Shark Attacks

I stumbled across this VISION from a lady named Kellie H,  while looking through tsunami visions on youtube.  She also saw that the whole west coast line was destroyed.  She saw that a part of California was washed into the ocean, confirming Joe Brandt’s dream and William Branham’s Word For California  falling into the ocean.

May 2017 Shark Attacks


BP Watch mentioned in one of his videos that the valley where the Salton Sea is located is the exact area where experts say that California is actually splitting apart.  Listen to his video here.  Could we already be seeing evidence of these things setting up for this event to take place?

Back to the vision that Kellie H had, she mentioned that just BEFORE the major earthquake comes to the west coast, we should see marine life and animal behaviors altered in some way, and the word that she was given was an increase in Shark attacks.

This note comes from a good friend of ours Ken.

In San Diego over the last month or so our lifeguards have been pretty jumpy, keeping swimmers out of the ocean because of attempted shark attacks on swimmers – I keep reading it in the news. Here is one article. It is a bit north of us but there have been plenty in San Diego as well.

Pretty strange, as you say.

Hope you two are doing well. I continue to pray for you and your ministry.


Could we be seeing this happen this year, or building up for years to come?  Below are some of the news articles saying that experts expect this year for attacks to rise.




More shark attacks





Wednesday, 17 February 2016  A record number of shark attacks in 2015 and more than 10,000 blacktip sharks swimming off the coast of Palm Beach County, Florida both blamed on El-Nino

More than 10,000 blacktip sharks are swimming off the coast of some popular beach towns in Palm Beach County, Florida. Every winter, thousands of these sharks migrate along the Atlantic coast in search of warmer waters to mate and give birth. “But this year they’re further north than usual, bringing them within 100 meters of the shoreline,” ScienceAlert explained. “It’s not unusual, but it’s great to see them,” shark biologist Stephan Kajiura from Florida Atlantic University told ABC News. “There are literally tens of thousands of sharks a stone’s throw away from our shoreline,” he told CNN affiliate WPEC. “You could throw a pebble and literally strike a shark. They are that close.”

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