Could You Be Heading For Hell? This Graphic Video Might Change Your Mind Of The Afterlife


Abigail Joseph shared a powerful video on the consequences of what hell that I had to cover my mouth as I watched in horror.

Hell For Those Who Commit Sexual Sins – 6 minute video on facebook Posted by Abigail Joseph on Friday, November 6, 2015

Are you engaging in sexual sins that you have convinced yourself that are ok with God? If you are in any sin for that matter that you cannot help but indulge in here or there?

Consider for a moment that if tomorrow was your last day on earth (God forbid) you might find yourself in hell for not repenting.

Christians Sinning?

Even Christians who have convinced themselves that their sins which they commit over and over again are covered by the blood. They are dead wrong.

After watching and reading countless NDE accounts of hell over the years, this has to be one of the most telling visual presentations I have seen of the pain and torture of hell.

I have come to see that there is a pattern of judgement for every sin in hell. Yeshua warns us that Hell would be as a “furnace of fire”. The reality of hell is far more than fire, it also is one of endless, forever torment.

Hell A Party Place?

David Bowie who died January 10th, told an audience at Madison Square Garden on his 50th birthday:

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring,”

It seems to me like Bowie, along with most of the world assumes that hell might be something that resembles a horror film, – something they could endure, and at the same time would be pleasurable.

Hell Is Mocked

There never has been a seriousness within the church for sometime about the topic of hell, so shouldn’t surprise us that the world is unconcerned with where they may end up when they take their last breath. The reality is most people don’t give God a second thought until something shakes their bones awake of the reality that their life is held on by a few cords that could be cut at any moment.

Second Chances? Grace Of God?

For those who get a life threatening illness, I often wonder if it was a second chance by the Lord for them to contemplate giving Him a second thought as their life comes to a close. What we don’t realize, is this life is just a sheer moment in time. Gone in fractions of a second according to eternity. What we choose in this life will be reflected in eternity.

Some of the most famous visions of hell come from Mary K Baxter, who saw hell in a vision. I remember reading her book Divine Revelation Of Hell for the first time in the plane on my way home from a visit, and what I read stayed with me for years. She saw homosexuals chained together walking through liquid lava. She saw witches in hell cramped into tiny firepits with grates over the top. She was given a full tour of both hell and heaven, and what she saw was powerful. She mentioned that Jesus told her that a large percentage of Christians don’t believe in hell.

Hell Isn’t For Real…. Or Is It Proven Medically?

I would imagine that many people who read this article are intrigued, but shake their head in disbelief.

All a matter of the mind, or is it?

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Could Miscarriages And Infertility Be A Sign Of Judgement In A Land That Steps Away From God?


You have to wonder why the statistics are so high in this nation with women having trouble getting pregnant, or having miscarriages. Could it be because as a whole, this nation has abandoned God, and judgement comes in many ways that we don’t consider.

“Be ye separate” says the scriptures. “For me and my house” – you don’t have to follow what the majority of the country or the world is doing when it comes to you and your family. Be true to God, and don’t incorporate the ways of the world, or the traditions of false Gods in your house. 

While we are not saying this may be the cause of all miscarriages, it certainly is a scripture to ponder and think about.

24 Of The Highest Rated Books On Muslims Turning To Christ

24 Of The Highest Rated Books On Muslims Turning To Christ

I love reading about WHY Muslims turn to Christ. Did you know that many of them see dreams of a man dressed in a white robe? Not thousands, but Millions are seeing dreams of a man named Jesus. They feel compelled to read the bible after experiencing these dreams. In many of these countries, giving your life to Jesus can cost you your life. Its a life and death decision, yet, millions are choosing HIM. They find the LOVE in the bible the exact thing they have always longed for. Here are the highest rated testimonies of those Muslims who take a leap of faith and follow Jesus, even if it costs them their lives.

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4 Words Given To Patricia Green From The Lord – 3 Blood Red Moons Seen Back To Back In Israel- Warnings Ahead?

4 Words Given To Patricia Green From The Lord - 3 Blood Red Moons Seen Back To Back In Israel- Warnings Ahead

3 Blood Red Moons In January

4 Words Given To Patricia Green From The Lord - 3 Blood Red Moons Seen Back To Back In Israel- Could This Mean Warnings AheadThere was 3 blood moons which was observed in the sea of Galilee in November 2015 by United For Awakening Videos. When Patricia Green (from True Sprit Worship) saw this video, she heard from The Holy Spirit several words that are pretty amazing.

Here are a summary of the messages that Elohim gave Patricia:

  •  A Confirmation Of The Up Coming War In Israel 
  • Judah Was Considering Yeshua Right Now
  • How To Reach The Truth To Judah, Which Is Through Prayer, Telling The Truth And Praise
  • That We May Go to Different Places In Israel To Usher In The High Praises For The Lord God Almighty
  • Right Now We Are Entering Into Matthew 24:7 Which Talks About “The Beginning Of Sorrows”
  • We Need To Prepare To Be Hunted Down And Killed As Believers, And A Marker Of The Beginning Of That Severe Persecution Is Having “In God We Trust” Taken Off Of The Dollar Bills

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Jessica L Smith’s Vision Of What Jesus Really Looked Like On The Cross

Jessica L Smith's Vision Of What Jesus Really Looked Like On The Cross

Jessica L Smith's Vision Of What Jesus Really Looked Like On The CrossBy Jessica L Smith

Re-published with permission from Jessica L Smith

Read her blog at

Follow her on facebook Jessica Lee Smith

In this life-changing vision of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I was shown the reality and truth of the Lord’s suffering… a tip of the eternal iceberg. The Lord’s pain and suffering was deeper than any human knows. The depths of pain reach into the spiritual, emotional, mental, as well as the physical and its reach is past, present and future. Revelation is key in comprehending with our tiny mortal minds the extent of both Christ’s suffering on the Cross and the love that led Him there.

“Who has believed our report?” Isaiah 53:1

Is there any mortal in the history of earth that has known ALL that happened to Jesus on the cross both physically and spiritually?

It is a serious matter to know the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. It is a fearful thing to look and know what happened to Christ as He hung on that Cross! Do any of us know the true extent of His pain and what He accomplished? I don’t have that answer… but I did have a vision.

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The Best Time Of Day To Read The Word

The Best Time To Read The WOrd

The Best Time of Day to Spend with the Lord Jesus:

Scenario 1: The alarm goes off in the morning, you roll out of bed and start to get ready, already anxious about your day. During a hurried breakfast, you catch up on news, texts, and e-mail on your smartphone. You eventually set off, preoccupied with your to-do list.

Scenario 2: The alarm goes off in the morning, and you begin your day by saying, “Lord Jesus, I love You.” You get up and spend some time to talk with Him in prayer and to read His Word. You’re refreshed by Him and nourished by His Word. Your day will be busy, but you feel strengthened and supplied for the challenges ahead. You eat breakfast and head out for the day.

We’d probably all prefer the second scenario. Our spiritual life would benefit greatly and maybe even change dramatically if we developed a habit of starting our day with the Lord each morning. But building up any habit takes more than fleeting inspiration, and it helps if we see why it’s worthwhile.

Why is daily time with the Lord so important?

Here are just three reasons.

1. Our spiritual health depends on it

We can only expect to be physically healthy if we eat enough food every day. Sure, we can get some calories by eating a quick donut, but it’s better for our health if we take time to eat a nourishing meal. Similarly, we can only expect to be spiritually healthy if we take adequate time daily to feed on God’s Word in prayer and fellowship with Him.

2. Our spiritual growth depends on it

First Peter 2:2 says, “As newborn babes, long for the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow…” Just as babies need to eat food every day to grow, we need to eat spiritual food every day to grow in the Lord. By spending time each morning with Christ in His Word we can be fed and grow in His life.

3. Our relationship with Christ depends on it

To have meaningful relationships with people requires spending time with them. E-mail and texting are good, but they’re not the same as speaking with someone in person. As we spend actual time with others, we get to know them on a deeper level. Sometimes we have to rearrange our schedules or sacrifice getting things done, but developing our relationships is worth the sacrifice to be together face-to-face, speaking what’s on our heart.

Time spent with the Lord is even more critical. Jesus Christ is a wonderful person who lives in us, and who wants us to know Him. For our relationship with Him to go beyond an objective or superficial level, we have to “sacrifice” some of the time we spend busy with other things in order to be with Him each morning. We have to spend actual time being with Him. As we open our hearts to Him, speaking to Him in prayer and letting Him speak to us in His Word, we get to know Him personally and deeply.

The Best Time Of The Day

The Lord Jesus wants a living and personal relationship with us, not a formal and formulaic one. We can, and should, contact Him anytime, anywhere, throughout the day and before we go to bed at night. He’s so available and near to us in our spirit!

But the best time for us to have a little longer personal time with Him is in the morning.

The Bible shows us a good picture of this in Exodus 16. This chapter tells us that God fed His people with manna as they journeyed in wilderness. He didn’t send the manna at noon, in the afternoon, or at night. It arrived fresh every morning with the dew.

If you didn’t get up early enough, you would miss it, because as the sun became hot, the manna melted. Today, God wants to refresh us and nourish us with spiritual “manna” in His Word every morning. This way, before the “heat” and trials of the day begin, we’re refreshed and equipped with Christ to face the situations that come our way.

Written by Deb Kosemund Carlson.  Follow her on facebook