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Prophecies Of A New Order

The Pope Joins With A Political Leader To Establish A World Religion – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

This account was shared in Neville Johnson’s January 2017 newsletter. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj “On October 4, 2016, being the second day of Rosh Hashanah, as I was waiting on God, my spirit was caught up into the heavenly realm before the Council of Elders. I saw many ancient prophets from biblical days seated around the table. When I came, they asked me to...

Vision of Global Economic Crash Starting In Japan -Brother Bob’s March 2007 Vision

This prophecy was seen at somehelpful.info Vision of Global Economic Crash This is the first part of Brother Bob's 2007 Vision of Persecution and Martyrdom in the US. It was received in March 2007 and recorded by Al Cuppett. Brother Bob's words are in italics, while Al Cuppett's are in . "This took place last Thursday night - Friday morning. Now what are...

10 Prophetic Visions Coming To America By Rachel Baxter

  In this two part video series Michael and Meranda review Rachel Baxter's 10 Prophetic Visions of what she saw coming to the United States.  Below are other visions she had, and the links to her website that correspond to her visions and dreams. Hope in the Eye of the Storm July 13th, 2016 - 1. Economic disaster – (impacting the Stock markets...

The Most Graphic Prophetic Dream Of The Future American Concentration Death Camps – David Eells

David Eells had a dream about martial law and the mark of the beast.  In his video "Christians Will Take The Mark", he describes what happened when UN Troops arrived on US soil. I was in a mid sized American city.  Larger than Pensacola, but smaller than the larger cities, like Chicago. In the city, chaos and panic were taking...

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