What Do The Seven Deadly Sins and Geocaching Have In Common? A lot apparently

What Do The Seven Deadly Sins and Geocaching Have In Common? A lot apparently

7 Deadly Sins Jake

JakeA few years ago I went with some friends to a local fall festival in a nearby town for a fun filled get away. After hopping from one antique shop to another, the day seem to be less filled with fun and just more or less filled with old stuff. Since I am not a Pawn Star, the boredom forced me surrender to other pursuits. In the end, we decided to polish off the day at a rustic ice cream parlor on the corner. The building was old by anyones standards and had some really interesting stonework. I noticed an ornate freemason symbol on the door post as I casually crossed over the threshold onto the fifties styled parlor floor, complete with black and white checkers. I notated it out loud to the group, “Huh…look at that..a freemason symbol” I grimaced. I laugh at myself now because if it were today, after seeing that symbol, i would think twice about visiting the establishment. You may think this sounds a bit extreme, but if you have been where I have been, and seen the things I have seen you would understand. The barkeep recommended a tigers blood icee, this was before Charlie Sheen came out of the crazy closet. I really felt like i was “winning” as I quickly prompted a massive ice cream headache while perusing my surroundings. Candy section….check, toy section….check, pewter dragons and mythological creatures….uh…check, one foot black gargoyles labeled with the seven deadly sins …..CHECK PLEASE! I ask the group, “Why in the world would you have something like that on display? What kind of person has this in their shop?” Upon exiting the shop a noticed a large freemason symbol on the canopy of the space next door. I filed the bizarre events to the back of my mind and went on about my business.

Earlier this year I kept thinking about the macabre ice cream dungeon, and events of that day. I contacted Mr. Google on the internet machine and did a little research. It turns out the ice cream parlor and the tea room above it are haunted. The hotel across the street is also haunted, or so they claim. On top of that the building next to the ice cream parlor was the local freemason chapter. So we have a freemason lodge, creepy ice cream parlor with black gargoyles…..and hauntings in surrounding buildings. I put down my magnifying glass and pipe, had a scooby-doo moment, and had a slight notion something in this town was not right(SHAGY!). (I did a video detailing this event with other hauntings that you can check out here).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIB5ciThBxk

Fast forward to several days ago when I received an email promoting a contest celebrating the seven deadly sins. It was a geo cache company having the contest which involved finding seven ducks hidden in virginia Envy, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, Lust and Wrath. The users were encouraged to submit their most interesting story involving the seven deadly sins. The company also offers cute little duck souvenirs with sin names on them, wow CUTE!

7 Deadly SinsSo now i am asking myself, what kind of people in this company would want to have a contest celebrating seven deadly sins. Unfortunately Scooby and shagy are unavailable for comment, so this one will have to go unsolved. The moral of the story is, pay attention to company values, we do not know the consequences of using their products. “Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.” Deut 7:26 KJV
So the next time you hear of a place that is “haunted”, check out what is nearby, who owns it, and the contents of the place. There are no ghosts, casper does not want to be your friend, and celebrating the seven deadly sins is not cute.

To sum this article up, I will include a geo cache members comment on this contest.
“As for me and my house”, I think we’ll have to sit this one out. Unfortunately the theme of the TB series does not line up with the values taught in our family