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Prophecies Of The Antichrist

1974 Vision Shows A Rising Antichrist, Foreign Invasion And Crippling Of America

Michael Snyder The Most Important News 45 years ago, missionary Patti Rowe was given a very troubling series of visions about the future of America.  As you will see below, these visions are entirely consistent with what the Lord has been showing so many other people since that time… In 1974, we had just sold everything and were preparing to go the...

“Not just any famine, a GREAT famine” – A 5 Part Prophetic Dream Cyrene Watts

 Today is 08/05/16, and at 5:13am I awoke to write down what I was shown in a series of dreams. I went back to sleep and was awakened again at 7:57am to write down more... This first one is about the MARK OF THE BEAST. In this dream I saw the RFID chip in someone's FOREHEAD. I wasn't expecting to see...

A Horrifying Prophetic Dream Of Being Rounded Up Into Concentration Camps -Maurice Sklar

Here are some of the comments that Maurice Sklar mentioned from a Youtube video, which was recorded from Tribulation Now Radio, dated 24 March 2014 UN Police In America "I saw what looked like riot police.  Like you see sometimes coming in, with helmets on.  Some of them had light blue hats or helmets, I am not sure.  It didn't...

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