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Jan DesistoWe know in scripture that out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, we can establish something.  What if 90+ people are seeing the same thing?  Could you say that God is warning His people?

These tsunami dreams and visions have caught my attention, because if this comes to pass, MILLIONS of people could be dead in the United States. What a sobering thought.  The east coast contains close to half the population of the United States all concentrated in one area.

Jan D experienced three dreams involving a tsunami in 2014.  She would like to stay anonymous, but her dreams give us one more piece of the puzzle to the countless other dreams we have been reading.  Her dreams took place on April 20, June 19, and September 12, all in the year of 2014.

What she saw is consistent with many other men and women who have also seen dreams about a tsunami coming to either coast lines.

If you start digging on youtube and facebook, you will find like I did, that average people are seeing this event take place, but they just don’t advertise it.  They comment on other posts and videos saying they also have seen identical things in their dreams.

Here are the posts I have published on this topic.

There are a few common threads in these dreams.

1. 300+ Foot Waves The waves are gigantic.  Hundreds of feet tall.  Often people describe it as tall as a skyscraper building.

2. Location: East Coast- Most people are aware of the location in their dreams.  Most people see this event happening on the east coast, and a very small percentage of the population see both coast lines.

Jan D seems to have had some of the major dreams that the Lord is revealing to his people.  She has had three dreams about the Bride, dreams about the tsunami, and about the Russian invasion.  Around Feast of Trumpets and Tabernacles, many people reported to have words about the “Bride”. Is God calling us to be ready for Him?  In addition so many people are talking about Russia, Jan has seen that as well in her dreams.

I found Jan’s September 12th dream to be interesting.  She saw a huge earthquake devastating United States of America, and at the same time a tsunami heading towards California.  Then in her April 20th dream, she woke up the words just came out…  “we have a year and a half” .

Jan D does not know when this will occur, notes that all her dreams happen during the “Fall”

There are two interesting visions I keep going back to:

  • Shane Warren’s Vision From The Lord Concerning America Involved Israel Being Divided, When The New Madrid Was Divided.  His vision involved a gigantic hurricane that stretched across the middle of the nation.  His vision showed a news anchor who was reporting on the storm.  He said it was raining, but not rain, but dollar bills. He then reached down and picked up a fist full of dollar bills that were falling all around him.  In, immediately after that news report, the camera man switched to another catastrophic event happening at the same time.  An earthquake on the New Madrid fault line in the center of the United States.  Next, the Lord spoke and said “They have divided my land now I will divide their land.”  Could his event include three events at once?  A hurricane, dollar devaluation, New Madrid earthquake, and dividing of Israel’s land?
  • Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Also Saw Israel Being Divided While America Was Divided “This is what will happen to the best friend that will betray Israel and divide Jerusalem. As he spoke those words, I saw this map of U.S. (like in a 3 dimensional, you know) – it appeared right before my eyes, beside the angel. And he took the sword and pierced right into the heart of U.S. and cut into two. He said “Likewise, will this nation be divided as Jerusalem will be divided.” He cut the land into two—exactly in the center…

So as you can see, one of the key things to watch for is Israel’s land to be divided.

Here is Jan D’s dreams:

Tsunami Dream June 19, 2014

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My husband and I were driving our car it was during the daylight hours the timing was around Thanksgiving holiday season all of a sudden we begin to see large skyscrapers buildings falling apart before our eyes.

I think one of them was the freedom Tower because of the shape of the building. The skyscrapers were falling apart and collapsing by sections or floors. It was bizarre looking. It was as if it was happening before our very eyes.

The floors of the buildings for falling away section by section. It looked as if you would swipe something on your computer to delete it.  It was happening floor after floor after floor. I knew I was in New York City because I saw a bridge with a large body of water off to my left hand side.

I asked my husband where we were. But before he could answer me off to the side I saw a friend of mine she just showed up in the dream to say “remember we were here plenty of times”. So with that it validated that we were in New York City.

Immediately I said to my husband we have to rush home and get our things out of our house. As soon as I said those words we were back in our home just south of Boston.   I started to quickly grab clothes out of the drawers and frantically put them into boxes and then I realized if I kept doing this, we would die and be trapped here in the house. Just then the earth started shaking violently underneath us! In the dream the Lord reminded me of the scripture Matthew 24:17 -18

Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house.  Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

All I could think of was run to the mountains and don’t look back and I woke up. I woke up knowing things are starting to get closer.  I think in a year to year and a half we will all be in a bad situation in this world.  Lord come quickly.


Tsunami Dream

September 12, 2014

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I dreamt about a huge tsunami flooding the coast of India and the Japan area. The tsunami was so huge it was going towards the California coast.

Then all of a sudden at the same time there was a huge earthquake devastating United States of America.

My husband and I were in our home at the time south of Boston. We were in a state of shock. We had no electricity. Everything was shut down. We were unable to even go work. We were eating the rations that I had saved like soups. Then I woke up.



Rebuilding After The Tsunami / Earthquake Disaster Dream April 20, 2014

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My husband and I and two of my daughters were in the dream. We were looking at a new home and it was on the Ocean’s edge, I was excited to think that we were going to have a home by the ocean.

As we were walking around we decided to look outside and went by down by the beach. At the edge of the beach there were large rocks lined up on the beach. Painted in white on the rocks was a friends name of ours who lived in the Bahamas for a while years ago.

Immediately I thought to myself in the dream that we must be in Florida because the rocks not only had his name on them but had arrows that pointed south towards the Bahama islands.

The realtor then took us for a ride along the beach. We were in a motor boat driving around past homes that were completely devastated.  Then, other places men were on ladders fixing up their homes.

We then arrived back at the house and as we walked in the kitchen there was standing a large rat he had blue and gray colors around his head and he had a hateful stare.  All of a sudden someone handed me a large sword it was golden in color and I attacked the rat at his neck.   As soon as I did that a bunch a little rats escaped down the basement stairs.

That’s when I woke up. As I woke up I said these words out loud “we have a year and a half.” Immediately I calculated that would mean the fall of 2015

I have not figured out what the rats meant. I do feel that my family and I survived the disaster and seeing that in real life we live in the Boston area and in the dream the Lord took us to Florida.  I think the He was showing me the state of Florida does survive the tsunami disaster. Time will tell. It is all in God’s hands.



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Jan Desisto
About Jan Desisto Jan Desisto is a spirit filled on fire follower of Jesus Christ the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. She is a wife, a mother of 3 daughters, and has 4 grandchildren. Today she resides in Massachusetts. Jan has received many dreams about the future, and her unique past has allowed her to grasp the spiritual aspects to this life that most Christians cannot see. Before she became a believer she spoke on a TV program for Oprah, about her Medium abilities. The TV show was never aired, and Jan was grateful because she had stopped being a Medium by then. She was in the process of publishing a book, but after she found out the truth of who Jesus was, she cancelled the publishing of her book. She discovered that ‘Spirit Guides’, ‘aliens’ and ‘dead relatives’, tell lies and are actually demonic masters of disguise! This truth was revealed, when she confronted them about Jesus Christ! Connect With Jan On Facebook This testimony below was written for Laura Maxwell's Blog, Your Spiritual Quest “The Truth Will Set You Free” —My Testimony by Jan Desisto “I have always believed I have had a deep faith in God and Jesus. I was born into second generation Italian-American family and fortunate to have attended a strict Catholic grade school for eight years. My days with the nuns indoctrinated me into the Catholic faith. Amidst the reading , writing and arithmetic, I dutifully studied religious education. However, we did not read directly from the Holy Bible we mostly studied from The Catholic Catechism where I was taught to believe in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit , Angels and Heaven. More significantly, the conviction that life after death was not only possible but also completely true, no questions asked. Thus began my personal journey and curiosity with life beyond the grave. Fast forward to 2004, a friend of mine announced that she had recently signed up for a psychic mediumship class with the expectation of developing her own intuition. The idea of spirit communication piqued my own curiosity since I had lost both of my parents to cancer many years ago. I always believed I had felt my parents presence after their passing. They taught me to embrace life and never take anyone or anything for granted. I was grateful to have been blessed with loving parents and the prospect of reconnecting with them was very tempting. One spot was left in the class and I jumped in to fill it. In this class we were taught many ways to connect with “spirit”. One of the ways was called Table Tipping. This was a very old technique that was used as far back as the mid 1800’s. I guess it could be similar to a Seance or a ouija board. We would sit around a small circular Table, place our hands on top. Then the “spirit energy” would lift the Table in order to spell out a message. One lift for the letter “A”. Two lifts for the letter “B”. Three lifts for the letter “C” and so on until a message would be finished . However, before I would begin a session or ask “spirit” to come on the table I would say “The Lord’s Prayer” out loud for protection from “evil spirits” so that only “good spirits” would show up to communicate with us. I really believed that prayer, burning sage, candles and using sacred oils would protect me from demonic spirits. This form of spirit communication was very real ! The spirits would come onto the table and spell out their name and who the message was meant for, even if the person was not present, the spirits would send messages for them. The spirits would tell us how they lived and died. Spirit guides , deceased family members, friends and even deceased pets. As well as, Angels, Ascended Masters and even Jesus. !!! I was convinced this communication was real and wonderful. A true spiritual calling . I even began to pray more often and read books on Angels or spirit work. But not the Bible, I had tried that years before and I could not understand it ! I even took a Reiki class! However, because of my religious background I would only call upon Jesus to help heal people. I actually did this work to help people in their grief after losing a loved one. It really seemed to bring them peace. I did this spirit work with a group of local women. We would travel around the New England area at various spiritual centers or private homes. One particular Table tipping that occurred in 2008 began to change our collective spiritual direction. A spirit by the name of “Hal King” came on the Table. Hal wanted us to go the NYC to help the survivors of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Hal told us he was there that fateful day working closely with the Firehouse 1010. However , he had passed away several years later due to the toxins that he inhaled while working on the piles looking for bodily remains. That night after Hal came to us I began a search online only to find out there was a firehouse 1010 and it was located directly across the street from Ground Zero the former site of the World Trade Centers. I researched to find that hundreds of first responders had already perished because of illnesses directly related to the recovery efforts. This spirit Hal King must be real!! This search brought us to one of the only survivors from fire station house 1010. This was fire fighter, John Morabito. After I found out that this was indeed a true story the remainder of the deceased fire fighters from station 1010 started coming to the table as well . Especially Lt. Greg Atlas. He was John Morabito’s superior and friend. We eventually spent the next few months searching for more information regarding deceased firefighters and many messages for the loved ones left behind. Why would anyone not believe this communication was the real deal !! Well the story gets even better! Come to find out that on September 11, John Morabito was trapped in the collapse of World Trade Center tower but survived because of a miraculous light in the mist of the darkness and debris. That bright light enabled him and several civilians to escape. They all had to run for their very lives as the other World Trade Center tower collapsed all around them. John had always believed an Angel held up that light for him . Along with many first responders, John stayed at the site all day trying to find survivors without much success. Around midnight John decided to walk home to Brooklyn (unfortunately, his car had been destroyed) John was alone as he made the trek over the Brooklyn Bridge. Midway across the bridge John was stopped by a lone construction worker and this man asked politely if he could walk with John. John was agreeable and immediately this worker proceeded to tell John in detail why God had saved him. That God had a special plan for John’s life. As John approached the end of the Bridge there were two NYPD officers watching and waiting for him. They nodded their heads and handed John a bottle of water. John asked if he could also get a water for his friend. Of course, the two NYPD officers never saw anyone with John at all. In fact, John kept stopping along the way and the police thought he was depressed and was going to jump over the side of the bridge. So they kept a close eye on him . John was visibility shaking as they told him he had been alone . John knew he had not been alone. He believed this man must have been an Angel or even Jesus. All John knew was this man walked with him and the conversation was real. From that day forward John stood out front of the fire station ( after it was rebuilt in 2002) and told his story to the tourists as they passed by. The fire station 1010 was located across the street from the former World Trade Center . Now called Ground Zero. Our table tipping group even took a road trip to NYC to personally meet and speak with John at the fire station in 2009. Hal King had convinced us he was John Morabito’s spirit guide. Our spirit group was not aware that in the Spring of 2010 John met with the producers of the show “Miracle Detectives ” an OWN Oprah production . John told them about me and our group table tipping with the deceased first responders. The producer eventually called me and asked if we would be willing to demonstrate our spirit communication. Of course, months before the producer called me, we were told by Hal King that Oprah would help us. We just were not sure how this was going to happen. So when John and the production team called me in July this became a validation to us regarding the truth of Hal Kings spirit. I was so excited to know this spirit work was true. Who would doubt it? Myself and two other women were put up in a nice hotel and flown to NYC in August to tape the Miracle Detective Show! The host Randall Sullivan even table tipped with us. He had never seen anything like this type of spirit work before. He and his staff were amazed that this table tipping was real and not faked. Even Randall’s grandmother came on the table with messages. Hal King came to the table along with Lt. Atlas too. What a success that day had been. We thought this was the best thing that had ever happened to us. I wanted to tell the world! Thankfully, there was a blessing in disguise in January of 2011 when the TV show aired it did NOT feature our table tipping, only the miracle story of John Morabito. That was 2011. The next few years I continued to do table tipping sessions. I had even started writing a book detailing how our spirit work helped the FDNY surviving first responders. However, something started to change deep inside of me. I started to become convicted regarding the truth of this work. About that same time at our group table tipping sessions we started receiving spirit visits from “Aliens” ! I personally do not believe in Aliens! I never did before and sure didn’t then!! I started to question the spirits and messages that were coming on the table. Even our group spirit guide, “Merlin the magician” from England and King Arthur’s court would come to the table with messages. This somehow seemed ridiculous even to me. In hindsight, I believe because I had started to draw closer to the Lord by reading the Bible and going back to church weekly, that I was constantly getting convicted about what God’s Word says about talking to dead people, divination, and various other types of spirit work. But I would continue to make up excuses. Surely, God could not have meant our work? We helped people and we told them about God and Jesus. We brought them peace and comfort. Coincidentally, I could no longer call a Spirit to the table by myself. I needed another woman in the group to do it. At the time I did not understand why. I had started calling upon the Lord to help more people . I would hear in my spirit the phrase “Read My Word”. I started to occasionally read the Holy Bible. Mostly the New Testament because I thought the Old Testament was not for “Christians”.(silly me) Late August of 2012, I was at a table tipping session with some friends, one friend who is Jewish was in attendance that night. When the spirit of Jesus came to the table she did not believe it was really Him. Her parents had long passed away. But their spirits came to the table to communicate with her. So when her Jewish mother came to the table that night she asked her mother if she “saw” Jesus in heaven. Being of Jewish descent she knew her mother did not believe in Jesus. Surely, she did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God !!! When she asked her mother the question regarding Jesus, she answered ” NO” !! Of course, I had been reading the Bible and I knew that a demonic spirit could not deny Jesus Christ! So I asked her mother again if she knew who Jesus was, or saw Jesus in heaven! She answered, ‘No’! I knew right then and there that this was not the spirit of my friend’s mother! This deceiving spirit was a demon!! In an instant, I felt like I was going to vomit!! My heart started pounding out of my chest!! I took my hands off the table and declared that this was a demonic spirit. When I got up from the table my head was spinning! What had I been doing all these years?!! I was sickened !! Testimony Part Two : As the months past, I continued to ask the Lord for His help. I needed Him to tell me if this table tipping was right or wrong. I had stopped any type of spirit work with the group with one exception, on a Friday night once a month beginning in January of 2013, I would meet with a small group of women to table tip. One of the women claimed that after a serious car accident she began to hear the voice of Jesus. She had been in a coma for a long time and when she woke up she could speak French and Spanish perfectly! She never knew how to speak these languages prior to the accident. I wanted to get to know this woman. I wanted to know more about what Jesus had to say. When we met with this woman once a month we really did not use the table. We just sat around it and she spoke what she heard Jesus say. The first time Jesus came with a message for me He said, ” your will is my will” and “you will be the first”. Of course, I thought Jesus meant I would be the first in my family to do spiritual work for Jesus. After all, I had been asking for His help. Almost a year of Friday nights had gone by, it was in mid November 2013 that my life would take a new direction. Along with reading the Bible, I had been reading a number of books written by people who had either visited Heaven and Hell or had holy visions about Jesus or had written books dictated by Jesus. In addition to asking Jesus for help, I asked humbly if He would grant me the privilege of seeing an Angel or even a visit from Him. The Bible says “God is not a respecter of men”. Which means what He will do for one He will do for another. I had been praying for this at least 6 months. It had been a regular Tuesday night. When about 3:00 am I was awakened. I remember laying on my side leaning on my arm. I looked up to see the brightest light and in that bright light was Jesus! It is hard to put into words the magnificence of His Holiness Jesus Christ the King of Kings, the Lord Of Lords. He stood inches away from me with His arms stretched out at His sides. I remember seeing how the palms of His hands were facing up. He did not speak to me. In the quiet I felt His love radiating toward me. I remember hearing myself say to Him, “Jesus you came , Jesus you’re here”! After that I must have fallen back asleep. When I woke up in the morning I recalled the visit clearly. I jumped out of bed with tremendous joy. I thought about it all day long. I was so thrilled I was so humbled. The next night was a repeat of His heavenly visitation. Another visit around 3:00am from the Lord Jesus Christ! Once again He did not speak to me. Jesus stood quietly beside my bed in the same manner. His arms were stretched out to His side and the palms of His hands were facing upwards. However, I spoke these words to Him. ” you’re here, you’re here” !! The next thing I knew it was morning. But this time, I felt a bit disoriented when I stepped out of bed. I felt like an anointing had been placed upon me. Or at least I think that’s what It was. I felt like I was floating as I walked. I kept wondering why He came and what did it mean?? Did He come to tell me I was doing good work for Him? I wanted to know and then I remembered this Friday was our once a month table visits. Surely the Lord would come to tell me . Friday came and off I went to meet them to table tip. I was anxious to tell everyone what had happened this past week. Even after several days I was still feeling floaty since Jesus’s visitation. However, the spirit messages came and went. Jesus never showed up. I was very confused. Why did He not come to talk to me? I drove home somewhat sad. I got into bed and started to talk to God. I needed to know why He did not come to me. I heard in my Spirit His voice. He told me to re-read a specific book. I knew this was the Lord speaking because the book He asked me to re-read I promised myself I would never try to read again. Don’t get me wrong the book was filled with words from the Lord. But it was written by a Korean woman. It had to be translated so it was not an easy read. The book was “Heaven is so real” by Choo Thomas. I said to the Lord ” Oh no, not that book”. I heard again, “Read it”. By now it was 2:00am, I found it in a drawer and started to flip through the book. Reading a chapter here and there. I know the Lord took My eyes to the spot He wanted me to read. It was about another anointed woman by the name of Mary K Baxter and her book “The Revelation of Hell”. I was surprised, I did not remember reading that before. I immediately went to my laptop and ordered a copy from Amazon. Now I could go to sleep knowing I found an important piece of the puzzle. Two days later the book came and I started reading it immediately. Within a short time I found exactly what I needed. Mary K Baxter was taken to Hell by the Lord and was told to write what she saw there. Many New Age practitioners, mediums, witches, warlocks all burning in the lake of fire!! Forever!! I was sick to my stomach. I wanted to vomit! I ran downstairs to tell my husband that if I wanted to be saved I needed to stop all this work. I had to call the editor immediately regarding the publishing my book about John Morabito and the 9/11 first responders. I had to stop the presses. I had been deceived by the devil. All this time I thought I was helping people. Instead I was sending myself to Hell. If anyone believed my spirit work they would seek it out too. I refused to deceive God’s people. Their blood would be on my hands. I would be burning in Hell fires forever! It would be my fault for having people believe table tipping was safe. I believe that if I published my book on 9/11 it would be purchased by many people who would seek out spirits! It was an abomination to the Lord. For more then a years time I kept asking to know the Lord. He kept saying to me “Read My Word”. God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus showed up just in time. He saved me again! Once upon the cross at Calvary and now due to my table tipping, back sliding, non-Christian behavior. When Jesus stood in my room inches from me His palms were facing upwards. His arms were spread wide open to receive me. His love is so real. His mercy endures forever. He gave us the gift of free will. He would never force our love for Him. He is long suffering. He was waiting for me. I chose Him. Thank you Jesus for coming to my rescue, before it was too late for me. So many souls in Mary K Baxter’s book are forever burning, forever without the love of Jesus. Within a short time, I began having prophetic visionary dreams. I continued to watch Christian TV programs as well as reading the Bible. One of my favorite shows was John Paul Jackson’s. He taught on the dangers of the New Age, Occult, Psychics and Mediums. One specific show topic was about the difference between “information” and “revelation” in regards to spirits. Information is available to the demonic realm. If it happened; it is old news. This is not heavenly messages from your deceased family and friends. This is the demonic realm deceiving you. Only true revelation is from God. Only God knows the future. If you are given prophecy or visions or dreams and it comes true it was from the Lord. The demonic realm cannot tell the future. Just the past. That is why everything we heard at the table tipping was in the past. The deception of even the smallest details of people’s past lives is from the devil. The details of the deceased firefighters from 9/11 was a lie straight from the pit of Hell. How scaring to think the demonic realm would use the terror attack to deceive the families already saddened by the loss of loved ones on that terrible day. In the past year since the visitations of Jesus, I have also heard Him say to me, “I did not come just to save you”. I have been telling everyone I meet about the deception and dangers of Spirit communication. This spirit work seems harmless, even entertaining at times. However, it will send your soul into eternal damnation forever. You cannot serve God and the devil. You must choose before it is too late. If you have done any of this type of spirit work, New Age, meditation, Reiki, witchcraft (sorry, there are NO white witches), or anything that is clearly forbidden in the Holy Bible, (check both Old and New Testaments). You must repent and ask for forgiveness. Jesus is waiting with open arms and palms up to receive you to Himself. Time is short. Jan Desisto, Follower of Jesus Christ forever.