WASHINGTON – Donald Trump believes that his sonin- law, an Orthodox Jew, may help further peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the President-elect told reporters with The New York Times on Tuesday.

Suggesting a government role for his family member, Trump said that Jared Kushner, the husband of his daughter Ivanka Trump, may somehow be involved in a Trump administration-led Middle East peace process, during a meeting with top editors and reporters from the newspaper at their New York City headquarters.

“I would love to be the one who made peace with Israel and the Palestinians,” the President-elect said, according to one Times reporter present at the meeting. “That would be such a great achievement.”

“Jared Kushner could help make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians,” tweeted another during the interview.

Kushner is reportedly seeking a role in the West Wing under his father-in-law, but faces an obstacle: a 1967 law prohibits public officials from hiring family members for positions over which that official would hold authority.