“The Year of Great Turbulence” A Prophetic Word For 2017 Given To Benjamin Faircloth

“The Year of Great Turbulence” A Prophetic Word For 2017 Given To Benjamin Faircloth


Benjamin Faircloth“The Year of Great Turbulence”

Isaiah 51

A prophetic word for 2017


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



During the Yom Kippur season, I take time to get away with the Father to hear what He is saying for the coming year. Over the past several years, He has revealed many things that have come to pass, including the theme of the year. He also revealed to me that many prophetic events are not placed in a bookend type of fulfillment but are evolving. Seeds of events start to sprout and over time we see the fruit of it. I pray these words will give you hope in the fact the Father is speaking to His servants, and that He loves so much He warns us so we may prepare for the coming storms!

“For the days of uncertainty are upon the nations. Perplexity shall rule the hearts and minds of men. Great fear will be within the core of their being! Uncertainty will abide and reside within the vacancy of normal life!

Upside down, turned inside out, shall be the plans of man be! The uncertainty of man will prove the certainty of My Word. What the prophets of old said about these days will be proven true. It will be an hour of the undeniability of My Word! Certain and for sure is My Word!

I will show wonders in the heavens. My celestial show will begin! I will reveal My great power to the inhabitants of the earth! They will gaze with wonder when they see My display! Men’s hearts will fail them as they know they have lost control. What they thought they had dominion over, will rule over them! Nature will strike back at the sin and abuse of mankind! I will shake everything! Even the things that man thinks is unshakable!

Chaos will rule the hour, fear will dominate the mind and through it all I will get the glory! I will be praised, for My Word will come to pass, just as I have spoken it. Great days of amazement will fill the earth!


Your nation will be silenced from the affairs within the world scene! Her mouth will be opened in awe, as I display My judgement against her! Her laws will forsake My People Israel and for that a curse will arise, a deafening blow will come and she will shake with fear!

My arm is not too short to save but she has rejected My final call. Her rejection has become her ejection from My Will! Her silence is coming sooner she thinks. Pride has poisoned her mind and has rotten her soul! America your future has been sealed, you will never again sit as a queen, but a whore who has lost her flavor, her beauty, and appeal. Your breast will no longer satisfy the nations. Your milk will run dry. Your honey has soured; your enemies will now devour your land!

You had it all, but you sold it, all for another night of Babylonian luxury! You sold your birthright for the taste of flesh, now your portion has become poison and your enemies will position themselves where you once sat as queen!

Your crown will fall; your throne will be removed. Chains and iron fetters will rest upon you and your power will fade, all because you rejected Me!


Nations will rise against nations. The power shift will be made towards the kings of the east! A new dominion will arise from these kings. A new strength will be felt. The sinking of the old and the rising of the new! This will be an amazing hour to see! Nations will bow before the antichrist system as she rises from the sea (Revelation 11:7, 13:1,2,3,4,11-12,14,15,17-18). Great will be her influence; great will be her power. For it is the beast system that will carry the spirit of antichrist into power! For there will be no concern towards Me, no mention of My Holy Name. The god of war will they honor, the god of mammon (money) will they pursue and all nations will be consumed by their lust! Like satan their father, they will fail to see that I AM created all, knows all, and will fulfill all in My time. This will be the beginning of the end!


Get ready to flourish! Even in the midst of great change, I will remain the same! I will intensify My promise with a speed that will amaze you! Suddenly will be what you behold as I fulfill My promises to you!

Expand! Expand! Expand! Broaden your tents, lengthen your tent cords (Isaiah 54:1-3) and secure your pegs deep into the ground! For I am going to build a sure place! A rock that flows with pure living water in a desert place, safe from judgment of the land! This will be your Goshen moment!

Babylon will be your neighbor. Her laws will be felt, but I have made this place My Place and I will reside and abide among you! Great is My reward to those who remain faithful during these fiery trials to come! Stay in the Father’s House, keep your foot from slipping. Run not after the fruit of forbidden fields. Stay with Me, abide in Me, and I will show you My Glory that I have reserved for this final hour! (Miracles will be normal)”

(The Scripture reference is Isaiah 51)

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