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Christianity And Judaism Were Never Supposed To Be Separate Religions

Meranda Devan

Meranda Devan

When I am not busy writing for whygodreallyexists.com, I am changing diapers, feeding the baby, making supper, and juggling our websites while doing the laundry.

I am living the dream life.We live in the middle of the mountains and never get tired of the view. I married my dream man. Walk along side me as I discover the world being a mom, a wife, and daughter of the most high God. God exists, He Loves YOU, and you can live out that love story you always wanted with HIM. I hope I can draw you closer to HIM. Huge Blessings!

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Meranda Devan

Picture Credit- Library Of Congress Most people think of Christianity and Judaism as two completely different religions.  But this was never intended to be the case.  In fact, not only did all […]