Proving The Divinity Of Yeshua and The Holy SpiritBy Meranda Devan

The question of Yeshua’s divinity often comes up in Muslim circles, but did you know that there are whole sects in Christianity who also don’t believe that Yeshua (Jesus) Is God?

Not only that, some don’t recognize The Holy Spirit as being a distinct person of the Godhead: ( The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit).

In these circles you will find people saying that Yeshua was just a man with Yahweh’s spirit. They proclaim that He was created for the first time, (like all of us), in the womb of His mother. So essentially, they are saying He didn’t exist before He was born.

There are a number of Christian topics out there to debate back and forth and at the end of the day we all can have our opinion on a wide variety of topics, but this one isn’t one of them.

In fact, over the years my husband I have run into people who wanted to throw out whole sections of the bible, or re-define the salvation plan, that we felt compelled to write an article that list out JUST THREE foundational truths that we cannot compromise on. I encourage you to read the article above, and see if you agree with our assessment. This article is an expansion of one of those points.

Was Yeshua just a man, or was He GOD? Is the Holy Spirit God, or simply a power of God?

So lets set the record straight. If there is ever a doctrine that needs to be straightened out, it is this one. Below are 26 points that show that the bible is very clear on this subject. The truth is all over the scriptures.