Jonathan Matthew Wright Creates Bible Code Searching Apprenticeship Program-Kara Pickering

Jonathan Matthew Wright Creates Bible Code Searching Apprenticeship Program-Kara Pickering

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Does the Bible contain codes, that when deciphered, confirm the prophetic significance of modern day events?

 According to Codesearcher, Jonathan Wright and his team of codesearchers, the answer is a resounding and sometimes shocking… YES.

The Bible Codes were first introduced to the world in 1997, by a staunch atheist, Michael Drosnin, through his book “The Bible Code.”

 Over the centuries many great minds, including mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton, have attempted to decipher encrypted messages in the Hebrew Tanach. Tanach is a variation of “TaNaKh,” an acronym derived from the first letters of Hebrew Masoretic text subdivisions: Torah (five Books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). Since the arrival of powerful computers, systematic mining of the breadth and depth of the Tanach has become possible.

In mid-June of 2016, the “Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program”, was introduced to the world, through Jonathan Matthew Wright Ministries.  As the very first of its kind, this program enrolls students from various backgrounds, trains them in both the Modern and Paleo Hebrew languages, and equips them with the necessary tools to search out the “Bible Codes,” that have been encapsulated in time for days such as these!

4 “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

 –Daniel 12:4

Through the use of computers, we are now able to see the codes, that YaHuWaH has left for us to find. These encrypted messages have even revealed the fact that YHWH is our Father’s name!

Most of these codes are retrospective, but some also seem to be prophetic.  Below is another example of one of those “tables.”

This amazing “table” was found by one of the Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program students, Benjamin, who has only been in the program since June of this year.  The “table” is appropriately named “Revelation 12.”


“TheCodesearcher dotcom”, recently released a YouTube video, breaking down this truly complex table.  I would encourage you to watch it.  I found it fascinating!

This international student group is so diverse, yet they have one common thread…

The desire for truth from the Father.

 “I see these Codes as YaHuWaH’s hidden manna, for the last generation, before the Second Coming of the Messiah.”

-Deb S./Codesearcher Apprentice

 When speaking with Mr. Wright about other “Bible Code” researchers’ erroneous “predictions” in the past, such as Michael Drosnin and numerous others; he explains that it is the Ruach Ha Qodesh (the sanctified Spirit of YHWH, aka ‘Holy Spirit’) that imparts the truth to YaHuWaH’s spirit filled believers.

“That’s why we’re seeing all of this misinformation, and all of this trash you see in the codes.  It’s because they’re operating without the Ruach Ha Qodesh,” said Wright.

It has been speculated by others, that some seek to use the “Bible Codes” as a source of divination, or as a “crystal ball.”

In my opinion, that is very true.  It is refreshing to see that Jonathan Matthew Wright Ministries does not play with “strange fire.”

Wright explained that we are to approach the Father in a holy manner, “…not like Aaron’s two sons.  They added something foreign to what was supposed to be, and they paid with their lives.” This holy approach is not only prudent, but is also essential to understanding the code, left by the Father for us to find.

Mr. Wright also stated that we are not to interject our own thoughts into the codes. We are to let the Father’s codes speak for themselves.

To the Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program, not only is it important to learn the Hebrew language, and input words into codesearching computer programs; ethics and standard procedures are equally important.

This program trains its students to approach the “Bible Codes” embracing both the Tanach and what we have known as the New Testament, but in Hebrew is called the Berit Hadashah, (transliteration: BRiYT CxaDaShaH), meaning the “Renewed Covenant”.

Most Bible Code Researchers are Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, who reject Yahuwshua,(YaHuWShu’A/YaHuWShuW’A) as the Messiah and only search the Torah (ToWRaH), not the full Tanach. This prevents them and their audiences from seeing the famous Isaiah 53 codes about ‘YeShu’A’ (Yeshua) and people and events in the Messiah’s historical life facts.  There are also Messiah Codes of Yahuwshua in the isolated Torah, as well. Choosing to not look at these codes, is no small evasion of the truth. The Codesearcher Apprenticeship group is pursuing YHWH’s truth, and the restoration of all truth that has been obfuscated.

 “I’m really excited about the potential that we have with (35) students doing this, and the actual work that we can accomplish on an exponential level.”

-Jonathan Wright

While speaking with Mr. Wright, I saw how unique this program really is.  It trains the students in Hebrew and the software used for the program, and creates an environment where they work synergistically on “tables,” as they are being led by the Ruach Ha Qodesh.

These students are a prime example of what the assembly of believers is called to be, in 1 Corinthians 12:

One Body, in One Spirit.

Their mission is simple:  The complete restoration of YHWH’s people to their Elohiym; and to show the world what YHWH has encoded for His people in the Bible. Please understand, He hasn’t kept these things from us…He hid them for us!

 “THE ULTIMATE GOAL of the training is to create a small, dedicated, committed team led by Jonathan that confirms that significant people, places, events and things we see in the news today have been deliberately encoded by YHWH into His Word since the beginning of time.” website

So what do the “Apprentices” have to say about this unique program?

Codesearcher Apprentice, Deb S.– “I joined the Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program because I was led by YaHuWaH to do so. I remember thinking that I wished I knew Hebrew and Greek so that I could know more exactly the original meanings of Scripture — truth…  I see these Codes as YaHuWaH’s hidden manna for this, the last, generation before the 2nd Coming of the Messiah. To find historical events with so much detail is absolutely mind blowing. I get a glimpse at the glory and sheer awesomeness of YaHuWaH Almighty who has masterfully embedded information into the Hebrew (and most likely the Greek) Scriptures. It verifies His sovereignty. It reveals truth and identifies false doctrine. It is a means to awaken non-believers (if they choose to believe) and particularly, the YaHShuW’A codes reveal Him as the Messiah, to hopefully open the eyes of Jews who do not know Him to be.”

Codesearcher Apprentice, Ben M.– “I applied and joined the apprenticeship program at the beginning of June, after a couple of weeks of prayer. It was important to me that I felt comfortable that our Father YaHuWaH was in favor of me pursuing the learning of a new language and learning Bible code. With the love of the Father, here I am. I am so grateful to be here. It is an honor to serve Him in this unique way.”

“It is also such a blessing that He has brought me to a place spiritually and physically that I needed to be. He truly is all knowing and blesses our lives in such miraculous ways that we never think possible.”

“I quickly found this program was far from being just about learning Bible code. The depth of all elements taught through this program are astounding and were such a blessing to me on a very personal level, especially spiritually. Coming into this I knew that I would meet some nice people, learn some Hebrew, a bit about Bible codes, and then probably be on my way having learned some great new skills. The reality was just so much more, from the outset there was a family atmosphere of support and encouragement that was truly wonderful.”

“Not long into the program we have the opportunity to start using Bible code.  I have come to learn, and appreciate that it’s important that there be a transition period for this. Codesearchers, new or experienced, should be held to a high level of responsibility and integrity before doing any type of Bible Code research.”

Codesearcher Apprentice, Colleen W.– “I believe the codes are important mostly to confirm what we already know in scripture. I also believe the codes will help unlock the mysteries of our imminent future. The mysteries are there in the codes in scripture for us to find. Those who seek Him and know Him will find the truths there for us to behold. His kingdom is being revealed.”

“The codes program is not difficult. I don’t have a doctorate; I am not a theologian, however this program makes it easy for me to understand. The lessons are extremely spiritual. They dig into my spirit and draw me into a place of knowing YaHuWShuW’A.”

“I would recommend to anyone sitting on the fence about joining the Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program, to dive into the river of life and enjoy the waters.”

“I believe the synergy between us students is creating a connection that will go on to becoming a strong energy of truth.”

Program Enrollment/Support Information

Jonathan Matthew Wright Ministries is still currently enrolling students on their website, for the “Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program”.

 If you are interested in applying, visit their website:

 “This is a wonderful community.  If you feel led, I urge you to come and join the team. I thought this was something I could never do.  You may feel the same way…but let me assure you, if I can do it, anyone can. You will be truly blessed.”

-Ben M., Codesearcher Apprentice

 Jonathan Wright’s wife, Darla, is also accepting students for a Hebrew Language course:  “Discover the Beauty, the Wonder, and the Power of the Hebrew Language.


codesearcher-3 For more information on this exciting opportunity, send an email to:

If you do not feel led to apply for their programs, but still want to support this important ministry, donations can be done on their website:

 **Why did the author use the name YaHuWaH/YHWH???

Wouldn’t they just say “God”?

 The answer is simple…His name is YaHuWaH.

The KJV of the Holy Bible, took His name out of the Bible.  Most KJV Bibles state that out of respect for the Jewish people, they translated the name YHWH to “Lord.”

I was recently convicted by the Ruach Ha Qodesh, to call my Father by His true name…YHWH.

The names “Lord and God” are perversions of His wondrous name. The word “God” that most Christians use to address the Father, is actually “g-d,” (See Strong’s #H1408, H1409; pronounced gahd), the ancient Babylonian Deity of Fortune.

Equally important to note, is that the word “Lord” means Ba’al. (See Strong’s #H1168, pronounced Bah’al)

Ba’al (or Bel) was an ancient Phoenician or Canaanite deity. This is the same god that ancient Israel honored and worshiped before their destruction.

I was not created by a materialistic, dead god, left over from a destroyed civilization. Nor was I made by a god, that demanded child sacrifice as conciliatory appeasement.

I was created by YHWH.

The very name that the apostles of the New Testament would have called our Father.

It truly saddens me, that most Christians, who I consider my brothers and sisters, do not even know the name of their Messiah.

 The true name, by which I am saved, is not “Jesus”

It is YaHuWShu’A.

Student Deb S., of the Codesearcher Apprenticeship Program, shared with me, how it felt to learn her Father’s real name.

 My life has been changed forever especially with the knowing of the Father and Son’s true names. After becoming a new Christian about 8 years ago, I soon felt dissatisfied with my Father’s name being just a capital letter away from the pagan word for their gods. Now I know His true name, YaHuWaH. Hallelujah! The name Jesus was a little more difficult to learn about since His name has been so precious to me for these 8 years and I was saved under that name. But, every day, I feel more blessed calling Him by His true name, YaHShuW’A/YaHuWShuW’A. I have shared these names with my friends and family. I definitely feel more connected, spiritually. I know more of YaHuWaH’s heart and character and have grown to love Him more.”

-Codesearcher Apprentice, Deb S.

 Learn more here: