When Something Is Repeated In Scripture Twice, It Is To Be Considered Important, But What If It Is Repeated 5 Times In A Row?

Mark 9

Here we can see that in Mark chapter 9, Yeshua is warning us that if we are living in sin, we WILL find ourselves in hell, where the fire IS NEVER extinguished.

Many people such as Mary K Baxter have seen people tormented in hell.  She has seen homosexuals walking through liquid lava, chained together.  She saw witches in fire pits with grates over their heads, with flames pouring out.  She heard the most wretched screams.

Today we have seen a loss of respect and a lack of fear of God.  Most people have the attitude that they can take or leave God, and they say the sinners prayer and look at their iphones the moment after.

There is no real repentance, or fear of God what so ever.  Maybe they don’t think that the wrath of God exists today, because we have taught that God is nice and accepting of our modern day sins.

We aren’t taught about Exodus 19, where the people couldn’t approach the mountain of God because God IS a consuming fire, and holy.

‘Be careful that you do not approach the mountain or touch the foot of it. Whoever touches the mountain is to be put to death.

We read in Malachi 3:6 where He says ……..“I the LORD do not change”

It is ONLY through Yeshua’s sacrifice that we can approach the Lord, and appear before Him with our garments washed.

Though, He is still as Holy as He ever was, but do we approach Him in prayer as though He was creator of the universe?

Even today, being believers, I would imagine if we were to appear before Him, we would be trembling in awe over His awesomeness, and justice that He stands on.

Can you imagine if we all got our perfect Justice? What a sobering thought that would be.

As believers we must teach others that they shouldn’t be so nonchalant about  embracing their sins.

Make no mistake, if you are sitting in sin, and WILL NOT change your lifestyle habits,  you will face that perfect justice and face fire some day.

Are you sleeping around with people you are not married to?  Are you living together in a relationship where you are not married?  Are you stealing time away from your boss?  Do you take the Lord’s name in vein?  Consider that for a moment.  Do you write out OM* on facebook?  Do you disrespect your parents?

The real deal is if you have stole just one thing in your life, you will face hell fire.  It is only through Yeshua that we can enter into eternity, by what He has done for us on the cross.

However, Paul tells us in Philippians 2:12-13, “Therefore, my dear friends, … more in my absence – continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling” 

What does that mean?  It means that we do sin every day, but we are to pick our selves up, and get back on the path of righteousness.  We all sin every day, and we don’t face danger when we remain humble knowing God forgives and He has the best planned for us.

Though there is a difference between those persons who KNOW Christ, and strive for a righteous lifestyle, and those who couldn’t care less.

Do you care about your eternity?  Would you gamble with the fact that you could never escape Hell if you found yourself there?

Yeshua talks about Hell more than anything else in the scripture because it is REAL, and people WILL burn alive for eternity.

If you KNOW you are living in sin, re-examine yourself and get right with God today, because your time could be up when you least expect it. 


Do You Want To Keep The Feast Of Tabernacles This Year?

Feast Of Tabernacles

Tomorrow starts the feast of Tabernacles, and it goes on for 7 days.

Would you like to participate this year? 

If you are a Christian, you should know these festivals belong to you. They are yours as they are anyone elses.

Feast of Tabernacles is one of God’s special festivals found in Leviticus.  Did you know that all of the Leviticus feasts are actually prophecies of Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?

They are easy to keep, and the best thing is you don’t need any money to keep them, unlike many of the celebrations found in the world.

If you love camping, then you might really enjoy Feast of Tabernacles.

Here is what it says in Leviticus 23:42-43 about Feast of Tabernacles:

“You are to live in sukkot for seven days; every citizen of Israel is to live in sukkah, so that generation after generation of you will know that I made the people of Israel live in sukkot when I brought them out of the land of Egypt; I am Adonai your God.”

God is instructing us to live in a tent for 7 days.

Are These Festivals For Us Today?

In Malachi 3:6 it says …… “I the LORD do not change”

So what that is saying is that God the Son didn’t change what God the Father set up so many thousand years ago.  What was set forth so long ago, is celebrated today as well.

Yeshua Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:17-20 that not one punctuation mark, comma, or period will disappear from the instructions He gave, and these instructions are for us today as they always have been for believers through time.

It is important to know that the Law or instructions can be compared to like a guide book for righteous living.  Much like we we have rules for the rules of the road, (stop lights, and regulations of highway driving) they exists for our own well being.  We have stop lights simply to provide order to the road.  We all simply cannot make up our own rules and expect there to be unity in the body of Christ.  Such is the same for the road, – the rules exist to unite the people so we are all on the same page when it comes to a stop light, or green light.

We keep these things not to attain our own way into heaven, but rather out of wanting or desiring to keep the things that our Father gave to us.  No matter how hard we try to be righteous, or “good“, only Jesus’s sacrifice is sufficient to wipe away our sins for our entry into heaven.

We are to keep the instructions that He made, and we are to teach others to keep them as well.  Those who teach others to disregard these things won’t lose their salvation, but they will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, while those who teach others to keep them, will be called greatest.  Read Matthew 5:17-20

What Is The Reason For Keeping The Feast Of Tabernacles?

We put up tents to remind us of the time believers spent in the wilderness when we were totally dependent on God for everything.    These believers thousands of years ago, could have perished due to their lack of food and water for forty years.  Can you imagine living out of a tent and moving around for 40 years?

We remember when we depended on God for everything, and going forward, it also reminds us that again we are going to have to depend on God for the uncertain times ahead.

How My Husband And I Keep The Feast Of Tabernacles 

Many of these festivals you can make your own.  Some families take this time off and go camping, while others set up a tent in their back yard.  You can invite people over and have dinner in your tent. Many people love looking at the stars in their tents, and others simply do bible studies in their tents.  What ever you celebrate, do it in your tent.

About 9 years ago, we stumbled upon these feasts, and we really didn’t know what we were doing.  In fact, some times we still feel that way.  They are so foreign, because most of us didn’t grow up with them.  Though take assurance in the fact that you really cannot go wrong with celebrating them, because God will smile that you are even attempting to keep His holidays.

When we first started keeping them, we would make beds on the floor in our living room in our small apartment, and we would hang a bed sheet over us.  We would take two dining room chairs, and simply hang a bed sheet which was draped over a chair.  Other years we moved our mattresses out into the living room on to the floor.  We progressed to having our tent outside some years, and again, setting up a tent in the livingroom.  Where ever our tent was, we made sure we decorated it with branches cut from the outside, and we made sure we slept and prayed in our tent for the week long celebration.

I can only imagine how children would view this holiday as a special event to sleep in another room.  I can only imagine their excitement sleeping outside while school was in session.  We should look at this celebration EXPECTING God to meet up with us.

How I look at this feast year after year is God is telling us HE is going to visit us during this week.  So expect him to show up giving you words, giving you dreams, giving you revelation, answering your questions.

In fact, if you look through Leviticus, these holidays are pretty simple and basic.  Most of them have one instruction to keep.  For this holiday we are to set up tents, dwell in them, and we are to decorate them with leaves and branches.  Beyond that, make it special for you and your family.

Feast Of Tabernackles

Our Feast Of Tabernacles Tent This Year, we have yet to put our branches on our tent.

Dennis Walker Sid Rith

 Picture Credit, sidroth.org, photovisi.com

Can We Expect To Have An Encounter With God In Our Tents? 

The theme Of Sukkot Or Feast Of Tabernacles Is “God With Us” 

Many years ago, we caught Dennis Walker on Sid Roth, and I think of his testimony every year during this time of feast of tabernacles.

In this video, starting about at the 10:00 mark you can listen how Dennis heard God instruct him to set up a tent where he could pray and worship him.  Dennis found himself going back and forth to and from HEAVEN.

“The Lord told me that I was supposed to buy this tent, and spend time with him in the tent, and that He would meet with me in the tent, and he said that He was going to restore to me the Feast of Tabernacles”

“I got into this tent, and started applying what it said in Colossians, in chapter 3, which says seek those things which are above which Christ is seated at the right hand of God.  Seek those things in heaven.  Verse 2 says…..set your mind on things above, and not on things on the earth.  So I started setting my mind on the things of heaven, …..you can do that, because the bible tells you what heaven looks like.  So I was setting my mind on heaven, and all of a sudden, I am caught into the scene.  I am brought into this experience, in heavenly places, and Jesus actually came and speak to me and teach me things, and show me things”

” I was there hours and hours every day, my wife was so gracious, she would protect me, and I told her that if anyone knocks at the door, tell them that I have gone to heaven”

“I went to heaven many, many, many times”

“I was caught up to a place where there was a big white wall, there was no doors or windows, and as long as I could see either way, very very high, and it was translucent, like it was catching the light from the throne of God, and reflecting it back.  and I am asking,………..’where is this?’  The message I got was ……’you are in the archives of heaven’……  – Listen to more of this testimony at about 12:00 Dennis was shown that every tear that is shed by the body of Christ is recorded in heaven.  Every tear and every suffering is recorded and will be presented to the fallen angels at the day of their judgment.

I encourage you to set up a tent, whether it be a tent for outside, or simply a bed sheet over some blankets in the living room, and celebrate this festival that Our Lord has instructed us to keep.  This is our appointed time when our Father comes around to visit His children.

Will you miss out on time with him, or will you be there, waiting for him to show up?

Biblical Feasts

More About The Feasts Of The Lord:

We stumbled upon the feasts about 1 to 2 years after we were married, and we have been married for 10 years now.  I still remember the day that my husband pulled me into our little apartment’s office to show me an article on these things.

We decided to participate in them the best way we knew how, and still today, I think if you have your heart into it, the Lord will honor you for trying.

I think one thing you should know is these things are ours.  Yours and mine.  The Jews, or Judah has been the only one who has kept them, so we think they are theirs only, but in fact, they were given to all God’s children, all believers in Yahweh.  The torah was written to all believers, and so we gladly claim them as our blessings too.

I personally think we have been blessed for keeping them.  After we started keeping them, I think the Lord opened doors for us in amazing ways.  I believe if you start keeping them, the Lord will bless you in unexpected ways as well.

How my husband and I look at the feasts, is we follow the general instructions set out in Leviticus.  Those are the base commandments, and any additional things you add to celebrating them, is up to you.

Just like the sabbath, the Lord gives us only three commandments regarding how to keep them…. 1.  Keep it holy, 2.  Don’t buy and sell, 3. Don’t work.  It is important to distinguish what is commanded, from what is tradition.

My point is, in the scriptures it tells us about the sabbath that we are not to judge anyone how THEY keep them.  As every family is going to keep these things slightly differently.  Some people think it is wrong to do such and such on the sabbath, and so with all these festivals, we have to let the Holy Spirit enlighten us or guide us through year after year.  It isn’t wrong to add to them, and keep in mind every family is going to add their own flavor to it.

Here are some general things we do on each of the feasts:

The Passover and Unleavened Bread-

This festival goes for 7 days, in which we eat unleavened bread. We have other normal dishes during this time, but we incorporate unleavened bread into our meals.  Before this celebration occurs, we are required to remove the leaven from our homes.  So about a couple days before, we go through our pantry and remove it.  Because we stock up, we cannot just discard food, so what we do is move it out to storage in our shed for that week.  This year we were shocked how many more things we missed in the past by just by reading the labels.  It is great time to house clean your pantry, and discard things in the fridge, such as bread, and through this process can be fun.

Something I discovered is the brand ” Yehuda Matzos” is actually better than any other cracker I have tried in the store.  Of course, my husband would disagree with that.  I love this brand!  I actually toast it up in the toaster, like toast, and put butter and a chocolate spread.  Another really yummy thing you can do is use a slow cooker, and melt dark chocolate, and use a knife to spread it on.  As it dries, the dried chocolate cracker is amazing.  Here is another thing about these crackers…  they just never expire.  We had some crackers from our third apartment, about 6 years ago and they still taste fresh.  They are the ultimate ultimate long term food storage item.

So, with this festival, the first and last day it is commanded to join up with some other believers.  Both of these days you cannot work.  In the past we went to services held on this day, or tuned in to services online, live stream.  Mark Biltz usually has services for all these holy days, and they do a terrific job with the live streaming.

The Feast of First fruits

Usually on this festival we give a donation of some sort to a ministry.  For the last couple years we have been giving to Gospel for Asia.  They have Jesus wells that are amazing reminders for spreading the gospel in communities without water.  Giving a donation of some sort I find is a special way of celebrating it.

The Feast of Weeks- or Pentecost

This is a holy day in which the Holy Spirit was given.  So this day you could incorporate prayer, and speak in tongues.  This is a high holy day to observe.

The Feast of Trumpets

This is the day that we believe the Lord will return some day. We would blow the shofar…  Getting together with other believers or tuning into a celebration online is really special. So this is another celebration that it is commanded you take the day off.

The Day of Atonement-  Yom Kippur

This day it is required to not work, and to fast.  So this day is often spent in prayer.  Repentance is the key theme, and judgment in the future for those who don’t believe in Yeshua.  This is more of a serious feast, rather than a celebration.  Some day we will be returning to the world with Jesus dressed in white.  It is traditional to wear white.

The Feast of Tabernacles

I tell you a little story.  The first year we started celebrating these things, I sort of did it with a “what ever “ attitude.  God gives us grace to learn, but that wasn’t my attitude.  I had a bad attitude.  We lived in an apartment at the time, so we had to make our little tent in the living room.  My husband asked me to do it with him, and I just was lazy.  We had take out that night, and I ended up getting food poisoned, yet my husband didn’t.  He ate from the same dishes. That certainly caught my attention.  Every year since then..  I have tried to take these things seriously, meaning ……wanting to put the effort in them.

When we lived in apartments, we would create a tent in our living room, or pull our outdoor camping tent inside.  It seems like every year it is COLD outside when this festival comes around, so we just set up our tent inside.  We make sure to pray in it every day, and really spend some devotional time in it.

The theme is God dwelling with us, so we should expect these greater miracles to take place.  We set up our little tent, and sometimes we have pulled in our twin mattresses into the tent.  I don’t think the theme is affliction (suffering sleeping on the floor)..but drawing close to God.

The bible does tell us to decorate it with branches, so we snip off a couple branches from the wilderness, our back yard and tie them on to the tent with ribbon.

We usually take every celebration off, but we also work from home and can.  If you can’t, just celebrate it how you can.  Put on praise music, and really get into worshiping Him.  God will look down with a smile any of his Children who are trying to draw close with him.

Remember if you go to other celebrations, take note that everyone might celebrate a bit different.  We don’t light candles, but other people do.  Many people like to bring in some of the Jewish traditions into it, such as washing of the hands, or saying Jewish prayers…and they can be beautiful traditions to get you into the mood of the celebration.  Borrow some other ideas from others and make them your own.

The one thing I noticed with these festivals is they fly by!  If we don’t put the effort into making them special, then who will?

Enjoy this Feast of Tabernacles!


WOOPS! A East Coast Tsunami Alert Retracted By The National Weather Service

Tsunami Alert East CoastTsunami Alert

Make no mistake, a tsunami will hit the east coast some day in the future.

The bible says we need three witnesses for anything to be established, and dozens and dozens of people  have had these dreams and visions.

WE CAN pray that the destruction will be minimized, and people be forewarned of these disasters in advance.

Could God be giving people a warning in a unique way?

A tsunami warning was issued this morning (September 24th 2015) from the National Weather Service that went over the air BY ACCIDENT was broadcast by several local radio stations, and VHF marine channels as well.

“It was an internal test for the alert that went live,” said Scott Devico, spokesman for the department. “The message was sent through the emergency alert system. The first thing we did was make contact with the National Weather Service and was told it was an accident.”

Gary Conte, of the National Weather Service in Upton, N.Y., saw a silver lining in the the tsunami warning. It was obviously a mistake, but the good news is the test worked,” he said.

Why a tsunami?

Here are some comments I found most interesting:

 EAS System Tsunami 2

“Does it make sense to do an internal test, and base it around a tsunami?”  Why a tsunami? 

An asteroid discussed on RT News


Additional Articles:

A Lesson In Roles- How We Share The Gospel, And How God Is Responsible To Move In People’s Hearts

1 CorintiansFrom The JESUS Film Project

Jan Schlebusch, a wonderful man of God from South Africa, is one of the tens of thousands of volunteers who have shown “JESUS,” using either 16 mm or on video.

Jan had taken a most risky step. He was about to show “JESUS” to a small group of hardened criminals in a maximum security prison in South Africa. He was alone in a room with the “toughest of the tough” – robbers, rapists and murderers. Several of them were “lifers.” Jan knew that any one of the prisoners could easily slit his throat with a knife when he dimmed the lights to show “JESUS.”

However, despite the pressure he felt, Jan was obedient. As the story unfolded many of the prisoners mocked and swore at the screen. Their language was foul and offensive. Gradually, they quieted down and became more interested in the story. Then an astounding thing happened.

During the crucifixion, several began to weep. By the time the prayer of invitation was completed, hardened criminals – EVERY ONE OF THEM – were on their knees, sobbing, asking God to forgive them, praying to invite Christ into their lives.

Shocked and amazed, Jan wasn’t sure what has just happened. He turned his head to the corner of the room…startled by the sight. Standing before him was an awesome being, 10-feet tall, robed in brilliant white…an angel. Jan said the angel’s face was obscured. He could see nothing above the angel’s shoulders. This messenger of God lifted up his hand and pointed a finger directly toward Jan: “You see, Jan, all you must do is be available and do the work.”

Instantly, the angel vanished –but not the sense of awe that was engulfing Jan. He had seen the Living God at work, pouring out His love upon those for whom He died to save. And he had witnessed the greatest miracle of all. He had seen the vilest of sinners being born from above, becoming righteous in Jesus.

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable” Psalm 145:3

Howard Storm’s Near Death Experience Where Angels Revealed To Him The Collapse Of America

Howard Storm’s NDE In Shortened Form

Howard Storm was an art professor at Northern Kentucky University, a position he held for 20 years, and at this stage of his life, he described himself as an atheist.

In June 1985, Storm took a group of his students on a field trip to Europe. After returning to his Paris hotel room with his wife around 11:00am, he experienced a sudden puncture to his duodenum caused by an ulcer or foreign object. He was transported to best hospital in Paris, had a diagnosis, and was told he needed surgery immediately, however, because the hospital was understaffed on weekends, the surgery was not scheduled to occur until 9:00 p.m., causing Storm to suffer severe debilitating pain for 10 hours, with no medical attention or medication. After laying waiting for the surgery, he gave up the will to live and mentally prepared himself to die. After saying goodbye to his wife, he eventually passed out and believed he was dying.

Storm opened his eyes again and found himself standing outside of his body, looking down at the hospital bed, with his wife crying at his bedside. Storm was then drawn by seemingly friendly voices calling his name outside the hospital room, and he followed them, assuming they were taking him to a doctor. The creatures, ended up being demons which lead him straight into hell.

He found himself in hell being tormented, when a memory of a little song he learned in nursery school came to mind, “Jesus loves me, yes I know …” and it kept repeating. Not having anything left, he screamed, “Jesus, please save me.”

Jesus did save him.  In heaven he saw a life review of his life, and it was there that he was also given by angels the future of America

You can listen to more of his testimony on Youtube.

The Future Of America Given To Howard Storm

Howard Storm says that angels told him that the world would go through a total economic collapse, and the effects on the world economy will be worse than the severe economic and social problems experienced by the United States during the Great Depression.

Here is what he was shown:

Increasing Number Of Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity– He was shown that in these last days we would see an increasing number of earthquakes, increased volcanic activity around the world and destructive changes in weather patterns.

Massive Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Food Shortages Around The World-These changes in the weather patterns were described in ways that are similar to today’s understanding of the more severe effects of global warming, such as massive floods hitting areas over time, increased hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, drought-caused famines etc. This eventually resulted in massive food shortages around the world and the collapse of the world financial system.

Shortage of Gasoline -He was also apparently shown images of persons actually “killing for a cup of gasoline”. He described the world economic system as eventually being in total collapse, to the point that “the electricity was off and didn’t come back on”.

Starvation In America – He says that the images that he was shown included many terrible things, and that in the United States specifically, the population dropped to “just tens of thousands of people left alive” due to food shortages and the resulting violence caused by the starving population.   Many men who could not feed their families, used violence to take what they could no longer buy, in order for themselves and their own families to survive.



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