“President Obama has formed an unholy alliance with Hillary Clinton” -Jeremiah Johnson

“President Obama has formed an unholy alliance with Hillary Clinton” -Jeremiah Johnson


As I sit down to type out this prophetic dream that I had last night on February 25th, 2016 of Marco Rubio, a flood of emotions washes over me. Please allow me to quickly explain:

Several nights after President Obama was elected in November of 2012, I had a series of dreams that was quickly published in my first book,Chronicles of the Unknown Dreamer 2013“. The series of dreams highlighted 5 specific areas that God was giving the church 4 years to change her opinion on before the 2016 election, one of the areas being HILLARY CLINTON.

I prophesied in my first book of the destruction that she will bring if elected and the secret partnership that she has with President Obama.

In was in that particular prophetic dream in 2012 that God first spoke to me concerning Marco Rubio. In case you are unfamiliar of what I am referring to, let me bring you up to speed quickly. Below is the excerpt from the book:

“…In the dream I found myself working in a carpet truck and pulling up to the White House in Washington D.C. I walked inside and began tearing up the carpet and crying out, “We are living in the days of King Hezekiah.” The White House staff became very alarmed and gathered around me as I began to weep. Sobbing and crawling around on my hands and knees, I said to them, “Was it not in the days of King Hezekiah where he foolishly welcomed the Babylonians into his kingdom, and there was nothing in his house nor in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show the Babylonians? Behold, President Obama has acted foolishly. He has welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. He has welcomed assassins who have been trained to kill the patriotic spirit. President Obama has formed an unholy alliance with Hillary Clinton. They wish to welcome the Islamic regime into America. He is and will continue to appoint strategic men and women in positions of authority to pave the way for Hillary.”

At this point in the dream, the White House staff had attacked me and thrown me out on the White House steps. I got into my carpet truck and drove to a meeting of church leaders who were anxiously awaiting my arrival. Everyone seemed to know I had entered the White House and prophesied to the staff. I walked into the meeting with the pastors and leaders and prophesied to them. This is what the Lord says,

The end time church must not be deceived in this hour. They must intercede that the Muslim Brotherhood be exposed. America must not make a pact with Egypt against Israel. The will on Capitol Hill is demonically influenced. EVEN NOW I AM BREATHING UPON RUBIO. I am breathing upon those who carry the patriotic spirit of America. This nation must return to Me with weeping and wailing. They must pray for deception and demonic strategy to be revealed among President Obama and Hillary Clinton.” Then I awoke.

Over the last 4 years, this dream has been published and read on numerous magazines, radio stations, and television programs. I have received everything from glowing applause to threats of various kinds. I have attracted a base of followers and a large contingent of haters, most of them Christians. In some circles I have been called, “the most accurate prophet in this generation” and in other circles “Jeremiah Johnson is a false prophet and works for Satan himself”. (Yes those both are real quotes from people)


Fast forward to July of 2015, when I received a prophetic dream and vision of Donald Trump. I sent it to Charisma Magazine and they quickly published it. In short, God told me that “Trump would become the trumpet in America and that he was a modern day Cyrus”. To read the full length dream and vision, CLICK HERE

The article quickly gained over 100,000 shares in less than 7 days and was literally circulating the world media. I instantly was receiving invitations from Fox News, the Glenn Beck Show, an interview with World BBC News, and just about everything in between. The newspapers were contacting me from New York to London. I became the laughing stock of most Christian circles and the hero of many well known businessmen. As the story goes, I TURNED DOWN EVERY INVITATION THAT CAME MY WAY, EVERY SINGLE ONE. I can assure you that my motivations in publishing that prophetic dream about Donald Trump or any other one that I have published publicly has and had nothing to do with wanting to be famous. To my incredible disappointment, the majority of the media and Christian world either MISUNDERSTOOD OR MISINTERPRETED the prophetic dream and word about Trump.

Let it go on the record one more time, the dream regarding Donald Trump was neither an endorsement of his personal life or political run nor was it a prediction or prophecy that he would become the 2016 US President. The dream and vision about Donald Trump was simply prophetic insight and direction for the body of Christ!

 Now, nearly 7 months after the dream about Trump was published, I would like to share a prophetic dream that I had last night on February 25th, 2016 regarding Marco Rubio.  At least after going through the Trump nightmare I now know the potential consequences and hate mail that I will receive because of this. Thank God that there is immunity from the opinions of men: it’s called the secret place!

****The following dream is not an endorsement of Marco Rubio nor is it a prediction of him winning the 2016 Nomination or Presidency. This prophetic dream is insight and revelation into the calling on this man’s life and how we can pray for him as the body of Christ.****


In the dream, I saw Marco Rubio and his family standing on a stage at a large gathering of people in the Southern part of the United States. Everyone in the crowd was waving large American flags and filled with great joy. He began to address the crowd and suddenly the Spirit of God spoke to me as I watched Marco. This is what the Holy Spirit said to me,

Marco Rubio is carrying a Thomas Jefferson anointing for this generation. He will break the back of tyrants and restore the patriotic spirit in America. I love His courage and heart and you must know that he is very special to me.”

As the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me as I watched Marco speak to the crowd, I immediately saw what looked like oil begin to be poured out upon His head from heaven. He was covered from head to toe in it and the Spirit of God spoke to me again in the dream and said, “I have anointed Marco as a forerunner of forerunners for the Hispanic community in America. He will lead the charge in the fight for freedom and restore the Malachi 4:5-6 revolution among his people. He is a pioneer of pioneer’s and will gain continuous favor in America in the years ahead. The father’s in America will turn to this son (Marco) and this son (Marco) shall turn the hearts of his brothers to the father’s.”

Marco finished his speech to the people and walked off the stage with his family. I thought I was hidden in the dream, but he walked right up to me and said, “I need the prayers of the body of Christ now more than ever. See to it that this is accomplished.” Then I woke up.


I am calling on the body of Christ to pray for Marco Rubio and the destiny that is upon his life. Again, this dream is in no way an endorsement of his presidential run nor is it a prediction that he will become the next US President. This prophetic dream is insight and revelation into the anointing upon this man’s life and how we can partner with the purposes of God in His life. 

May God continue to give us grace to fix our eyes upon Jesus in this season and as always let us pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven in 2016!

I’m Your’s in Christ Jesus,

Jeremiah Johnson