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Prophecies Of Blood Moons

A Prophetic Dream Of 10 Suns Seen Around A Blood Red Moon- Heidi De La Harpe

Vincent Wienand December 14, 2016 (Heidi De La Harpe's Prophecy) DREAM OF TEN SUNS, BLOOD MOON, GODS EYE! DREAM FROM OUR MINISTRY TEAM MEMBER, 26 NOVEMBER 2016 I AM SHARING THIS DREAM BECAUSE I FEEL IT RELEVANT TO THE COMING JUDGMENT. It was late afternoon. The weather was cloudy. I was standing in my room at my mother's home looking out the window....

Lindsey Marceau’s Prophetic Dream Of A Blood Moon Judgment Coming To New York City

A Dream I had last year: I had a dream last year of seeing a huge blood moon over the sky in NYC. I was there in the middle of the street screaming to people judgement was about to be poured out on the city and Jesus was coming. I was pointing at the blood moon trying to get people...

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