This dream of Joanie Stahl’s really spoke to me because this week I finally got online to order some new decorations for Feast of Tabernacles, and Feast of Trumpets.  Although we have been keeping these feasts for some time, I really haven’t taken the time to order decorations, and really decorate them as I did when I celebrated the secular holidays many years back.

It seems like these holidays come and go so quickly, and if we don’t make them extra special, they can fade into the background of our every day lives.  The beauty is these holidays DO REPRESENT events, and special dates in the future.  There is so much to celebrate and be excited for.

In Joanie’s dream, there were many details that were significant.  She dreamed of a flag, and many of the things that represent Elohim’s authentic festivals.

Joanie saw a new flag of Israel.  When I read her dream, it reminded me that Israel is going to be heading into a new exciting direction, one that is prophesied in the bible, and these days are coming upon us in our lifetimes.  We believe these changes are going to be happening sooner than we think.

The regathering back to the land is taking place now, and so many millions are going to be heading back.   A remnant is going to be uprooted and brought back to the land.  Two sticks will become one again.

Have we heard of the Northern tribe being reunited with the Southern tribe (Judah)??  No, we haven’t seen that.  That is one exciting prophecy yet to be brought to pass.

Soon those Lost Tribes will follow and join with Judah (those who are identified as Jews) in the Land of Israel as it was told to the Old Testament prophets.

Jeremiah Twenty Three- Seven through eight – Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that they shall no more say, The Lord liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The Lord liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country, and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land.

Hosea Chapter One, verses ten through eleven.  -Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God. Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the land: for great shall be the day of Jezreel.

Soon Elohim, our God, will gather the Lost 10 tribes of the House of Israel. They may not know who they are but the Almighty does and will make himself known to them. Much of this remnant resides in countries like North America, Canada and the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Most interestingly Yeshua spoke of the house of Israel.  Some people say he may have been referring to the Northern tribe, and others say, he was referring to Israel itself.


Matthew 15:24 “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

One nation again

Has both houses come together yet in history?  The answer is No.  So what does that mean?  It means that this is yet to happen!!!  There is good news!  This is what we are looking forward to. 

Could what Joanie saw be the new flag of all the tribes when they come home?  It sure is an interesting thought!

Joanie Stahl’s Prophetic Dream Of Israel’s New National Flag

Joanie and Her Husband

Joanie’s Dream

By Joanie Stahl June 2016

(Find Joanie on Facebook)

In my dream, I saw myself standing in the living room of my house. It was night. I was dressed and waiting for people that I knew were to come by and pick me up. I knew that we were going to dinner.

I am not a night person, so I was wondering why I had accepted this invitation. However, I did not feel too bad about it because at that time, it was still early evening, although the sun had already fully gone down.

As time marched on, I kept waiting for my friends to come and pick me up. Nevertheless, it kept getting later and later. In fact, at one point, it was so late, I was ready to give up on them and to not go at all; but I remember thinking that I did not want to miss out on that dinner even if it was late.

I looked at the clock one last time and it was now very late. Instead of sitting around waiting, I arose and went into a back room. As I walked in, I noticed a big cardboard box sitting on a table.

I walked up to it, opened the box, and looked inside. I started pulling out an assortment of Jewish decorations for the holidays. One item after another, I continued pulling more & more out of the box.  I then decided that I would start decorating the room to give me something to do while waiting.

After some time, I pulled out a flag. I held it in my hand and gave it a good look. I had never seen this flag before, but I knew beyond a shadow of all doubt that I was holding in my hand the new national flag of Israel. It was white with royal blue trim and thick gold fringe. I noticed that it had an image on the front and on the back. On one side was an image of a lion, while on the other side was an image of a cross with green trees or some kind of foliage around it.

I thought I should go ahead and hang it up, but then declined because I knew that Israel’s national flag looked nothing like this one. Rather, their flag had been the same since Israel became an independent nation. I figured I should not put it up because Israel was still using their original one. I was about to put it back into the box, when suddenly I heard a voice say to me, “Go ahead and put the flag up.” Therefore, I found a stand for it and placed the flag on it.

Once the decorations were complete, I stopped and thought to myself, “What holiday am I decorating for?” Then I heard the same voice say, “You are decorating for Passover.” I began to feel an incredible joy enter into my being. I stood back to admire that room with all of its entire festive decor. However, I knew that it was not Passover. Passover had already taken place on April 22, 2016. Still, I was very excited.

I then left that room and went back into the living room, only to realize that it also needed decorating. Even though I thought I had used up all the decorations, I walked back to the room where the box was located. Reaching down into it, I found a golden Menorah. I walked back into the living room and placed it on a table against the wall; strangely enough, Jews do not use the Menorah for Passover. The Menorah is for a different High Holy day. I returned to look into the box, and found what seemed to be a string of lights. I hung them on the wall above the Menorah. They covered the wall in the shape of a rainbow, and all the colors were that of a rainbow.

While standing back to admire the display, the man that visits me in the majority of my dreams was suddenly standing next to me. He handed me a trumpet. I had never taken a trumpet out of the box, and neither had he. He had brought that trumpet and just handed it to me. I took it and studied it. It was white and simple, the kind known as a coronet used for coronations. I noticed that there was a space on the wall beneath the rainbow of lights and the Menorah, so that is where I hung it. As I looked at it, I knew that I was looking at the last trump.

The people that were supposed to come and pick me up never arrived, but it appeared I was still ready to go for when they did show up, regardless of the late hour.

Then I awoke.

New Israel Flag


Here are few pictures, I (Meranda) found on the internet.  This is NOT what Joanie saw, but I was trying to gather some ideas together of what it may have looked like.   The picture of the flag here is different than what she saw.  Here are some more details below that she gave me. 

Meranda Devan : Here is a picture with the fringe. So was the blue on the top and bottom like you see here?

Joanie Stahl  -Hi Miranda,It was a white background with royal blue edging and very thick gold fringe. There was not a Jewish star as one might expect. A lion on one side. Not just the face of a lion, but the whole body of a lion. On the backside was a Cross with some sort of a thick greenery behind it, like a tree of some sort.

Meranda Devan  : So the edging went all around the flag, like a rectangle border? What color was the cross on the back? Was the lion filled in with blue? How did that look? Have you thought about searching around on the net to find some visuals that may match what you saw?

Joanie Stahl:Yes the blue edging went all the way around. The lion and the Cross were gold. I didn’t think about it

Meranda DevanOk… so a solid color of gold.

Joanie StahlYes, solid gold

Interpretation From Joanie

In the beginning of my dream, it was early evening, even though it was already dark out. My invitation to dinner, as far as I knew, was going to be with good friends. It was a dinner I did not want to miss out on, even though I never like going out after dark.

The sitting around and waiting and waiting showed me that there was no set time that they were coming to get me. I just had to be ready. I struggled with canceling, but I kept on arriving at the decision continue to wait.

At one point, I looked at the clock and it was then very late. In fact, it was so late that it was at the mark of being too late to go out to a dinner. As I grew tired of waiting around, I got up and went into another room. This was because I did not want to sit around idly. I thought that I would perhaps try to do something while I waited.

The box in the back room was filled up with Jewish decorations for two of the High Holy days. This was completely unexpected. I opened the box not knowing what I would find. I opened it out of pure curiosity. As I took out the decorations, I felt that they were placed there for me to set them out. The more I began doing it, the more excitement and thrill filled my heart and mind. There was such an enthusiasm about it.

I began wondering what I was actually decorating for, and the voice that said, “It’s for Passover”, and being that Passover had already taken place is that it represents the first great deliverance for the Israelites out of bondage to slavery out of Egypt. Which is also a type and shadow of the deliverance of the Church out of the earth which is still future.

The multi-colored string of lights in the shape of a rainbow and colors of the rainbow means one thing – His glory! It could mean His angelic hosts, or perhaps the Noahic Covenant. However, I really think it pertains to His glory. “As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.” Ezekiel 1:28.

The golden Menorah found next and placed on a table against a wall, represents two things. First, it represents the Lord Jesus Christ in Old Testament imagery. The Golden Lamp Stand was set upon a table to give light within the temple night and day. The Golden Lamp Stand now represents Jesus Christ in His priestly office at this time. (Hebrews 4:14-16).  Also, the fact that I was told to decorate for Passover, and now having a Menorah set out which is for Chanukah (Hanukkah), speaks loud and clear as each are two separate and different High Holy days.

Interestingly, both High Holy days represent a great deliverance. Passover is indicative of great deliverance from bondage with great celebration. In the same manner, Chanukah is a celebration of God’s faithfulness and deliverance in that the holy Temple and the priesthood were restored back to Israel following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C. These both speak of great liberation. To have not only the decorations displayed for Passover (which already occurred April 22), but also the Menorah set up (a winter celebration that has not happened yet this year), makes it all the more provocative. This year Chanukah is December 24 – January 1, 2017. I am not setting any dates and neither should anyone. Be that as it may, these two holidays are significant in that both signify great deliverances that have been commanded by God to be observed forever.

The man that handed me the trumpet is normally in the majority of my dreams. In my opinion, he is some form of heavenly representative. The fact that the trumpet did not come out of the box, but straight from his hand, means it is heavenly. It appeared with the man out of nowhere.  Its white color signifies purity. Moreover, as I held it in my hand, I looked up at the wall and noticed a space below the arc of lights and the Menorah. I hung them up in this space. In my dream, I realized that this trump was indeed the last trump. Upon thinking of why the man handed me the trumpet to be the very last item hung up, it became obvious to me that all was in place – the time is now. In addition, recalling how I stood staring and marveling at it, eludes a sense of responsibility. Because it was the last and final item handed to me, I know there can be no excuses in paying attention to the final, closing minutes of this Church Age.

There is undoubtedly great significance of this dream. We are all aware of the wrath of the Lamb and His judgments that are coming quickly upon this earth due to thousands of significant dreams so many are having all over the world. Yet, what really stood out to me was the fact that the extreme lateness of the hour did not bring me distress, but rather a heavenly call from God to now begin to rejoice; to now begin to prepare for great celebration of the deliverance of the Church, and the onset of the One Thousand Year Millennial Reign. This is to erect His glorious Kingdom, and to establish Jerusalem as the epi-center of His Throne of Righteousness. It is to promote the Jews as “the Chief of Nations.” (Jeremiah 30:7).

The new national flag I saw, and instructed not to put away, (even though the original flag is still being used), means that is how very near we are. It was to be displayed “now.” In other words, it is as good as done. The double-sided flag had the face of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the other side was a cross with greenery of some type of tree. This represented the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has conquered upon the Cross, and the greenery speaks of life – new land, Immanuel’s land!

In not being given any specific time I was to be picked up for dinner, along with it being a dinner I could not miss, even due to the lateness of the hour, symbolized something of great importance. In my opinion, this represented that the time of the sound of the Last Trump was very near, and the departure to heaven is for the Great Supper of the Lamb. This is most certainly an engagement we do not want to miss.


It is difficult to put into words the exceedingly great joy I was filled with inside this dream. We do not know the day nor the hour, but we are commanded to know the seasons.

Shalom to all, and to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.

A minite to midnite

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China is Now Married to the Land

“With all the superior machinery and state of the art equipment available to modern construction, I wondered why the men were using shovels to fill a massive hole, while this big truck came and did it all quickly and professionally.As soon as that happened, I heard a voice say to me, “China is now married to the land.”Then I awoke?

“The dead, dry, good for nothing soil the men were shoveling in shows there is no life any longer to produce growth in our economy. It is dead.The men were using shovels rather than state of the art equipment to try to fill the hole because our nation is stuck using methods that worked a long time ago, but are now to no avail. The hole could not be filled up because no amount of labor, means, or methods will work. Nothing will work”

Life As We Have Known It is Going to Change Suddenly

“Then the sea lifted up so high! Instead of just crashing and tossing, it became enormous in height. It didn’t make sense, but it was enlarging itself skyward with voracity and destruction, swelling upwards, which was very strange.”

Believers Being Gathered Together and Brought Out of Isolation

“We arrived at the mouth of a big cave. He went right in and we followed him with curiosity and like little children. There was a dim light initially at the entrance. We stopped at the entrance on a type of  platform. From there we could look down and see the base of the lower part of the cave where there was a very large room that was more brightly lit than the rest of the cave.”

The Great Shepherd Is Urgently Calling Many People Right Now

“I screamed out to Him, “Lord, I can’t cross! It is too high! The rocks are too jagged! The water is too violent! And Lord this dragon will devour me! I can’t do it! I am too afraid!”

Just then, He cried out, “Yes you can! Just do it! And do it now!”

And without another thought, I jumped and as I did my body became as light as air. My feet “were as swift as a gazelle.” I leaped upon the rocks right past the great dragon who was still roaring right in my face, but he could not harm me. I went right past Him fearlessly and swiftly.

Instantly I reached the other side and was standing right in front of the Lord. He reached out his hand towards me to receive me. He had a look on His face that I could only describe as being pleased with me. He brought me into the little company of people and I was so happy to be among them. He then said to us, “Let’s go!”

He went from behind us to the front of us and led us through the brush and trees. We followed on with Him like little sheep. I then awoke”

False Bride Now Being Prepared to Embrace False Bridegroom

“His eyes took on an even greater depth of hell, a darkness I am not able to adequately describe. A sheer wave of terror ripped through my body. Then I heard a voice with immense power even far greater than this man had, and even harder to describe say to me in a strong command, “Get away from this man! Run!””

I Will Use the Despised and Rejected to Show My Greatest Light

“I am purposing to use each and every single one of you. I speak especially to those who feel they are the most insignificant, the forgotten, the passed over, the lonely, those who feel that they are not worth My time. You will be the ones that I will use in the very place you now stand. You will be the ones I will use most of all. You will stand in the last day for Me and My name.”

I Am Getting You Ready for a Swift Charge

“All hearts will be revealed in that day. The souls of the people will in essence be stripped of their silent indifference as the world comes to an all-time high of human suffering. My sudden appearing will be even more stunning because of My long silence. People will be caught off guard and their faces will turn pale, and blackness will come upon them. They would give up everything they have to take the time back they spent away: to have known Me, to have listened to their friends and family who tried sharing the faith with them.Their mocking and sarcasm will eat away upon them to the point of insanity. Because they did not put their loving trust in Me and My plan of salvation and belief in Me as their Lord and Savior. I do not speak this to shame you. I speak this to open your eyes to the reality of the truth.”

Supernatural Deliverance Coming at the End of the Day

“I was now in just as much dire terror as everyone else. And as quickly as I cried out to the Lord, that quickly I found myself back up on top where the park was. I ran as fast as I could all the way back to my friends who were there waiting for me.”

Obama Appears Dead But Is Unharmed and Gets the Last Laugh

“I saw Obama in the casket. Then I looked even closer and saw he had an evil smile on his face. Then I noticed something else very strange, I knew that though he was laying in the casket as a dead man, he in essence was still really alive.”

Obama Will Be Caught Red Handed

“I was in devotions one morning about a year ago at the beginning of 2015. I strongly heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Right before Obama leaves the office, he will be caught red handed by the entire world. He will be exposed to the entire world.”

Fiery Boulders Falling from Sky Engulf Land in Flames

“It became so massive and heavy that it seemed it was going to descend upon us. Then I looked and the long thick tendrils burst out with volcanic force in what I can only describe as a meteor shower, but with massive boulders on fire. Like molten bright orange and red firey boulders and rocks.They were coming out of the sky with such great magnitude and great force there was nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Everywhere these things hit seemed like a carpet bomb covering hundreds of miles. Everything, every square inch, turned into an inferno. Flames that appeared to be several stories high engulfed the land.”

Brett Creamer Brett Creamer also saw a dream where homes were given away in America

Kicks families out of their homes

Swedish gvt kicks people out of their homes

The Government Will Lay Siege to Homes and They Will Become Government Property

“He saw the terrified look on my face, so he calmly said, “In the last days, there will be a severe food shortage. And the government will control the supply of food. In the beginning the people will be allowed to aquire food allotted to them. Then they will be told the food supply is running out.”

“Then the government will trick people into leaving their homes by telling them there is food for them. And when they leave their homes in hopes for food, the government will lay siege to their homes and they will become government property. The people will never be allowed to return to their homes ever again. They will lose all rights of ownership. Even if they try to return, they will not be able. The moment they leave their homes, they will be taken.”

“Those that refuse to leave their homes will be hauled out just as you saw what happened to the old woman. The reason being is that there will be a law that will come into effect that will determine that if a home is deemed abandoned, then it instantly becomes government property. There is a law like it now. But it will become a new law based on new principles of new government.”

There Will Be a Price on the Heads of Christians

“We started to slow down as we came upon some kind of encampment. We all felt afraid, but knew we had to drive through the encampment. As we drove closer, in the short distance I saw many people. It was a dirty, dry, barren desert location. They were not yet aware of our approaching. I noticed all the people were filthy. I saw a huge dumpster and a man who seemed to be their leader was screaming at them because everyone was rushing to the dumpster like a pack of wild, rabid, starving animals. They were so wild they did not even seem human. The man was screaming at them trying to control who gets whatever was in that dumpster. He was a violent man and they were also violent”

The Time to Gather Things and Get More is Over

“Starvation is coming as one of the many storms that will blast this nation. Terror will blind the eyes of everyone. Love will be gone. Love will become rare.”

Armies of Heaven and Hell Moving Simultaneously Over the Earth

There will be not only food shortages, but the monetary system will fail, it will fall. The people of this world will be separated into two people groups, the righteous and the wicked. Because of the lack of food, necessities, and money, people will become “lovers of themselves.”

They will fill their tables with food while denying the starving. They will have no conscience. At first they will appear to be doing better than those who are going without. They will appear to be jubilant and will sit at luxurious tables. They will laugh and cheer with one another while everyone else is hungry. These are the people of darkness.

Yet at the same time, the powers of heaven will ramp up with their forces. This year there will be great fighting in the spiritual planes among and in the atmosphere above all humanity. Though there will be a great outpouring of darkness and evil, there will also be a great outpouring of love and righteousness. The Righteous will look at nothing as being theirs. Instead, the Righteous will show a power of the great force of sustaining love.  They will not be afraid to give away their last bite of food. Faith will be given and abound to those who count nothing as their own, but the Lord’s. A great joy will spring up among all those who give away food to the hungry. The energy and power of the Holy Spirit and His presence will be more than a feeling, but also a wall of protection.

In Me You Will Find a Quiet Restful Habitation of Peace

“Delight yourself in My commands. In Me you will find a quiet, restful habitation of peace while the earth and nations are raging.”

I Am Calling You to Walk in the Darkest Period of Human History

“Few will be able to stand up under it. Do not be fooled by those who seem to be strong in Me. Many will fall away. Some will return last minute. This will take everyone by surprise. I am speaking to all of you individually right now. Listen to Me. Each of you have relied too much on each other, and habits related to Christian living more than quickening your ear to Me.

The time that is upon all of you will require independent strength, but not independent from Me. Circumstances will require immediate strength to stand. I will give you that strength, you will not have it within you to derive it out of yourselves at your will, but Mine. As the day is so shall your strength be. Many of you will be made to go through some very difficult dark places that will test your minds, your will, and your emotions”

Unexpected Dark Valleys and Magnificent Victories Coming in 2016

“You are thoroughly equipped now to stand in and for My kingdom. I have worked hard to settle you and to bring you to where you stand today in every aspect of your life. I will begin to speak directly to you. It will be in unexpected times, in unexpected ways. Do not look for Me in any things or ways, or what you might think are signs. When I speak to you, you will know it. You will not have to question it a second time.”

God’s Judgment of America is Set in Stone

“I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “In the last days, many Christians will be hauled into tribunals just like this. Whoever denies me will be set free, but their freedom will cost them their lives and eventually their eternal lives. Their freedom will be a limited freedom that will torment them. Those that do confess Me will considered insane and will be committed to mental asylums.”





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