“…You pursue pleasure rather than Me!” A Prophetic Warning Given To Benjamin Faircloth

“…You pursue pleasure rather than Me!” A Prophetic Warning Given To Benjamin Faircloth


Picture Credit Samson and Delilah (1949 film)

Benjamin FairclothThe Church of Samson

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“My People are blind, dumb (mute), and lame because they refuse to hear My warnings! I have called you to be the salt and light of the earth, but you refuse your position, and you reject your authority to execute My Word! Your savor is gone, there is no taste but bitterness and the flavor of gall! You refuse Me and My prophets, you desire folly and foolish gain! What shall I say more to you? You refuse Me at the Gate, you neglect Me at the Altar. Where shall we meet and reason together? You’ve made My Temple a place of whoredoms, a place where you pursue pleasure rather than Me!

My voice will be heard by My Remnant and they will respond to their Shepherd! For I will manifest My Glory to those whom I have called by name! Wake up House of God! Arise My People of faith! For this is the hour that justice will be served! This is the day that I will arise and survey the land, I know those who are Mine. For I have marked you, selected you and will reveal My plans to you!

For those who think I will delay My appearance, both in judgement and mercy, you have erred in your judgment of Me! For I am coming speedily, My reward is with Me! Whose report will you believe? Where will you stand as the shaking begins in your nation? You must choose this day”!


To hear the message and full commentary to this word, simply go to www.ignitedchurchlife.com and click on the Pastor’s sermon icon and the message “The Church of Samson” is right there. If you prefer the video of this message, you can find it here https://youtu.be/Md_p-SPgDWo Be blessed!