A Mighty Move Of God Coming To Our Youth – Prophetic Dream Given To David Compton

David Compton

Dream of the Recalcitrant Kid, 2010

In this dream of 2010, I was observing a teenager of 16 or 17 years of age. He was rough and other young people admired him and they willingly followed his every command. It was not a gang as such; rather, he demonstrated a strong personality that engendered respect and even fear. I began to talk to this young man about the Lord Jesus. Of course, he laughed and scoffed at the entire idea of Jesus, and the other kids proceeded to follow his example.

The strange thing about this dream is that I was close to his age as I spoke to him (which is rather comical since my teenage years are far behind me). Nonetheless, the negative response that I had received did not deter me, and I began to notice that there was a change in his demeanor as the Spirit moved upon him. I knew in my spirit that this recalcitrant and tough kid was a called vessel that the Lord was going to use in a mighty way.

Finally, he did accept the Lord much to the chagrin of the other kids who quickly lost respect for him. He was rejected and demoralized; nonetheless, he was determined to go forward and adhere to his new found faith. The Holy Spirit, however, did impress upon me that some of these other kids who were involved in the ridicule would themselves hear and embrace the message that this former leader would convey at a later time. The dream ended.

The interpretation of this dream that I received from the Holy Spirit is indeed both far reaching and uplifting. In essence, a mighty move is coming among the young people. Some of the most hardcore young people are going to be quickly saved and move with might in the Holy Spirit. They will endure rejection and will be ostracized by their peers. Yet, this negativity on the part of others will only serve to reinforce their determination to stand and withstand.

You are soon going to witness a move by the Lord that will amaze and dumbfound adults, especially educators. This move will include kids from elementary, middle, high school and college age. Believe me when I say that kids as young as six or seven years of age will be used! They will prophesy and speak without fear despite the negativity exhibited by adults and peers. As a consequence, many other people will hear and respond in a positive fashion as they witness the courage of these young people. Conversely, others in authority will attempt to stop what the Spirit is accomplishing through these kids, but to no avail. They will not be able to stop it since the Lord has determined that the enemy has “come in like a flood”, and He has decided it is time to erect a holy standards against the evil. Be of good cheer! This generation of young people will not be given over to the nonsense and foolishness of this Dark Age! A dramatic move is coming (and very soon you will see this extraordinary event occur that will be powerful and of short duration). Essentially, this move will be outside of the organized and established church world.

Of course, people of all ages, both young and old, will be instruments of the Lord at this particular time in history; but, primarily, the youth will be used to reach the youth as they understand the emptiness and loneliness of those that have been so marginalized in this society (especially by the dramatization and negativity pertaining to of all of those who name the name of the Lord Jesus). NO, the Lord has not forgotten the young people, and He hears the cry of their hearts. Be assured! This move is at hand. It will include male and female as well as all racial and ethnic backgrounds. These kids will arise!! I feel the Spirit very strongly as I have typed these words! Note: Although this dream was experienced several years ago, I feel strongly in my spirit that it is very soon to come to fruition!

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