll never know the thrill of first dates,
No one will worry because I’m out late.

I’ll never have a college degree,
I’ll never know the shade of a tree,
I’ll never throw a lure in the water,
I’ll never have my own son or daughter.

I’ll never fail and I’ll never succeed,
I’ll never hurt cause I skinned my knee,
I’ll never know the excitement of reading a book,
I’ll never hear a babbling brook.

To experience these things you must be alive
Alas I am not, because of a lie.
I am just tissue so it said in Mom’s file
But I’m more than just tissue, I WAS A CHILD.

By Randy Conway





  See graphic pictures of children at From abortionno.org









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Randy Conway
Find Randy Conway On Facebook surrenderedpoetry.com/ Randy and Robin were in a family-owned and operated business for 33 years, which proved to be both rewarding and challenging. During this same time, they served as worship leaders for 17 years at a small local church on a volunteer basis, after which time God began calling them out of the 4 walls of the church; something neither one of them could ever fathom doing.  God was calling them to a new ministry that had not even been conceived at this point, much less developed. Neither one had any idea of where this journey would lead, but it has been liberating and exciting to trust Him on an entirely new level like never before. Delving into the Word of God with new zeal and finding out for themselves who God really is and isn’t, shedding preconceived notions and traditions, and allowing themselves to be taught by the Holy Spirit. As Randy continued to move in this new freedom, inspiration for writing began to flow more freely. What began in 1980 with the writing of a poem for an Easter service and then lay dormant with a new poem every year or two until 2009, has now led to many more poems with an emphasis on End Time Prophecy.