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We are standing at the threshold of yet another year
Wondering what is coming and if it should be feared.
Will there be prosperity or the loss of things held dear,
Will there be a celebration or a torrential river of tears?

Tears of the hungry, the orphans and the widows made
From the insatiable appetite of evil that is never stayed.
We are approaching now the threshold of a future age
The remaining Watchmen cry, while time turns yet another page

Still the masses reject the warnings and few will now be saved
The road into tomorrow has been built and with blood it has been paved.
The voice of truth is being silenced and our freedom has been sold
While the guilty revel in their victories with bloodstains on their clothes.

We are moving across the threshold of another generation
Who will be bridled with our sin because we gave into temptation.
The coming generations will see the world we left them, and of us implore
“Was Truth exchanged for comforts and what trinkets were our futures traded for?”

By Randy Conway


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Randy Conway
Find Randy Conway On Facebook surrenderedpoetry.com/ Randy and Robin were in a family-owned and operated business for 33 years, which proved to be both rewarding and challenging. During this same time, they served as worship leaders for 17 years at a small local church on a volunteer basis, after which time God began calling them out of the 4 walls of the church; something neither one of them could ever fathom doing.  God was calling them to a new ministry that had not even been conceived at this point, much less developed. Neither one had any idea of where this journey would lead, but it has been liberating and exciting to trust Him on an entirely new level like never before. Delving into the Word of God with new zeal and finding out for themselves who God really is and isn’t, shedding preconceived notions and traditions, and allowing themselves to be taught by the Holy Spirit. As Randy continued to move in this new freedom, inspiration for writing began to flow more freely. What began in 1980 with the writing of a poem for an Easter service and then lay dormant with a new poem every year or two until 2009, has now led to many more poems with an emphasis on End Time Prophecy.