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Prophecies Given To Children

9 Year Old From China Sees America’s Land Split Apart With A Magnitude 10+ Earthquake In Prophetic Dream

This prophecy was found on 444prophecynews.com Hi, This is Ruth Smith from China. There was a nine years old kid dreamed of the land of the United Sates was split, and a major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck. It was in Chinese, and since this is about America, so I translated it into English and share with you...

Apocalyptic Vision From A 14 Year Old Young Man Sees Asteroids, Tsunamis And Aliens – Belle Buerano

Jeff Byerly Posted on November 18, 2017 whistleblowerjeff.holyspiritwind.net Friday November 17, 2017 While me and my 3 kids were starting to pray in tongues during our night time prayer, my son saw a pair of huge feet with big holes –it was the Lord JESUS. As we continue praying in the Spirit, my son had an out of body experience. Someone with a...

A Little Girl’s Dream Of Heaven, The End Of The World And The New World To Come

'Watch the video here "Come with me, we are going to heaven" is what this little girl Lexi remembers of her dream when Jesus took her to heaven. She relays the dream with giddiness, and joy. She remembers Jesus as being very bright, brownish hair, brown eyes with no beard. She remembers a very shiny floor, a river, trees, ponds and...

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